UFC Fight Night results — Cory McKenna stuns Kay Hansen; 30 seconds of Khaos

Two of the youngest women on the UFC list have been made public.

Corey McKenna won a spectacular UFC Women’s Night Fight by a unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28) against Kay Hansen : The main card is Fields vs. Dos Agnos on Saturday in Las Vegas.

Both landed on their feet, and Hansen made several attempts at close obedience. In the end, Hansen was bloody.

Although McKenna won, none of the women lost much. In fact, after good performances, the two 21-year-old fighters should be considered even more promising.

All UFC Fighting Night fights: Felder vs. dos Anjos will be broadcast on ESPN+.

– Paul Felder vs Rafael dos Anos
– Abdul Razak Alhasan vs Chaos Williams
– Ashley Yoder vs Miranda Granger
– Brendan Allen vs Sean Strickland
– Kay Hansen vs Kay Hansen. Corey McKenna
– Randa Marcos vs Canako Murat
– Geraldo de Freitas vs Tony Gravely
– Alex Morono vs Rice McKee
– Don’Tale Mays vs Rock Martinez.

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McKenna, who made her UFC debut, opened the fight with hard kicks to the legs and showed skilful boxing and a very good left hook. Hansen also had his moments. She put McKenna in the front loop of her head and landed on top of her head in her lap. At the end of the lap Hansen took McKenna, but McKenna shot him in the head, although she was at a disadvantage, which would have been an omen for later.

In the second place Hansen opened up more on his legs and he could fight, putting McKenna on his back. Hansen almost choked in the back, and at the end of the lap – a run, but McKenna swept and was on top. Hansen also took McKenna in the third round, but McKenna landed with hard elbows and punches from below, Hansen bloodthirsty. Hansen got in the saddle and took a choke on the handle, but McKenna managed to get back on top.

I was expecting a tough fight, McKenna said. Kay is one of the most important prospects for the division, we’re both improving very quickly. I said from the beginning it was going to be a tough fight on all levels. She dropped this off. It was not my best performance, but for my debut I am clearly in seventh heaven with the joy of winning this victory.

Hmm, I’m not sure I agree with that decision! UFCVegas14!

– Jamahal Sweet Dreams Hill (@JamahalH) 15. November 2020.

McKenna (6:1) won four games in a row. Wales, who trains with Alpha Malé in Sacramento, California, won a ticket to the UFC by beating Vanessa Demopolus in the Dana White Candidates series in August.

Hansen (7-4) in a three-second victory, including his victory over former welterweight world champion Jin Yu Frey in Hansen’s debut at Inwickt FC in June. Hansen, a Californian by birth, received a $50,000 night bonus for his victory over Frey.

— Mark Raymondy


Lightweight: Rafael Dos Agnos (30-13, 19-11 UFC) defeated Paul Felder (17-6, 9-6 UFC) with a devastating decision.

They’ll be here soon.

Average weight : Chaos Williams (11-1, 2-0 UFC) defeated Abdul Razak Alhassan (10-3, 4-3 UFC) in the first round of the KO.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Chaos Williams doesn’t waste time in the octagon. Jeff Bottari/Getty Pictures

Nobody expected this fight to be a three-round tactical duel. Alhassan’s 10 professional victories were eliminated in the first round. In February Williams made his UFC debut, which was short and brutal with a 27-second KO.

Surprised viewers at home knew that this was not the time to leave television for a snack and a drink.

Cruel KO for @khaosOXwilliams #UFCFVegas14

– Justin Gaethje (@Justin_Gaethje) 15. November 2020.

Williams landed three set pieces, then threw a right arm that broke Alhassan’s defense and dropped him on the canvas after hardening. The judge jumped immediately, and 30 seconds later it was over. Detroit-born Williams, 26, earned his eighth straight UFC victory with a total time over the Octagon of less than a minute.

Williams spent more time when UFC President Dana White congratulated him on his punch outside the cell than his opponent inside. Williams got a $50,000 bonus for his nightly performance.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just punishment, Williams said. I’ve been waiting to go on TV and do it. I was a diamond in rough, waiting to be cut and shown to the world. It was my second fight at the UFC. You see what I’m doing? This wasn’t a coincidence. It’s a big event. I’m starting to do it. I’m right here. People will sleep on me, and the doctor will wake them up.

