What Are Polarized Lenses Good For?

Polarized lenses are good for eye health, and now it is no longer a hidden fact. They protect your eye from the damaging UV rays coming from the Sun and can cause diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. In addition, they improve your vision when you’re outside and boost the color of surrounding objects.

What are Polarized Lenses?

Light from the Sun came on the Earth in a waves pattern. So, it vibrates and moves horizontally, vertically and at all other angles. A polarized lens will allow only vertical waves to pass through and dismiss the effect of all other waves, which is dangerous for eye health. A chemical is used in these lenses, which allows only vertical light to pass.

Polarized Lenses Benefits

There is a list of benefits of polarized lenses. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Lessen Glare Effect

Studies show that the reason behind most road accidents is the production of glare. At the same time, driving distracting glare produced due to dangerous rays of Sun. In such situations, it will be difficult for a driver to see with clarity and thus cause an accident. To tackle this issue, use polarized glasses because they will minimize the effect of glare.

  1. Play Games

These lenses are widely used in the games like boating and fishing. The reason is when rays of the Sun fall on the seawater, it will produce glare and will have a bad effect on your eye. Thus, as a result, you will be unable to see the rocks and fishes clearly.

To enjoy fishing, kayaking and boating, you must be aware of the things on the sea surface.

By the use of sunglasses for men cheap but high-quality options, you will be able to see all see clearly. They are available in different colors so you can choose them according to your will.

  1. Vibrant Colors

Due to pollution, our atmosphere is filled with dust particles. That is the reason we can’t see things. The original color of the sky is blue, but sometimes this color is also dim due to these particles, thus giving yellow or grey color. Polarized sunglasses stop the reflection, and thus, you can see the Earth with clarity.

  1. Reduce Impact of UVA/UVB

If someone is continuously exposed to the UV ray, which can be UVA/UVB, it can damage their eye vision. It is advised not to expose even your skin to these rays because they indirectly affect your eyes after entering the body. Only polarized lenses can filter out the UV rays and protect the eyes. So, it would help if you used them whenever going outside the home.

  1. Use in Snow

Skiers and snowboarders mostly use polarized lenses in the winter season. In winter, 80% of UV rays reflect towards you due to the fresh snow. To see things with clarity in such a situation becomes difficult. You can reduce the glare and harm to your eyes by wearing polarized glasses.

  1. Reduce Eye Strain

Your eye tissues will become weak when you expose the eyes to harmful rays emitted from the Sun. These rays directly affect the retina of your eye and change its shape. As a result, you will start squinting and cause muscle fatigue around the eyes and nose. These effects will lead to headaches and irritation for a long period. So, the only solution to all these issues is to go for polarized lenses and protect your eyes from these effects.

  1. Increase Color Contrast

Every person wants to see the thing around crisper and clearer. Using these lenses will increase the color contrast, and thus you will see all around you much clearer.

When to not Use Polarized Lenses

It is not recommended to use polarized lenses all the time. There are some situations in which the use of these glasses is strictly prohibited. If someone uses them sitting in front of an LCD, it can be a disaster because they turned the things black, and you can see with clarity.

Some professions, like the aviation industry, instruct their pilots not to use these lenses because it makes it difficult to see LCD screens and navigate properly. Some lenses also have durability issues. So, beware while purchasing the sunglasses. In some specific positions, lenses can prove as ineffective too. That is why some people perceive that they distract and minimize the natural clarity of some objects.

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