Kawhi Leonard Could Sign For The Miami Heat Next Season, If He Decides To Leave The Clippers –


The Miami Heat have already been eliminated once from the 2021 freelance class, but that didn’t stop Giannis Antetokounmpo from signing an overtime deal with the Milwaukee Bucks. This decision is likely to lead Miami to focus on another important free agent, Kawhi Leonard, in 2021.

Miami has announced that they are looking for another star to join Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Besides Giannis they would have shown interest in the Pacer Victor Oladipo. But maybe they catch someone better than two-time Indian champion Kawhi Leonard.

It’s not so strange when you think about it. According to Mark Stein of the New York Times, Kawhi tried to convince Leonard Jimmy Butler to join the Clippers in Los Angeles for the 2019 season, even during his historic championship with the Toronto Raptors (at 0:19 in the video below).

Has #KawhiLeonard courted @Yg_Trece the whole time?
How did this secret thing with the flip-flops come about? @TheSteinLine has dropped the knowledge: pic.twitter.com/mXIWE39XNh

– Rich Eisen Show (@RichEisenShow) 8 July 2019.

It was clear that Clowe wanted to play with Butler at the time, and since then Butler has only cemented his playing and led the Miami Heat to a performance in the NBA finals. When Leonard grew up in Los Angeles, South Beach was an attractive destination for free agents, especially LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

The Clippers brought the world’s attention to basketball in their first series in 2019 against the Golden State Warriors with two victories. Remarkable is that they did it without a superstar, with a front office that praised their profession and Scouting. The Brooklyn Nets had a similar season, which exceeded expectations and moved on to the playoffs with a new D’Angelo Russell (who eliminated Jimmy Butler and the 76ers in the first round). This summer Brooklyn signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and traded Leonard for Paul George.

This suggests that good smart organisations are an interesting area of the Free Agency for actors and Leonard in particular. The journey from the Miami Heat to the NBA finals is almost impressive. With Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, some young talent and good veterans, Miami has made a name for itself in the qualifications. They’ve shown that big names aren’t the only thing you need to win if you’re a smart organization.

The respect given to the Heat front office in making the NBA final could be enough to get the attention of free agents. Showing a desire to make big moves and having a player that Leonard clearly wants to play with makes the Miami Heat a serious option for Kawhi in Free Agency in 2021.

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