Best TV sales: Memorial Day 2021

Best TV sales: Memorial Day 2021
Best TV sales: Memorial Day 2021

The sales are over and it was a pretty good year for TV sets. Not only did the quality of sets increase, but TVs from all the major manufacturers also got new features and design. Also, TVs are getting more and more smart. It is possible to use your TV as a smart speaker, and the software is getting better and better.

The best TV deals for Memorial Day weekend will be back for the 2021 holiday, which falls on May 27. But what will the best TV deals be? The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for, of course, and varies by location. In some areas, the best TV deals will be for streaming devices like the Apple TV 4K or the Google Chromecast Ultra. In other locations, however, the best TV deals will be for 4K TVs, which have become pricier and smaller in recent years.

(CNN) – Although Memorial Day is best known for selling appliances, furniture and outdoor items to get ready for summer, some retailers have also slashed TV prices to entice customers to upgrade their living rooms. Of course, it’s not easy to find a good deal because there are so many TVs on the market and price isn’t always an indication of quality (if you don’t believe us, check out our guide to the best TVs). Whether you’re looking for a small budget model or a massive 75-inch behemoth for your home theater, these units are currently heavily discounted. Here are the sell-outs you should look out for on Memorial Day. Sony A8H 55-inch OLED TV ($1,498, originally $1,898; Amazon 55 OLED TV Sony A8H Voted the best premium TV by us last year, the Sony A8H uses a stunning OLED panel with perfect black levels, resulting in a picture you have to see to believe. Although it’s a year behind the A90J model below, it’s still one of the best TVs you can buy today, and it’s available at a much lower price than its successor, thanks in part to a $400 discount this week. 86-inch Samsung TU9000 ($1,797, originally $2,199; word-image-18832 Amazon 86 Samsung TU9000 The Samsung TU9000 monitor is one of the best deals on Amazon this week, and while it may seem expensive at first glance, it’s actually a great price considering the size of this screen. At 86 inches diagonal, this is the biggest TV we found on sale this week, and it’s $400 cheaper too – just make sure you have a wall mount strong enough to support this puppy. LG CX 77-inch OLED TV ($3,049, originally $4,996; word-image-18833 Amazon 77 LG CX OLED TV Can’t decide between a high-end OLED image and a large panel? Amazon has you covered with this amazing deal: 77 inches in gorgeous black and stunning HDR for hundreds of dollars off the regular price – you can’t go wrong with the best-selling LG CX. It may be a yesterday’s TV, but it has all the latest features, including all the benefits of HDMI 2.1, that are needed for the new generation of games. The 75-inch Sony X950H ($1,998, originally $2,599; word-image-18834 Amazon 75 Sony X950H If you’re in a well-lit room, an LED TV like the Sony X950H might be a better choice than LG’s OLED TVs, as they can get brighter. The Sony X950H may not have the same gaming features as this year’s X90J, but thanks to the annual ritual of clearing out old stock, it costs almost as much, and its superior HDR performance is good enough to make up for the lack of 2021 improvements. In fact, I am so confident in this TV that it is now in my home theater. Sony X90J 55-inch LED TV ($1,199, originally $1,499; word-image-18835 Best buy Sony X90J 55 LED TV Sony’s X900 series (renamed X90 in 2021) has long been among the best high-end TVs available at a reasonable price. The Google TV X90J features Full Aperture Local Dimming for deep blacks, robust HDR support for brighter images, built-in Google Assistant voice control, and the latest Sony Bravia XR processor for superior motion and picture quality performance. There are even plans for HDMI 2.1 gaming features if you’re planning on buying a new PlayStation 5 or Xbox X series. Sony A90J 55-inch OLED TV ($2,799, originally $2,999; word-image-18836 Best buy 55 OLED TV Sony A90J When we tested TVs last year, Sony’s OLED TV was our pick for the best luxury TV. This year’s A90J is even better, with higher peak brightness than last year’s model for even brighter HDR highlights, and Sony’s latest processor improves the look of even low-quality wired streams. It’s not a cheap TV, but this week’s $200 discount may bring the price down. Samsung 70-inch Series 7 ($699, originally $749; word-image-18837 Best buy Samsung 70-inch Series 7 If you’re looking for a monster-sized TV without a monster price tag, Samsung’s Series 7 TV is one of the best big-screen deals we’ve seen this week. The 70-inch version is $50 cheaper, and while it doesn’t have QLED color capabilities or local dimming like Samsung’s more expensive models, it’s a good deal for a TV that fills a large living room. Hisense H8G 55-inch ($503, originally $529; word-image-18838 Best buy 55 Hisense H8G If you’re on a budget but want your TV to look good, especially for home theater in a dark room, the Hisense H8G offers the essential features at a great price. With full-width local dimming, it can produce a brighter HDR image than edge-lit TVs, and the wide color gamut means you’ll see more vivid colors in content supported by all built-in streaming services. It can also automatically switch to a low latency mode when you play. Vizio 55-inch V-Series ($370, originally $439; word-image-18839 Best buy Vizio 55-inch V Series Televisions Vizio’s V-series budget monitor can’t really compete with Hisense’s mid-range, due to its lower maximum HDR brightness and lack of LEDs for local dimming. However, the price is currently down $70, so the value for money is hard to beat – especially if you plan to watch mostly regular TV shows in a well-lit room rather than a movie-oriented home theater. 43-inch Insignia F30 ($279, originally $429; word-image-18840 Best buy 43-inch Insignia F30 At just $279, this is one of the cheapest TVs you’ll find in Best Buy’s Memorial Day sale. And while it’s slightly smaller at 43 inches, it’s perfect for a room where you don’t have a lot of space, but still need all the standard apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. Since the Insignia uses Amazon’s Fire OS as its smart platform, it also has built-in Alexa microphones, which is nice in this price range. 55-inch LG CX OLED ($1,396, originally $1,796; word-image-18841 B&H Photo/Video LG CX OLED 55 inch Amazon sells a 75-inch version of this TV, but B&H Photo Video offers discounted 55- and 65-inch versions if you want great black OLED colors and next-generation gaming features in a more affordable size. Sony X900H 85-inch ($2,198, originally $2,598; word-image-18842 B&H Photo/Video 85 Sony X900H If this year’s X90J is too expensive for you and you need the biggest screen possible, B&H Photo Video also has a great deal on an 85-inch version of last year’s X900H. This TV is known for its high price, and with a $400 discount, you know it will be worth every penny. Samsung Q90T QLED 55-inch TV ($1,599, originally $1,799; word-image-18843 Samsung Samsung Q90T 55-inch QLED TV Unlike many other LED TVs on this list that have a few dozen local dimming zones for deeper blacks, the amazing Samsung Q90T has nearly 100 zones, meaning you get a bright picture without dulling at the edges. Add to that the fantastic colors of this vibrant QLED panel, and the Samsung Q90T is easily one of the best TVs on the market in any price range. The 55-inch model is on sale for $200, but Samsung has lowered the prices of all sizes in its own online store, so head to the website and pick a size. Samsung Q900TS 75-inch QLED 8K TV ($2,999, originally $7,499; word-image-18844 Samsung Samsung Q900TS 75 QLED 8K TV If you want the latest in TV technology, Samsung’s Q900TS offers everything the Q90T had – bright highlights, vivid colours and deep blacks – and quadruples the number of pixels available. While there are no 8K movies on Netflix yet, this 8K TV will have you ready for what’s to come, with the sharpest panel you can buy today. Samsung’s 65-inch The Frame TV ($1,899, originally $1,999; word-image-18845 Samsung The Samsung 65-inch TV The frame Although the picture quality is not as impressive as that of the Q90T and Q900T, the Samsung The Frame is excellent in its own right. It sits flush against the wall, has a frame-like design and a surround sound mode that displays photos and images from Samsung’s collection. This way your TV becomes a piece of art when you’re not using it, instead of an empty black box in the middle of the room. It’s in the middle of my living room and I smile every time I look at it, even when it’s off. TCL 4 Series 55-inch ($359; word-image-18846 Walmart 55 TCL 4 Series When it comes to super cheap TVs, you won’t find many price cuts at the moment. In fact, most prices of these TVs have gone up in recent months, probably due to the electronics industry’s semiconductor shortage. But if you need a TV but don’t want to spend a lot of money, Walmart is still one of the best places to go. The TCL 4 series offers some of the best value for money, especially considering the fantastic Roku Smart interface is one of the best in the world. 32-inch TCL 3 Series ($145, originally $199; word-image-18847 Walmart 32 TCL 3 series For a small TV suitable for the kitchen or office, TCL’s 32-inch Series 3 TV is a good choice, plus the fantastic Roku Smart system. With a price tag of just $145, this is one of the most affordable TVs we’ve seen in our search for deals, and we recommend you buy it. Hisense H4 40-inch ($238; word-image-18848 Walmart 40 Hisense H4 Hisense also offers several TV models with built-in Roku smart apps. This model from last year offers a 40-inch 1080p picture for every room in the house for $228, without the expensive extra bells and whistles. You can find new great deals on the CNN Coupons website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will TVs go on sale Memorial Day?