When Williams finished the behind-the-scenes interview after the fight, Alhassan was still in the Octagon, on a stool and took care of the medical staff.

Alhassan, 35, from Ghana, who fights for the Fortis MMA in Dallas, has lost twice in a row and won three times in a row.

— Jeff Wagenheim.

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Straw weight : Ashley Yoder (8-6, 3-5 CEUs) defeated Miranda Granger (7-2, 1-2 CEUs) unanimously.

In the first two laps Yoder had advantageous positions on the field, but he fought them to be a little more aggressive. This has turned into the dominant third.

Yoder defeated Granger unanimously (30-26, 29-27, 27-26) in a women’s light heavyweight competition, supported by his excellent grappling hook, which was really shown in the final round. Yoder ended the fight with Granger, who was saved by the bell.

Spider monkeys are such beasts on the carpet #ufcvegas.

– Kathleen Chukagyan (@blondefighter) 15. November 2020.

The first two trips were wilderness trips, usually initiated by Yoder. At the end of the first one Yoder almost had a triangle, but Granger was well defended. In the second round Yoder was able to regain the lead, but could not pass or do anything effective. The third was dominated by Yoder. She took Granger with her body and dragged him all the way down, got up, looked for his hand and then landed on Granger’s back. If the fight had been over in a few seconds, Yoder would have won by obeying the rear naked throttle.

I think if we had at least five more seconds, I’d press my hips and she’d be very tired,” Yoder said. But she’s a strong girl.

Yoder, 33, lost two battles with one victory. An Indian living and training in California has won three of the last five awards. Granger, a 28-year-old resident of Washington, D.C., made two comebacks shortly after defeating Hannah Goldy in her UFC debut in August 2019.

— Raymondy

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Trapped weight (195 pounds) : Sean Strickland (22:3, 9:3 UFC) defeated Brendan Allen (15:4, 3:1 UFC) in the second round of the TCHK.

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Brendan Allen struck while Sean Strickland put together a great combination, followed by a fierce attack on the goal to seal the victory by KO.

Strickland let his fists do the talking this time.

Just two weeks after his victory over Jack Marshman, who was the dominant but most conspicuous figure in the game because of his incessant chatter, Strickland remained silent when he joined one of the rising young fighters of the sport. Strickland finished with Alain on the left to the right, who dropped him before he crossed the finish line in a confusion of 1:32 on the second lap.

Wow! How does @SStricklandMMA #UFCVegas14 perform?

– GIGA CHIKADze (@giga_chikadze) 15. November 2020

For Strickland, 29, of Crown, California, it was his third straight win in a two-year series. Before he killed Marchman on the 31st. October, Strickland was on the shelf since October 2018 and recovered from the injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident.

In that fight he was sharp, he landed immediately, he wasn’t knocked out. All suffered the consequences of these blows, but he continued until Strickland fell and killed him. Strickland got a $50,000 night performance bonus.

Allen, 24, is at war in Delray Beach, Florida. He came in and won seven times in a row. Last weekend he had planned a fight, but his opponent, Jan Heinisch, was torn off the map after the positive results of the KOVID-19 test. At that time, this game of half weights was organised in a hurry.

— Wagenheim

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Straw weight : Kanako Murata (12-1, 1-0 UFC) defeated Randa Marcos (10-11-1, 6-9-1 UFC) with a unanimous decision.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Kanako Murata makes a statement to the rest of the straw department. Jeff Bottari/Zuffa Ltd.

Less than a minute before his UFC debut, Murata showed what former heavyweight champion Invict is up to.

Murata, the 27-year-old, who won medals, including gold, three times as Japan’s representative at the Asian wrestling championships, quickly put Marcos in the background despite Canada’s efforts to fight the sport. Although Murata didn’t do much with the catch, she resumed the fight on the screen later in the round and kept throwing elbow for elbow for horn.

It was only the beginning of the dominant performance. Murata scored a total of four sets and got more than eight minutes of control time on the mat. All three referees scored goals in all three rounds for Maratu, who won their eighth match in a row.

Marcos isn’t a 115-pound steel division, but she’s a veteran who’s seen it all. It was her 16th. UFC straw that tied her to Angela Hill forever.

A 35-year-old Iraqi who lived and trained in Windsor, Ontario, has lost three in a row and four out of the last five.

