Here’s how to pick nose rings that suit your face type

Nose pins have been an integral part of our Indian culture for centuries. Women have been wearing these to add a distinct charm and grace to their overall look. The trend of wearing nose pins is also catching up among millennial women to add an element of ethnicity while they wear modern outfits. There are typically no specific guidelines around wearing a gold nose pin, but it’s always a good idea to pick a design that suits your face shape. Let’s take a look at what type of nose pins compliment different facial types. 

1. Long or oval face cut: This is the most common face shape around the world. For people with an elongated face, a gold nose ring design studded with gemstone is the most suitable. The splash of color of the gemstone will draw people’s attention to your face effortlessly. If this is not your style, then a single diamond studded nose pin will give you a more toned-down look. 

2. Heart-shaped face cut: As the name suggests, people with this type of face type have a broader area near the nose and cheeks, which then tapers down towards the chin, just like a heart. People with this kind of face type should opt for a twisted nose pin or a gold nose hoop ring that takes away the focus from the broad nose, and gives the face a slimmer look.

3. Round face cut: For a round face, nose pins that have geometrical dimensions make a right fit, because it is perfect to give your face a long look, and take away the focus from the roundness of the face. Online jewellers like Melorra bring to their clientele a wide range of elegant, modern, and beautiful daily wear casual rings design that is high on style, yet easy on the pocket.  

4. Chiseled face cut: People with a strong jawline, and clear bone facial structure are categorized under this face cut. Such people need a nose pin design that softens the sharp edges of the jawline. Segmented nose rings make an ideal match for such face cuts because their roundness compliments the angular cut of the face. You can opt for either a plain gold ring or one studded with precious stones like diamonds. 

Some nose pin designs suit all types of face cuts, and one such design is a single diamond studded nose pin. It’s classic, sophisticated, and an epitome of grace. You can carry this diamond nose stud with practically every outfit, be it the traditional lehenga, indo-western Kurtis, denim with a tee, or a formal pencil skirt, it adds dazzle to your every stride.  

Another nose pin model that’s gaining popularity is a flower bent nose pin. It’s a rage among the teens, thanks to the bohemian look it offers. This model of nose pin also comes in varied floral patterns that are sure to leave you mesmerized. In recent times women are not hesitating to experiment with the choice of metal for the nose pin and ring. You can pick between gold, silver, or platinum, depending on your preference and budget. 

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