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More than ever, the NBA is now focused on the ability to play defense. Thanks to video analysis and decomposition technology, players now stand under a microscope with very few wobbly game rooms, apologizing as underperforming defenders.

No matter how good a player is in attack, without a reliable defense it can always be argued that he is not a full player. Ask James Harden, Stephen Curry, Damien Lillard or Trey Young.

After all, the defense is half the game in basketball. Protection should be appreciated and treated as an attack, no matter how difficult it may be. It’s good to get three points, but if you can’t prevent your opponent from getting three points, you go back to the first square.

Over the years, the NBA has had many high-profile defenders called the best defenders of the NBA. Kavi Leonard, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Scotty Pippen and many other defensive jugglers come to mind. However, there is certainly no better defensive player.

The purpose of this article is to find out who is the best defender in the history of the NBA by comparing some of the biggest defenders based on the following categories: Defensive performance, defensive stats, defensive impact.

Each player gets a score of five in each category, based on his performance. The player with the highest score at the end is crowned the best defender in the history of the NBA.

Let’s start by mentioning the honourable mentions that the first five just missed.

Honorable mentions: Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Gary Peyton.

Bill Russell has the end of the stick here. It wasn’t until 1969, in his final year in the NBA, that they started awarding prizes to defense teams, so he only won once. Russell was also one of the few NBA members to be part of the seven-foot team in his time there. This allowed him to completely dominate the colour at a time when it was desirable to score from the inside out.

Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Gary Peyton have been fantastic defenders on the NBA perimeter.

Despite the fact that Kobe has never won a DPOY, he has received 12 NBA All-Round awards during his career. Bound for second place in life. Michael Jordan and Gary Peyton won their careers as defenders of the year and also became the top defenders of their teams.

They are interchangeable in the top five rankings, but for this article they just missed it.

Here are five NBA players who talk about being the best defensive players in history (in random order).

  1. Hakeem Olajuwon
  2. Tim Duncan
  3. Kevin Grenade
  4. Scotty Pippen
  5. Leonard’s Cavi

All of these NBA players have demonstrated excellent defensive skills throughout their careers, and some have not even completed their defensive legacy. Each of these players dominated the matches with their defensive presence and helped their team to win the championship.

Category 1: Adoration

Hakim Olajuwon: 9 x NBA all-around, 3 x BLK-champion, 2 x DPOY, absolute leader of the boulder (3830 persons).

Hakim’s consistent defensive greatness is evident in his nine NBA prizes (a draw for seventh place in history). The fact that he is also the double defender of the year and the leader of all the blocks at all times is only proof of his presence on the defensive field. Hakeem is also in ninth place for flights. Unbelievable.

Cool: 5/5

Tim Duncan: 15 x Total defense

Duncan may not have any NBA defender of the year, but his 15 x All Defense is the best of all. Although he has never been a boulder champion, he is still in 5th place for the number of registered blocks.

Cool: 4.5/5

Kevin Garnett: 12 x All-Defense, 1 x DPOY

Garnett is the second most decorated NBA team for general defense (12), but he also won the Defenseman of the Year award. Garnett’s window has a small advantage over Duncan’s.

Cool: 4.5/5

Scotty Pippen: 10 x All Defense, 1 x STL-Camp

It’s surprising that Pippen has never received the Defender of the Year award in his entire career, but he was widely regarded as the most formidable defender of his time. The fact that Pippen managed to average the number of interceptors per game in the NBA over the course of the season is so impressive that he is in the vanguard.

Cool: 3.5/5

Cauchi Leonard: 6 x All Defence, 1 x STL Master, 2 x DPOY

Kauha’s career isn’t over yet, so his room with the defense trophies can hold even more equipment. Leonard is currently the top two-sided NBA player for the past 50 years. At 29, he was in the DPOY twice and in the All Defense six times. Very impressive defensive summary of Kauha.

Cool: 4.25/5

Category 2: Defence statistics

Here we will look at some advanced defensive statistics to see how these players are ranked relative to each other.

Defensive rating

The NBA Player Safety Rating is a statistic that measures each player’s effectiveness in avoiding the goals of another team. The lower your defense, the better.

