PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir players take knee before restart

players kneeling players of both sets and match officials kneeling in the centre circle during the Champions League Hymn

Saint-Germain of Paris and Istanbul’s Basakshehir kneeled again in the centre circle in an anti-racist message for Wednesday’s Champions League match.

Neimar did a hat-trick when PSG won the match 5-1 and his group took the lead.

The game ended Tuesday in a 0-0 tie after a fourth official was accused of using a racist term against assistant Basaksehir Pierre Webo.

Both groups of players left the field and the game was postponed for one day.

After a Basaksehir free kick in the 14th minute. From the moment he did it again.

said PSG midfielder Marco Verratti: It was difficult for everyone – for us on the field, for everyone watching the game – it was something that shouldn’t have happened.

We have to set an example, especially since millions of people are following us. So we made a strong gesture and decided with the other team not to play.

Retired Webo was allowed to take his place on the exit bench, with his red card suspended, while Uefa investigated the whole incident.

The new list of referees was led by Dutchman Danny McKelly.

The footballers and officials, who also knelt down during the Champions League anthem, wore T-shirts with anti-racist banners in the stands during the warm-up.

Neimar Neimar scored three points and took the penalty in the victory of PSG.

When the game resumed, Neimar started with the third UEFA Champions League hat-trick.

He opened the account with the nutmeg defender and curling at home, then finished the counterattack and took his third of 20 meters.

Kylyan Mbappe scored two goals, including a penalty kick for a Neimar foul.

Mehmet Topal scored a goal from Basaksehir.

PSG’s victory meant they led the group for RB Leipzig, who qualified on Tuesday and left Manchester United 3-2 to beat the English.



  • 1Navas
  • 24FlorenciZ replaced by Pembel 80’minReservation at 90 min.
  • 5MarkinhosReplacement by a scanning frequency of 67 minutes
  • 15Danilo
  • 3KimpeMbeSwapped for Dialloat 80’minutes
  • 25Baker
  • 8Paradas
  • 12RafinhaReplaced by Di Mariaat 45’minutes
  • 6Rated swapped for Huyat 80’minutes
  • 10Neimar
  • 7 File


  • 4Ker
  • 11D Mary
  • 16Rico
  • 18Kin
  • 20Kurzava
  • 21 Guerrilla warfare
  • 22Diallo
  • 27 Guiyé
  • 30 Latvian
  • 31Dagba
  • 32Pembele
  • 37Fadiga

Istanbul Basaksehir

  • 34GünokBuchung at 42min
  • 4Pereira da SilvaBooking at 12 minutesChanging for a break of 68 minutes
  • 26dos Santos Rodriguez
  • 5Topal
  • 3 CaldyrimReplaced by Bolingoli Mbombayt 68’minutes
  • 10 Ozkan
  • 21TekdemirStay in 10 min.Exchange for Chadliat 89 min.
  • 17Kahweci
  • 22GulbrandsenReplaced by Kaplanat 80’minutes
  • 27 Replaced by 68 minutes.
  • 23Türüç


  • 1Bakan
  • 11Chadley
  • 13Chivans
  • 19Ba
  • 20 by Paula
  • 63Bollingoli-Mbombbo
  • 77Caplan
  • 89Caracus

Real-time text

  1. Finals of the matches, Paris Saint Germain 5, Istanbul Basaksehir 1.
  2. End of the second half, Paris Saint Germain 5, Istanbul Basaksehir 1
  3. I missed a shot. Giuliano (Istanbul Basaksehir) shot with his right foot outside the penalty area after the starting line, high and wide right.
  4. Timothy Pembele (Paris Saint-Germain) was booked for an offence.
  5. Foul Timothy Pembellet (Paris Saint-Germain).
  6. Nacher Cadli (Istanbul Basaksehir) hits his free kick on the left.
  7. The attempt is blocked. The right foot of Paris Saint Germain, which was shot outside the penalty area, is blocked.
  8. Idrissa Gueye (Paris Saint Germain) hits a free kick that bends the striker wide.
  9. Foul Berkai Ozkan (Istanbul Basaksehir).
  10. Replacement, Istanbul Basaksehir. Nasir Chadley replaces Mahmut Tekdemir.
  11. Corner, Istanbul Basaksehir. Kaylor Navas concession.
  12. Attempted rescue. Deniz Tyuryuch (Istanbul Basaksehir) is on the lower left at a distance of six meters. With the support of Bolingoli Mbombo.
  13. Attempted rescue. Neimar (Paris Saint Germain) has a picture with his right foot outside the box in the lower right corner. With the support of Idrissa Gueye.
  14. Abdou Diallo (Paris Saint-Germain) is punished after committing an offence.
  15. Dęba Ba (Istanbul Basaksehir) wins in midfield.
  16. Timofey Pembele (Paris Saint-Germain) gets a penalty on the right wing.
  17. Bolingoli Mbombo (Istanbul Basaksehir) is punished after committing an offence.
  18. Replacement, Istanbul Basaksehir. Emre Kaplan replaces Fredrik Gulbrandsen.
  19. Replacement, Paris St. Germain. Abdou Diallo replaces Presnel Kimpemabe.
  20. Replacement, Paris St. Germain. Idrissa Gueye replaces Marco Verratti.

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