What is AP Exam in India? Eligibility, Syllabus, Age Limit, Fees, Registration

The AP programme is a course geared towards those who wish to study in a US-based college. The course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college, which can be a daunting task for a student who has not studied the subject before. The course focuses on humanities, social studies, and English language and literature. It is designed to teach students how to write, think and analyze in these areas. The course is divided into three parts: humanities, social studies, and English. The courses span over 4 years (with the first year being common to all students), and the average duration of each course is 3 months. The final exam is the AP exam, which is an internationally-recognized exam. The exam

The first Advanced Placement (AP) exam was conducted in June 1950. In the history of AP Exams, there have been more than 1.5 million students who have taken the exam. The AP exam tests computer proficiency, English literacy, history, literature, science, and mathematics. Students taking the exam for the first time must be 15 years old by June 30 of the year of the exam. The exam is administered by the College Board. The results of the examination are reported by the College Board to schools that receive these scores and these scores are used for school admissions. The exam is offered at more than 1,200 high schools in the United States.

For all those who have dreams of scoring the highest in the Advanced Placement (AP) exam, the time has come for you to do so. The exam is a challenging one, and if you are aspiring to excel in it, you should be well prepared. The exam has become the most popular exam in the United States for high school students to take, and for good reason. There are a number of exciting career opportunities that come with earning an AP score.

The Advanced Placement (AP) exam is a rigorous academic program that motivates students to pursue college-level education as early as high school. This program was established by the Council of Colleges of Canada and the United States. This is one of the programs you can apply for to increase your chances of admission to colleges and universities in the United States. Each year, a large number of students participate in the AP exams.

What is the AP exam?

The AP exam stands for Advanced Placement. It is a program that helps students take college courses while they are in high school so they can enroll in advanced courses or earn college credit, etc. Numerous benefits, such as skipping entrance exams, saving on tuition fees, etc., have encouraged many students in India and around the world to take exams in advanced programs.

Most universities in Canada and the U.S. and more than 700 institutions outside the U.S. offer college credit for three or more AP credits.

Validation of AP exam

Here are some of the qualifications you must meet before you can register for the AP exam.

  • A valid ID such as a voter ID card, Aadhar card or a valid passport is required to register for and participate in AP exams.
  • You must be under 21 years of age when you take the exam.
  • You may not take the AP exam on the same subject more than once in the same year.
  • You cannot retake the exam in the same year, but you can retake it the following year.
  • You can take one or all four physics exams in the same year.
  • You cannot take two exams on the same date and time. Decide in advance which exam you want to take first and take the other exam in the next exam window.

AP Exam Syllabus

Advanced exams are standardized tests to assess how well you have mastered the skills and content of a particular subject. Most of these courses have final exams and pencil exams, but few have more than one way to assess exactly what you have learned.

For example, AP design and art students submit a portfolio of their work for review. This test is of great importance for approvals all over the world. The best universities in the world recognize this exam and give it preference for admission. Successful completion of these exams indicates suitability for university level study and is used for admission to over sixty countries.

The curriculum for the AP exam is similar to that of the college. The AP program and classes are very challenging. The candidate should have a good syllabus to learn the content and understand the exam pattern. If you want to do well on AP exams, you need to take your time, focus, and practice as needed.

This Advanced Placement Exam is known for assessing a student’s ability to excel in a particular subject in college-level courses. The program includes approximately 30 courses in a variety of areas. The AP exam program includes the following specializations:

  • Social sciences and history
  • English language
  • Art
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Science
  • Culture and languages of the world

These topics include the following areas:

English : English AP Language and Composition, English AP Literature and Composition

Art: AP Studio Art, AP 3-D Design, AP History, AP 2-D Design, AP Art Drawing

Computer Science and Mathematics : AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science

Social sciences and history : AP World History, AP American History, AP American Politics and Government, AP Psychology, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Human Geography, AP History, AP Politics and Comparative Government.

Cultures and languages of the world : AP French, AP Chinese, AP German, AP Culture and Italian, AP Japanese, AP Latin, AP Spanish.

Science: AP Physics, AP Biology, AP EVS, AP Magnetism and Electricity, AP Mechanics, AP Chemistry.

