RHOD Stars Speak Out About Show’s Cancelation

In a blog post titled “RHOD Stars Speak Out About Show’s Cancelation”, the stars of the show, including John Barrowman, who play Captain Jack Harkness, and Paul McGann, who play Eighth Doctor, speak out about the much-hyped “Doctor Who” spin-off “Torchwood”, which was cancelled after its second series in 2008.

It’s official: The Real Housewives of Dallas is coming to an end. The sixth season of the show, which began on December 4, will conclude on February 17. Before it ends, however, Bravo has decided to air a two-part reunion special. The Housewives have been talking about that possibility for weeks. Now we know it’s actually happening.

The cast of Rho-Donna have come together to speak out about the show being cancelled. There will be a new cast starting in the fall.

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The cast of “The Real Housewives of Dallas” has finally spoken out about the show’s extended suspension. Bravo confirmed on August 17, 2021 that the program will not be renewed for a sixth season.

Stephanie Hollman, a fan favorite, said on Instagram on August 17, 2021, “It is no secret that I count my blessings each and every day.” “I don’t take my great family, dear friends, and acquaintances for granted. I was given the incredible chance to join the Real Housewives of Dallas franchise five years ago. I also had the pleasure of collaborating with my closest buddy, @brandiredmond! I shall cherish the moments we had and your contribution to my life for the rest of my life…”

D’Andra Simmons, Hollman’s co-star, too had an emotional reaction to the news.

Simmons said on Instagram, “I’d want to thank all of the fans of #RHOD, especially everyone who has supported me and my family over the past four years on this amazing adventure.” “I am thankful to @bravotv, @bravoandy, and @goodbyepictures for providing me with a platform to tell my story and the tales that have shaped my character, resilience, and ultimately my passion for life. I’ve learned and developed a lot from seeing myself on TV and being able to witness both my successes and my failures, as well as learning from each twist and turn. The most essential thing I’ve learned is that honesty, both on and off camera, speaks for itself.”

Even previous cast members of the “Real Housewives of Dallas,” such as LeeAnne Locken, who departed the program after season four, had something to say about the show’s sabbatical.

“I’m GRATEFUL I got to share 2 of the BEST DAYS of my life with those who supported & loved me!!” Locken wrote on Instagram as she shared photos of her wedding and engagement party. “I’m just grateful.”

According to one source, the cast is “surprised yet relieved” by the indefinite hiatus.

The ensemble is “surprised but relieved,” according to one insider, at the cancellation of season six, as they revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

The source told Entertainment Tonight, “It became so nasty.” “They simply couldn’t come up with the perfect combination.” Stephanie [Hollman] and Kameron [Westcott] don’t speak to D’Andra [Simmons] and Tiffany [Moon]. It would have been difficult to create an organic connection between those four, particularly given what occurred between Tiffany and Kameron following the reunion.”

According to Variety, after last season’s reunion, Moon and Westcott’s family feuded on Twitter, with Westcott’s husband and brother-in-law bullying the “Real Housewives of Dallas” star on the social media site.

Some Fans Were Disappointed to See the Franchise End.

I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of #RHOD. My guess is that #RHOM will be a hit on Peacock, and Bravo will transfer REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS to the network in a year or two.

Peacock will need more unique material. You also don’t have to display ratings on streaming services…

August 17, 2021 — Dave Quinn (@NineDaves)

On Twitter, several Bravo fans bemoaned the show’s demise. One user commented, “#RHOD so sad this isn’t returning.” “My favorite Real Housewives is this one. These women were lighthearted and didn’t take themselves too seriously. It was a welcome respite from the chaos of the world.”

Others seemed to agree, with one tweeting, “Being from Dallas, I backed this franchise!” Dr. Deuber even performed my operation. I’m going to miss interacting with them so much!! #RHOD.” “I don’t believe this is the last we’ve seen of #RHOD,” another admirer commented. My guess is that #RHOM will be a hit on Peacock, and Bravo will transfer REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS to the network in a year or two. Peacock will need more unique material. And you don’t have to disclose ratings on streaming services…”

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Real Housewives are getting a lot more attention.

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Fans of the reality series RHOD are fired up after the cable channel announced it will not be renewing its fourth season. The show, which moved from its original home on VH1 to Bravo in 2011, follows the lives of six young women as they navigate life’s ups and downs in Miami. According to Bravo, the series’ ratings were down in the second half of its season, which pushed them to make the decision to end the show.. Read more about bravo and let us know what you think.

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