Liverpool: Should Diogo Jota replace Roberto Firmino in team?

Diogo Jota has scored for Liverpool in his last three appearances and coach Jurgen Clopp has said the Portuguese striker is even better than expected. Does he have to replace Roberto Firmina on the team?

Jotha came for Firmino 20 minutes before Saturday’s game against West Ham United. He won 2-1, making him the first Liverpool player to score in his first three Premier League home games since Luis Garcia in 2004.

Just weeks after signing a £41 million deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers who could see them reach £45 million, Joth encourages fans of Liverpool to discuss the possibility of overtaking the Brazilian Firmino.

We fought very hard for the autograph, Klopp said after beating West Ham.

It’s an exceptional talent. He’s got speed, physical stamina, technique, he’s a shoe. It’s a lot better than I thought, and it’s really impressive.

Since 2017, Firmino, Sadio Manet and Mohamed Salah have undoubtedly formed the front line of the Liverpool front.

However, former national team striker Alan Shearer said in today’s match that Jotha was a big subscriber and former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy believes the top three Reds were under pressure.

Is it time to change that now that Liverpool is in the Champions League in Atalanta on Tuesday?

In a very unscientific poll conducted during the Saturday show, more than 7,500 people think that Jotha should start with about 2,200 people saying that he shouldn’t start In a very unscientific poll conducted during the Saturday show, more than 7 think.500 people think that Jotha should start with about 2,200 people saying that he should not start In a very unscientific poll conducted during Saturday’s show, more than 7,500 people think that Jotha should start with about 2,200 people saying that he should not.

How have Jotha and Firmino behaved so far?

Jotha was far ahead of Firmino this season, although he played much less football.

Firmino not only brings goals to the team – he’s known for his hard work – but his performance over the past three seasons has declined and this season he has only scored once in ten games.

Jotha, on the other hand, has scored four goals in nine games for Liverpool this season. In the Premier League there are three goals in five matches, one every 72 minutes.

Firmino played 565 minutes in the Premier League and 215 minutes for Jotha, although the latter was able to take advantage of the fact that he came off the bench against a tired defense.

Jota’s goals were also important, his last two league goals coming in a 2-1 victory over Sheffield United (Firmino scored the equalizer) and West Ham.

Diogo Jotas Diogo Jotas scored three goals in eight days at the end of October.

His shot in the previous Champions League game against Midtjilland forced Liverpool to win, while Salah Liverpool’s 90-minute penalty forced Liverpool to take the lead. Minute 2-0.

And the first Premier League goal in the 88th minute sealed a 3-1 victory over Arsenal.

On Saturday, he threw the ball into the net twice against Molotkov, but the first was disqualified by the assistant referee due to a mane error.

Opta statisticians monitor the number of goals the player will score with his chances. Firmino’s Premier League xG rating was 1.85 and Jay’s was 1.31.


That means that Jotha, who has scored four goals this season, has scored three times as many goals as expected from the odds he got, while Firmino, given the quality of his chances, has done exactly the same.

The pair has the same shooting accuracy (except for blocks) – 66% – and the same fitting accuracy – 81% – in the competition.

But Jotha leads in most other equations by counting the number of minutes played – including various defensive actions.

  Firmino Jota
Objectives 0.16 1.26
Help! Help! Help! Help! 0.32 0
snaps 1.76 4.19
Shots fired at a target 0.64 2.51
Opportunities created (including support) 1.44 0.84
Touched 52.18 66.56
Keys in the opposition box 6.22 9.63
Passport 38.94 43.12
Possession won. 2.87 5.86
Tasks 1.12 1.26
Calculations 0.32 0.42

How have they been compared over the years?

Firmino’s statistics are more favorable than Jota’s to take into account the two previous seasons.

Jota played for Wolves in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 Premier League (prior to this season, he played for Wolves in the league) before moving to Enfield this summer.

During this period, Firmino had more performances, goals, gears, chances, shots and good passes – while Jotha had more dribbles.

In this period, Firmino also won medals in the Champions League and the Premier League.

Since Jotha joined the Premier League, Firmino has had more performances, goals, assists, moments, passes - while Jotha has had more dribbles.

said former Liverpool midfielder Murphy in the match of the day: Jotha gives Jurgen Klopp trouble. These three beautiful fronts haven’t been pressured for long.

There were questions about the amount of money.

He scores goals, he has influence. He says you can’t leave me.

– Headband .

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