Tips And Tricks For Solving Tetris That Every Novice Must Know

One of the most fun and classic puzzles is Tetris. This puzzle game has been around for ages, and so it has acquired attention all over the globe. Tetris can also be played by anybody, regardless of their age. 

There are plenty of reasons you should consider playing Tetris. Not only is this puzzle fun, but it can improve your memory and boost your concentration. If you are getting started with Tetris, it is not uncommon to get stuck. But the best thing is that you can easily unstick it if you are equipped with the right tips and tricks. Here are tips and tricks to help you play Tetris better and faster as a beginner.

  • Comprehend what this puzzle game is all about

You must first comprehend the fundamental principles of Tetris. Begin with, Tetris is a puzzle game played on a grid with 10×20 cells. The objective of this puzzle game is to constantly stack blocks and clear lines for as long as you can. Your score increases as more lines are cleared. To achieve this, you must completely cover a horizontal line with blocks. This will cause the blocks to vanish and provide you room to stack additional blocks. If you run out of space to stack more blocks, the game will be over. You must be very inventive when stacking your blocks and clear as many lines as you can to extend the game and get higher scores.

  • Recognize the Tetris mechanics

Typically, the blocks fall in random order. Tetris can be replayed thanks to this mechanic because the way you get the blocks might affect your overall strategy. Regardless of the game’s speed, you can choose to manually speed up the falling blocks. To accomplish this, press the “down” button. This will quicken the current block’s “soft” drop, which is the pace at which the blocks are currently falling. 

  • Practice moving quickly

Tetris can be played at slower tempos to help beginners get used to the game. However, you should make every effort to avoid becoming too comfortable since if the game moves out of your comfort zone too quickly, things could start to go wrong for you more quickly. You should always play Tetris at a high speed for this reason. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must begin moving at your quickest potential speed; rather, you should begin moving at a speed that is challenging rather than convenient.

  • Practice more and more

Tetris is a straightforward gameplay mechanic, yet it demands a lot of strategic thinking right away. There are numerous considerations you should make straight now. You shouldn’t think that playing a few games will help you understand everything. This might not be achievable, even if you are incredibly intelligent. If you want to improve as a Tetris player, you must continue to play and practice.

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