Last year’s average defensive rating of the NBA was 110.

Kavi Leonard’s defensive game: 100

100 is an excellent defensive score for the career of an NBA player. Kauhi has also scored five times less than 100 points in nine seasons. It shows Kauha’s influence on the defense.

Cool: 4.25/5

Scotty Pippen’s defense review: 102

Although slightly higher than Leonard’s, the 102nd is slightly higher. Always a very good NBA defense score. Pippen, on the other hand, has scored four times less than 100 goals in 17 seasons.

Cool: 4/5

Kevin Garnett’s protection: 99

Achieving up to 100 career points is very impressive. KG has had 12 seasons in the NBA with a defensive rating of up to 100, which is absolutely outrageous. These statistics illustrate Garnett’s defensive superiority.

Cool: 5/5

Tim Duncan’s defense assessment: 96

If Garnett’s 12 of 100 seasons in the NBA were considered impressive, Duncan had 16. In the three seasons Duncan has exceeded 100, he has scored 101 goals, and twice 100. Duncan is the epitome of defense excellence.

Cool: 5/5

Hakeem Olajuwon is on the defensive: 98

Hakim’s defensive record in 98 careers is pretty impressive. In his 18-year career, Oladjuwon has scored only 100 points or more, but in fact he has the best defensive record in the NBA for five consecutive years. A dream also makes an impression in statistics.

Cool: 5/5

Defensive box Plus Minus (DBPM)

The Defense Plus Minus box is a statistic that shows how much better a player is on defense than the average NBA player. For example, if a player has a DBPM of one, he will award one point less per match.

Kevin Garnett DBPM: 2.1 (average career scale)

Cool: 3.75/5

Tim Duncan DBPM: 2.3 (average career scale)

Cool: 4/5

Hakim Olajuwon DBPM: 2.5 (average career scale)

Cool: 4.5/5

Cavi Leonard DBPM: 2.4 (average career scale)

Cool: 4.25/5

Scotty Pippen DBPM: 1.8 (average career scale)

Cool: 3.5/5

Category 3: Defensive attack

This category is not measured by any NBA statistics, but it is too important not to discuss it. The defensive effect can be measured by the player’s versatility on the field and the different ways in which he influences the game.

Tim Duncan

Duncan has been an incredible NBA defender for decades, but he has had little influence outside the color. His length allowed him to defy outside shots, but his lack of speed prevented him from being an effective defender on the outside line.

Cool: 3.5/5

Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakim, like Duncan, was an incredible defender of the NBA advantage, but he fought to protect the perimeter. Hakeem was a little more mobile than Duncan and could defend himself around the fence. In fact, it was more effective because it only protected the centers and the power of the strikers.

Cool: 3.5/5

Kevin Grenade

Although Garnett was an NBA president, he was still athletic enough to defend almost any position on the ground. Garnett’s influence goes beyond versatility. Its unparalleled defensive intensity is what made KG such an incredible defender.

Cool: 5/5

Leonard’s Cavi

Kauhi may be silent in court, but his influence on the court will certainly be heard. Kauha’s defensive versatility allows him to easily defend NBA positions 1-4. His length and exceptional defensive instinct also allow him to penetrate the passages and disrupt the flow of the game.

However, it would be good if Kauhi would show some more fire on the track. Mainly defensive.

Cool: 4.5/5

Scotty Pippen

If you could make your perfect NBA defensive back, he’d probably look like Scotty Pippen. Pippen was athletic enough to defend the boys at the fence and strong enough to fight the big boys there. Pipping was an absolute threat on the defensive side and is the first real 3 & D player.

Cool: 5/5

Total NBA alternatives

Let’s see how everyone’s ranked.

5-й : Pippen: 16/20

Four: Duncan: 17/20

3 : Cauchi: 17.25/20

2 : Olajuwon: 18/20

1 : Grenade: 18.25

That’s it. That’s it. Kevin Garnett is the best defense in the history of the NBA.

Although not an absolute measure, Garnett was at the forefront of the main defensive dimensions of the NBA. Garnett has played with boundless energy and 100% dedication throughout his career.

As a result, the Big Ticket is the best defense in the history of the NBA.

Blazers, C.J. McCollum...

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