Buy Dual Band best wifi router for home Under 2000 India 2020

Buy Dual Band best wifi router for home India 2020

  • This best wi-fi router for home from TP-Link comes with 433Mbps wireless speeds over the crystal clear 5GHz band and 300Mbps over the 2.4GHz band.
  • Tp-Link claims it to be the best wifi router in India as this wifi router delivers a total bandwidth of 733 Mbps at this price range.
  • This wifi router Archer C20 is the best wireless router for home streaming as it offers you the flexibility of two dedicated networks and ensures amazing wireless performance. Use your TikTok account to reach your audience. For guaranteed results buy tiktok likes.
  • It comes with 3 fixed external antennas combined with higher quality antenna technology, which ensures excellent wireless performance with stable signal in every direction and high speed across greater distances.
  • This wifi router has premium features like parental control, WPS switch, IPV6 support.
  • Multiple encryption types – 64/128-bit WEP,WPA/WPA2,WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
  • This wifi router consists of 4 x 10/100mbps LAN ports, 1 x 10/100mbps WAN
  • It is a wifi router, not a modem.

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Buy Dual Band best wifi router for home Under 2000 India 2020

If you are thinking of buying the best Wi-Fi router for your home or planning to upgrade to the best wifi router in India in 5GHZ band, and that too within Rs. 2000. So, your search ends here.

Today we are going to present you with an in-depth review of the best wifi router under 2000 which we hope will help you to pick the best dual band wifi router for your home networking.

After extensive research, we have come up with the decision that this TP-Link Archer C20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router has the perfect balance of features, performance and price which makes it the best wifi router for home India 2020.

So if you haven’t already upgraded your home’s Wi-Fi to five gigahertz networks this can do it for a very reasonable price.

 Review of Dual Band best wifi router for home India 2020 :

The design of the best Wi-Fi routers for home is decent enough. The top has this nice glossy texture that reflects light in an interesting way but because it’s glossy this wi-fi router is a fingerprint magnet and it will also get scratched easily.

The green LEDs on this best wifi router for gaming are also not centered on their indicators which makes it look cheap but looks obviously aren’t the topmost priority for the best Wi-Fi router for your home and it is what’s inside that matters.

So at the back, we have four Gigabit LAN ports along with a Gigabit LAN port and then you have a combined WPS and Wi-Fi on and off button along with the power and reset button of this best wifi router for home.

We don’t have any USB ports on this wi-fi router but that’s fine. Setting up this Wifi router is very easy and you can do that in five minutes with just using your smartphone as the tp-link tether apps offer a lot of options, which makes this the best wifi router for home.

Another reason to consider this as the best wifi router in India, because It is also very easy to use. Now coming to the main features of this Dual Band best wifi router for home which means 300 Mbps on the 2.4 gigahertz signal and 433 Mbps theoretical speed on the 5 gigahertz signal. TP-Link claims to deliver a total 733 Mbps bandwidth through this best wifi router in india.

The actual speeds are of course going to differ. The really great additions to this best wi-fi router for home India 2020 support for two by two mu-mimo and support for beamforming 2 by 2 mu-mimo is really great for a budget wi-fi router.

Nowadays your smartphones have mu-mimo and my PC has mu-mimo so all of these devices can have better latency responsiveness and speeds and nowadays.

We can easily cross eight or ten devices connected to this best wifi router for multiple devices in our homes so all of these features including other advantages of being on the 5 gigahertz network frequency can help a lot.

You do have to enable beamforming and mu-mimo manually in the settings so do keep that in mind and while you are there also check that you have set the Wi-Fi signal strength too high coming to the range of this router.

This isn’t going to break any records. This is an area where size matters and this wifi-router is in packing the big black antennas like any high-power router and the antennas also aren’t removable so you cannot replace them with better ones.

So even with beamforming it may not be the best for very large homes I would estimate that up to 2,000 square feet you are going to get a good 5 gigahertz signal and you can have a good 2.4 gigahertz signal in 2500 or 3000 square feet home which is a pretty decent coverage area you are getting in this budget in this TP-Link archer best wifi router for home.

But if you are like me and you have two sets that you want Wi-Fi in you will have to use range extenders which brings us to another feature that this wi-fi router is missing which is a range extender mode.

It’s not a big deal again but it’s nice to use old routers as range extenders and this would have been a great option for extending 5 gigahertz signal coverage.

Though you can use it as an access point and this will also get one mesh support which could be really great if you pair this with other tp-link devices to create a mesh Wi-Fi network.

If you have faster internet and if you use your router to transfer files you are going to get great speeds, unlike the older routers which have 300 Mbps Wi-Fi. But LAN ports are limited to 200 Mbps.

This wifi router can offer a transfer speed of up to 700 Mbps but which is very good for an affordable wifi router for home use.

Conclusion on best wifi router in India :

So in conclusion for a price of under 2000 rupees, I do think that this is the best wifi router for home, you are getting a lot for your money and it is going to be good enough in the future for most homes in India until gigabit internet speeds become common here.

If you have devices that support gigabit wireless transfer speeds it does lack a few features like USB port removable antennas and range extender mode but those aren’t deal-breakers.

With all the newer wireless features and connectivity this is the best wifi router in India which can be the perfect option for you if you are on a budget or if you just don’t need the advanced networking features.

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