Examination dates AP

The PA is usually held in May. You can register for this exam from mid-February to mid-March. These exams are held at USIEF approved centres and schools in 11 different cities in India including Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Jaipur and Hyderabad.

AP Examination Centres

Students can take the exam at any of the testing centers set up in India for the AP exam.

Examination fees AP

The cost of AP exam is Rs 9,500 per exam and in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai it is Rs 10,000.

How can I prepare for the AP exams?

May is a very hectic month as it is the only month where most of the school activities, final exams and exams take place. Therefore, it is better to start preparing for the AP exams a little earlier. It helps to be in top shape on important dates. Many students do not begin their studies until after one semester. The main goal is to provide sufficient time to practice question types, review content, practice tests, and refine test-taking strategies.

If you start preparing for the exams early, you can easily do wonders. You can review old tests and quizzes to see which topics still need work and which topics are well prepared.

This exam is quite flexible, as students may take as many exams in a year as they wish. You, the student, can take the AP exam in grade 11 or 12, or both. Many students take it in grades 9 and 10. Many schools in India also offer AP classes, and it is up to the student to decide if they want to take AP classes or learn on their own.

To register for the APexam

Here are some tips you can use to easily register for the AP exam. These include the following:

  • To register online for this AP exam, you must create an account with the College Board.
  • You can pay the exam centers directly for the exam.
  • Once your place is confirmed, you can pick up your ticket at the exam center.
  • Once you have registered for the AP exam online and paid your fee, your registration is complete.
  • If you have paid the exam center fee but have not completed your online registration for the AP exam, you will not be able to take the AP exam. Students must ensure that they have fully enrolled and paid their tuition fees on time.

How can an AP exam help you?

Many universities offer Advanced Placement or college credit for students who score 3 or higher on the AP exam. If you get a 4 on the English essay and test, you can skip English 101.

The more courses you pass with your AP test scores, the more you can save on college tuition. You also have the option of skipping the introductory course with the correct score on the AP exam. During this time, you may take other courses that are of priority interest to your degree. You can use this time to complete a double major, participate in an internship program, or graduate in less time.

If your school does not offer the AP exam, you can take the exam at a school that does. You can find a list of AP courses that is an updated and comprehensive list of schools that have reviewed AP courses.The All India Pre-University (or AP or Senior School Certificate) is a competitive exam that is conducted in a few select states of India to select students for different schools across the country. It is conducted in the third and fourth year of high school, and is one of the two mandatory exams for admission to a senior secondary school in India (the other being the Standard 10 exams).. Read more about ap exam fees and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for AP exams?

Over the years, Common Core State Standards have evolved and been updated in a number of states. They are set to continue to evolve and be updated in the years to come. These standards are designed to prepare students for college and career readiness, and they are necessary for all students to be ready for a 21st century world.  The standards also require students to take a series of high-stakes exams that are called Advanced Placement (AP). This year, the AP exam looms large for non-native English speakers, particularly as many of the extracurricular courses many high school students take aim at it. Prior to September 2014, the Advanced Placement exam was only offered in a handful of U.S. high schools, but now hundreds of thousands of students have taken it. But what are the requirements for taking this exam? What are the benefits of taking the AP exam? The tests are offered to students in grades 11 and 12 and are administered by the College Board, which has exam centers in India.

Who is eligible for AP exam?

AP exam is an advanced placement test which is conducted once in a year in India to admit students in the AP class of various schools. The test is also called as Advanced Aptitude Test or Class Xth or X Class Examination. It is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to provide admission based on the marks scored by the students in the previous board examination. Students are admitted into classes I to XIIth based on the score in the AP exams. After a lot of speculation about who will take the AP exam in the United States this year, the AP has announced that the exam will be given in May again this year. That means it will be available for students to take in the second half of June this year.

Can I still register for AP exams?

In India, AP exams are the first set of national level examinations that students take after the 10th grade. If you want to get into one of the best college in the country, you need to clear these exams, and this is a big step in your academic career. In India, the All India Pre Medical Test (APMT) is the common entrance exam accepted by medical colleges for admission in MBBS or BDS groups. The exam is conducted by CBSE every year in March/April for admission in MBBS and BDS programs in medical colleges. The exam is set to be conducted in March 2018. The eligibility conditions for APMT 2018 are same as previous years.

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