Heisman Watch — Time to consider Kyle Trask a real contender

Heisman Watch — Time to consider Kyle Trask a real contender
Heisman Watch — Time to consider Kyle Trask a real contender

Welcome to our weekly Heisman watch for the 2020 college football season. Throughout the season, the authors of ESPN.com will vote for their top candidates for the Heisman Trophy.

To obtain the final evaluation, we use the following methodology: 13 voters, five votes each. Points system: five points for first place, four points for second place, three points for third place, two points for fourth place and one point for fifth place.

The voters: Andrea Adelson, Kyle Bonagura, Bill Connally, Heather Deanich, David M. Hale, Sam Khan Jr, Chris Lowe, Harry Liles Jr, Ryan McGee, Adam Rittenberg, Alex Scarborough, Tom Vanharen, Dave Wilson…

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Overall score: 48 (first place in the vote: 7/13)

It’s remarkable: Trask has been hanging around the Heisman Watch all season, but for the first time this season he has surpassed them. This will happen when you have the sixth match in a row with 4 TD’s. Against Arkansas, Trask threw five TD passes in the first half last Saturday and threw for 356 yards.

I’m quoting: The more successful the teams are sometimes, the more individual awards there are, said the coach of Florida, Dan Mullen of Trask. If we remain a successful team, we will continue to play, he will have the opportunity to receive individual prizes.

Heisman’s chances: +350

Thank you, Caesar William Hill Sportsbook.

Total points: 46 (first place: 2)

It’s remarkable: Jones and Alabama have postponed the game against LSU because of COVID-19, which means that Jones hasn’t played the last two weekends. However, his record remains impressive – 16 DT, only two interceptors and over 2000 metres.

I’m quoting: It’s getting better and better. I was very impressed by his accuracy and his ability to stand in the bag and make pressure shots. I didn’t see him last year as a potential candidate in the first round when he took over after Tua Tagovayloa’s injury, but so far he has gone through six games. — Mel Keeper

Heisman’s chances: +180

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Total points: 41 (first place: 3)

It’s remarkable: The spaces were also closed last weekend after the Ohio-Maryland game was cancelled due to an outbreak of the coronavirus in the Terrapina program. Insufficient play could have prevented the field from scoring goals, but when he was on the field he played 11 TDs and zero interceptions. His QBR 96.4 is the best of the FBS.

I’m quoting: There’s nothing Fields can’t do and I’ve already seen an improvement in his presence in the bag and his ability to see the terrain and revise his measurements. — Guards

Heisman’s chances: +200

Total points: 31 (first votes: 1)

It’s remarkable: Lawrence will be back this week after missing two previous Clemson games due to a positive COVID 19 test. Now he has more hills to climb, but he ran away with a reward before he had to sit down. He’s got 17 TDs in five games. The FBI has 10 more.

I’m quoting: He did some drumming and limited his mistakes. He makes it look easy. Lawrence has everything NFL teams want in a starting quarterback, from size to dexterity and the ability to process measurements and take the right shot. — Guards

Heisman’s chances: +200

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Justin Fields from Ohio and Zack Wilson from UBO are still at Heisman. But Kellen Mouth of Texas A&M and D’Eric King of Miami enter the race in week 10 after a great performance.

Total score: 19 (first place: 0)

It’s remarkable: Wilson is confident for his fifth place and continues to post large numbers for 8-0 BYU. His 22 DTs tied him up for fourth place in the FBI, and he only took two interceptors.

I’m quoting: Wilson communicated accurately at all levels of the pitch and turned out to be one of the best defenders in university football. — Anthony Trish

Heisman’s chances: +2500

Other votes:

The total number of points in brackets: Naji Harris, RB, Alabama (4); DeVonta Smith, RB, Alabama (4); Zaven Collins, LB, Tulsa (1); Travis Etienne, RB, Clemons (1).

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