By 2021, almost all Americans will own a television. That’s because, like cars, televisions are 20th-century marvels which we have been using since the 1950s. We don’t know when the last person who owns a television will die, but we know that the average lifespan of a television is around 20 years. Today, the average price for a new television is around $300, but you can pick up a really great deal on a used one on Amazon. Memorial Day’s here, and that means it’s time for a few good things: family barbecues, lazy beach days, and big piles of extra money. In case you’d like to know what a TV sale looks like in 2021, look no further than this handy guide.

Are there good sales on Memorial Day?

As you celebrate Memorial Day this Sunday, you may be thinking about things like hot dogs or ice cream, but here at ideasforeurope, we turn our attention to major deals on TVs and other electronics. It’s never been a better time to go shopping for big screens. And while we can’t predict the future, we can give you some good advice on how to save major money on your next big-ticket purchase. Since Memorial Day is only 53 days away, now is a good time to start thinking about what TV you will purchase this summer. Prices will be the lowest on the last day of June, and then jump back up as we reach the middle of July. One way to pay less is to buy a refurbished TV, which are marked down 50% to 75% off the original retail price. This way you get a new TV that has been reconditioned and tested by a certified technician at the factory, and has a 1-year warranty. Or, if you really want to save some money, buy a used TV. For example, that TV you’ve had for years in your bedroom could be worth a good bit of money

What is the best month to buy a TV?

We’ve been tracking TV sales in Europe for the past six years, and the stats are shocking. In the first two months of the year, sales of TVs in Europe are down a staggering 20% compared with the same period last year. And the decline gets worse every year. For the past few weeks, one of the biggest questions on the minds of TV buyers has been, “When is the best time to buy a TV?”

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