5 Reasons Why LeBron James Should Be MVP Over Joel Embiid And Nikola Jokic –

5 Reasons Why LeBron James Should Be MVP Over Joel Embiid And Nikola Jokic –
5 Reasons Why LeBron James Should Be MVP Over Joel Embiid And Nikola Jokic –

The race for the MVP title is very close this season. 3 players stood out among the rest of the field for their exceptional impact on their teams. Joel Embiid is the best player on the best team in the East, Nikola Jokic is averaging nearly triple doubles as a center, and LeBron James is still the best player in the world.

As good as Embiid and Jokic are, LeBron James is a player who deserves the title of MVP, and he’s not even close. Here are the top five reasons why LeBron James won the MVP award ahead of Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic.

5. The Lakers are better than the Sixers and the Nuggets.

Of the three teams, the Los Angeles Lakers are the best team. The Sixers have a record of 22-7 and are currently No. 3 in the Western Conference, while the Sixers have a record of 19-10 and the Nuggets of 15-13. The Lakers are third in the West, while the Sixers are first, but the Lakers just have a better record.

LeBron James is the best player on the team with the best record of the three teams, which immediately gives him the first advantage in the MVP debate. LeBron has managed to play at a very high level at the age of 36, and he carries the Lakers, who are now without Anthony Davis.

4. King is the best setter in the league, even ahead of Jokic.

Leadership and play are two of the best qualities of an MVP player. Joel Embiid is having a fantastic year as a Team Coordinator, averaging 29.6 PPGs in his career. Embiid was a beast both offensively and on the boards, even though his assist dropped to 2.8 GPA.

Nikola Jokic is the greatest great man of all time. Single center talent has an average APG of 8.6, which is an exceptional rating for a dominant center. As great as Jokic is, he’s no match for LeBron James. The King has a 7.9 LMS average, and no player sets up his teammates like LeBron. King is one year behind the league leader with 10.2 SGA, and is the player with the best field vision in the league. The Laker victories are proof of that.

3. Everyone plays better with LeBron James

LeBron James makes everyone around him better. That’s not to say Embiid and Jokic don’t do it, but neither player comes close to LeBron’s leadership skills. James is the smartest player in the league, always effective, and has had countless end fights, while Embiid and Jokic have not. No center does it better than LeBron for his teammates.

The Lakers traded a lot in the offseason by bringing players like Dennis Schroeder and Montrezl Harrell to the team. LeBron made them feel comfortable with the Lakers, and no team has the chemistry of Purple and Gold. A look back at last season proves that LeBron makes everyone better, including a superstar like Anthony Davis.

2. LeBron leads the Lakers better than any other player on his team.

The Lakers have Anthony Davis, but the Lakers won’t go to the first round without LeBron James. LeBron does everything the team needs to do to earn a medal, including being a vocal and emotional leader. Anthony Davis led the team in scoring last year, but it was LeBron’s playmaker who made the Lakers successful.

James can score every time he’s on the floor, but he understands that team chemistry and rhythm are the tools to dominate the postseason. James is the Lakers’ undisputed leader, where Jokic often looks apathetic and Embiid sometimes relies on Ben Simmons. The Lakers will play under the name LeBron, meaning he is the most valuable player on his team.

1. 36 years old and still the best player in the NBA

If you look at all the X’s and O’s, no player dominates the game like LeBron James. At age 36, King is averaging 25.7 PPG, 8.2 RPG and 7.9 PNG. This year, LeBron has 37.8% within three points of his average of 34.5%. James is as effective as ever, hitting 50.4% of his pitches from the field. He always finds a way to improve, and his long range shots have been very well received this year.

LeBron has a doctorate in professional basketball. Embiid and Jokic have neither the talent nor the experience to dominate games like King can, and James is asserting himself in the competitive Western Conference. LeBron has mastered the art of turning the game to his advantage, and he knows the strengths and weaknesses of every opponent he faces.

As long as LeBron continues to play at this level and has the best record of the three contenders, The King will be a 5 time MVP at the end of the season.

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