— Wagenheim

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The everyday weight of men: Tony Gravely (20-6, 1-1 UFC) beats Geraldo de Freitas (12-6, 1-2 UFC) in a split vote.

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Geraldo de Freitas Jr. and Tony Gravely let the punches escape at the last moment of the fight when they both went looking for a knockout.

It was about fighting for Gravely.

By weaning Freitas early and often, Gravely secured victory in the light heavyweight duel (30-27, 28-29, 29-28). It was the first UFC victory for Gravely, a former soldier at Appalachian State University.

I was only told to push him out of the NCAA, Seriously.

Yeah, that’s it. He was knocked down three times in the first round by the Freitas without worrying about the essential Brazilian jiu-jitsu game. In the second place the Freitas had some success with combinations on his feet, but when Gravely seemed to be in trouble, he managed to shoot the Freitas.

At the end of the third inning, he had a hard time getting out. When both men were tired, the Freitas could fill his legs with punches and land on his feet. It was difficult to put down the right hand before everything was said and done. But it was the biggest alarm he’d had in 15 minutes.

Seriously, 29, won eight out of nine battles in total. A Virginia-born player currently training for the American top team in Florida lost his UFC debut against Brett Jones in January. Freitas, the 29-year-old Brazilian fighter, fell twice in a row after winning his UFC debut against Felipe Colares in February 2019.

— Raymondy

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Average weight : Alex Morono (18-6 1 NC, 7-3 1 NC PDU) defeated Rice McKee (10-4-1, 0-2 PDU) with a unanimous decision.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Alex Morono (left) threw more than 110 punches or kicks in each of the first two rounds. Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Morono dominates the canvas and gives his elbows when the last horn blows, but it is his reckless counterattack during the first 13 minutes of the fight that allows him to return to the winning position.

The 30-year-old resident of Houston, who trains at Fortis MMA in Dallas, kicked and hit at least 110 times in each of the first two laps and landed on McKee with a guide hat with a clamp of more than 50 percent. In the middle of the first round, Mackie’s face had turned red after repeatedly absorbing Morono’s large right hands.

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The fight between Alex Morono and Rhys Mackey ends when Morono Mackey’s defender comes out of his mouth and bounces into the space between the screen and the cage.

And while Mackie, 25, from Northern Ireland, made his own attack, he was generally overwhelmed when Morono returned to the line after seeing his last fight in a three-win streak.

The fight was interrupted in the middle of the third round a few minutes after McKee hit his mouth, flew under the cage and could not be found immediately. This gave the fighters a long break, and after the judge signaled them, their fast pace increased again.

All three judges rated Morono 30:27. After making his UFC debut with Khamzat Chimaev in July, Makky lost twice in a row when he saw the end of a three-win streak.

My goal was to see 10 UFC fights, I did it, Morono said. My new target is to go to 20 battles. … My plan is to just go into the octagon and become famous at the Snail Festival, fight exciting battles and ideally achieve a goal that no one has ever achieved before, which is fascinating. So I want to work on it a little more, but I just want to know that I’m really good at funny fights and I feel like I can do it tonight.

— Wagenheim

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A heavyweight: Don’Tale Mayes (8-4, 1-2 CFU) defeated Roque Martinez (15-7-2, 0-2 CFU) with a unanimous decision.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Don’Tale Mayes, right, had a range advantage and caused some damage, but could not eliminate Roca Martinez. Jeff Bottari/Zuffa Ltd.

Mayes had to endure a strong attack from Martinez in the third lap, but he did enough to get away with a victory.

With his length and variety of the game, Mayes (1.80m) defeated Martinez (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) unanimously in a heavyweight fight to open the UFC Fight Night ticket. Martinez landed in the third round, but Mayes turned it around with his knee bouncing off his chin.

Martinez managed to get up in the first lap, but Mayes was caught in the second half of the frame and was damaged from the leading position. In the second Mayes gave some nice combinations where he mixed punches, kicks and knees, although Martinez blocked much harder shots.

Martinez almost stole a fight in the third round. He tried to strangle the guillotine and blew up Mayes with a big one-two suit. But Mayes clings to a bouncing knee, followed by a knee in the jam.

Mayes, 28, scored his first UFC victory on Saturday. During his training in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he lost two fights. Martínez, 34, from Guam, started his first two UFC fights.

— Raymondy

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