NBA Fan Posts Hilarious Tweet: “This Is Who NBA Twitter Wants KD To Win A Title With…”

NBA Fan Posts Hilarious Tweet: “This Is Who NBA Twitter Wants KD To Win A Title With…”
NBA Fan Posts Hilarious Tweet: “This Is Who NBA Twitter Wants KD To Win A Title With…”

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It’s no secret that NBA superstar Kevin Durant has had a lot of help in his quest for a title this season. After pairing him with Kyrie in 2019, the Nets have since acquired James Harden, Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge.

In short, the Nets are absolutely outstanding, and it looks like (once again) Kevin Durant is the driving force behind the creation of a monster superteam.

NBA fans who criticized Durant for joining the Warriors in 2016 are back to square one, accusing him of ruining the league. But some are turning against that narrative, like Twitter user DrGuru, who posted a funny but accurate tweet about what people want from Durant.

Here’s who KD wants to win the title with according to NBA Twitter

– Guru (@DrGuru_) 28. March 2021

For those who don’t know: The players pictured here are reserve players in the popular NBA 2K video game. If a given team doesn’t have all the real players on the roster, these guys (they’re non-functional drones) are plugged into the game for the sole purpose of making sure each team has the required number of players.

The point of the original poster seems to be that people want Durant to win with a nameless, talentless teammate.

The fact is that no one expects it. There is no doubt that every star needs a strong support team to succeed. And you can’t blame Durant for trying to make his team the best it can be.

For others, he went too far and tried to make his way to the title as easy as possible…..

Yes, it is. At the beginning of the season, everyone was excited about KD. Because the man went to the net to prove he didn’t need a great team to win a ring. He loved that Kyrie was with everyone. Because almost every prospect in the NBA had a duo. Once they harden up…..

– lil babatunde(12-4) (22-21) (12-5-10) (@BabatundeJr21) March 28, 2021

No lmao, if he had won with a Nets team to start the year I would have congratulated him but he got James Harden Blake Griffin and Aldridge so it’s embarrassing that he needs a great team every year.

– MASSIVE MASSIVE RETURN (@IcyMaxey) March 28, 2021

Anota L. He had an all star team on Brooklyn RN all of 2015 and in 2016 his career is over.
mf doesn’t even play in games, he relaxes on the bench and watches his teams 65 wins without him.

– Om Goswami (@omgoswam1) March 28, 2021

Or maybe we’re just tired of watching him assemble and shape the strongest super teams in basketball history. L.

– Fluca da Don (@RickCarlislesW) March 28, 2021

This is a scam.
No one is saying he has to win with Scrubs, but there’s a big difference between that and stacking the cards in his favor.

Anyone would have respected him for winning with a Brooklyn team that was originally going to start the season.

– Malachi Love-Robinson (@iContraMundum) 28. March 2021

We wanted him to win like this

– (@NautiosGaming) 28. March 2021

Where is the line when it comes to stacking cards? Nobody hated Durant when it was just him and Kyrie at the beginning of the season. But at some point they made too many moves – and now Durant and his team have become the biggest villains in the NBA.

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