Typhoon Vamco targets Vietnam after devastating the Philippines

Because of the Typhoon Vamco, airports and beaches are closed and fishermen are advised to stop fishing and return to the coast, as the country can be exposed to winds of up to 60 miles per hour. Climate disruptions have caused floods and landslides in Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines. At least 67 deaths have been reported and 12 others are missing. Typhoon Vamco beat a week away from Goni, who is the strongest typhoon in the country for seven years. Vietnam has organised the evacuation of thousands of people, as demonstrated by the Civil Protection Agency. The death toll is high due to the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding.

Moreover, the typhoons have left the infrastructure in ruins and people have had to deal with power failures. Those who depend on renewable energy can breathe a sigh of relief. You’d be in a better position to deal with a situation like this.

They say nearly 400,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies confirms this. Difficult weather conditions have hindered tourist traffic as roads and bridges have been washed away. Food stocks and crops have also been destroyed, which has led to humanitarian problems. An official of the Red Cross admits that more than eight million people in the middle of Vietnam have had no rest.

Every time they start building their lives and livelihoods, a new storm will come down on them.

Philippines devastated by typhoon

Pests such as tropical storms and typhoons are widespread in the Philippines. This year, the coronavirus is hampering training and intervention efforts. The report states that the emergency response teams have been involved in working with people affected by severe flooding.

Their number in the northeast was several hundred thousand. People were stuck on roofs and rescue workers had a hard time reaching them. It seems that the strong currents of one of the rivers in northeastern Luzon have caused problems. In September 2018, Typhoon Manghout forced the closure of Hong Kong airport and Macao casino.

Climate disruptions disrupt people’s lives and interrupt planned programmes in all regions of the world. In October 2019 the matches of the World Rugby Championship in Japan were influenced by Typhoon Hagibis.

Vietnam, another target of Typhoon Vamco

According to CNN, Typhoon Vamco has made a landing in Vietnam with winds of up to 93 miles per hour. It hit the coast about 62 miles northwest of Danang. This has led to risks of flooding and landslides. The typhoon killed 67 people in the Philippines. It was the deadliest storm in the country this year. Before Hurricane Vietnam struck, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc warned his people that it was a very strong typhoon. He warned the provinces of the expected path of the typhoon to prepare for the consequences.

The country has a long coastline and devastating storms and floods are nothing new. Vasko was the 13th. He was exposed to a storm this year. Since the beginning of October it has already lost more than 160 people in natural disasters due to hurricanes.

Typhoon Wamco was this year the 21st for the Philippines.

CNN adds that it is the 21st largest television channel in the Philippines. cyclone that year. The Coast Guard and relief agencies have saved thousands of lives. Numerous houses have been hit by the destruction of infrastructure due to heavy rainfall and strong winds. Usually it’s about blocking roads with uprooted trees and debris. Rescue teams have trouble getting to remote locations.

Agriculture has also been severely affected. It’s nothing new when there’s a disaster like a typhoon. The people will need humanitarian aid in the form of food, shelter, medicines and other basic needs. These will be difficult times for the authorities. In September typhoon Maysak struck North Korea and destroyed the coastal areas.

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