India v England: Virat Kohli refuses to walk after being bowled by Moeen Ali

Kohli passed the second test with an average of 53.24.

Drummers rarely work these days.

The outside edge is one thing, but India’s captain Virat Kohli took it to another level when he refused to leave the field despite being knocked out by Moeen Ali in the second test against England.

Kohli, the country’s sports hero and baseball superstar, was cheered by 15,000 people in Chennai in the morning.

He hasn’t scored in the first four deliveries. The fifth, launched outside the stump, tempted Kohli into ambitious undercover action.

The ball spun sharply, went between the bat and the pad and hit the top of the stump from center and back.

England is celebrating. The crowd was silent. And Kohli just stood there.

With an incredulous look, he looked at the bonds lying on the ground and asked his partner Rohit Sharma for help.

The referee even had to ask for the replay to be shown on the big screen before Kohli finally left the field, still trying to figure out what had happened to him.

With his read for Moeen, Kohli was played by a spinner for a duck for the first time in Test Cricket.

It was an extraordinary achievement. The umpires should have shown him a replay to get him off the field, said cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew.

The last person to stay that way after being exonerated is RG Grace.

According to legend, Grace refused to go and once said they came to look at my bat and not you, the umpire, when they threw the pound.

Minutes after Kohli was fired, Grace was on Twitter.

For only the second time in 89 Tests, Kohli was taken off the track, while promising Moen made a perfect start to his first Test since August 2019.

He grew up, but Moeen did it with the drift – he attracted it, former England captain Alastair Cook told Social Cricket.

It was a nice dance. If Graeme Swann was bowling, we’d say it was great.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan joked that the wicket was similar to his dismissal of Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar in 2002 …

Vaughan played against Tendulkar for 92 at Trent Bridge in 2002.

A great man has passed away

Moeen outclasses Kohli for the fifth time.

Spilled coffee and stinging finger – how you responded.

English fans were rewarded with an early wake-up call….

Dr. Ben: The crowd is silent. Kohli refuses to leave. It’s worth getting up so early.

Neil Davey: Seeing Kohli bowling for a duck certainly justifies my decision to get up ridiculously early for cricket on Saturday! Time for the spam sandwich….

Angus: I spilled half my coffee on my foot and cut my toe after being surprised by Kohli’s steering. I can’t give Moen a higher reward.

Stuart Broad’s scarf: I think I’ll watch a rerun of Kohli over lunch.

Oh, Charlie: You have to hate cricket to not be happy that Moen is doing this!

And one of them even wrote a poem ….

Ruth Brooksbank: I couldn’t resist: There was once a captain, Kohli, who is sacred to Indian believers. But it was comedy gold when you put it in a clean bowl, and it went so slow.


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