Directing a New Superman Movie Was a Possibility for James Gunn

The future of DC Superman icons on the big screen is largely unknown. Although Batman continues to practice his craft, there are currently no plans for further adventures with the Man of Steel on the big screen. Well, it turns out that it may not be that long and that no one but the Galactic Guardians, Director James Gunn, was almost human at the helm.

In a recent interview James Gunn talked about a conversation he had with Kevin Feige, the leader of Marvel, about a sequel to the Guardians of the Galaxy. After he offered a three-quarter MCU for Fage, Gunn said he had accepted the project the day before in Washington, which Fage had asked for: Is that Superman? Although the project in question is actually the next super villain team of The Suicide Squad, Gunn admits that Superman was possible.

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Although Gunn hasn’t gone into details, she seems to confirm that Warner Bros. is preparing a new Superman project. Gunn refused in favor of the Suicide Squad, but it is difficult not to feel the frustration of never seeing Gunn take over the Man of Steel.

Although the fans are not aware of Kal El’s ongoing adventures, there are rumors that the star of the Justice League, Henry Cavill, will eventually resume his role. The last online magazine claimed that Cavill would indeed return to the big screen as Krypton’s last son. The 37-year-old actor would have signed a new contract with three films and options for Camedos in other films in the Washington universe. It is also claimed that interest in the return of Henry Cavill was sparked by the successful announcement of The Snyder Cut, due to air next year at HBO Max, with Cavill himself reportedly making a studio recording of Superman which was very well received.

As far as the Suicide Squadron is concerned, Gunn brought back several familiar faces from his first invasion of Washington, including Margot Robbie as Harley Queen, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag and Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, all of whom have rehearsed their roles in the Suicide Squadron since 2016. There will also be many new faces, and the rest of the team, consisting of Idris Elba as Blodsports, John Price as Peacemaker, David Mastmalchan as Polka-Dotman, Daniela Melchior as Ratcher, Floody Borg as Javelyn, Nathan Fillion as T.D.K, Peter Cappaldi as the Thinker, Pete Davidson as the Black Guard, Alice Braga as Saul Soria, Sean Gunn as the Weasel, Michael Rucker as the Scientist, Mailing Ng as the Mongolian and Steve Age as the King of Sharks.

Gunn wants to impress The Suicide Squad and has clearly already impressed the studio bosses, because the spin-offs are already in development. The pacifist series received a direct order for eight episodes of the first season, in which John Chen will revive his role as DC’s unstable superhero. Gunn will write all eight episodes and direct some of them himself. He will be the executive producer, Peter Safran and Sena will be co-producers. De Vredestichter plans to start production at the beginning of 2021 and will be broadcast exclusively on HBO Max.

In the meantime, on the 6th. In August 2021 a suicide squadron is released in the United States. If that wasn’t enough to keep Gunn busy, the guards of Galaxy 3 would start shooting in the summer of 2020 and be released sometime in 2022. It came to us from the Empire.

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