Difference Between MAT and CAT Exam – A Complete Guide

Difference Between MAT and CAT Exam – A Complete Guide
Difference Between MAT and CAT Exam – A Complete Guide

MAT and CAT are two most important exams that appear in the life of candidates. In this blog we will try to give the readers a complete study material for both the exams.

MAT and CAT are both entrance exams conducted by the government for admission to the medical and dental colleges. Both of these exams were introduced in the year 2015. Now both these exams are conducted by the Medical Council of India(MCI) and Council for the Indian Boards of Secondary Education (CIBSE).

The MAT and CAT are the two toughest exams that are offered in India. However, MAT and CAT are two different types of exams- one for the engineering and other for the medical students. The two exams are set to help the students to choose the career of their choice. The candidates who want to pursue the career of engineering and those who want to become a doctor must be aware of the difference between MAT and CAT.

Whether you want to work for a startup or a large corporation, a master’s degree in business administration will increase your chances of getting hired. In recent years, more and more students are going for an MBA after getting their engineering and other degrees. An MBA course will help you enhance your CV, as the management course focuses on developing the skills needed to run a business flawlessly. Most companies focus on recruiting candidates with multi-tasking skills. An MBA after an undergraduate degree is not an easy path, but it is the icing on the cake. There are various entrance exams for MBA courses in India. Two entrance exams at the national level, namely MAT and CAT, are part of it. Institutes like IIMs are mainly CAT oriented while MAT is used by more than 600 management institutes. Admissions to Indian business schools are done through entrance exams like CAT and MAT. Some universities and institutes organize their own entrance exams. But in this article, we will discuss the differences between CAT and MAT exams. The two entrance exams are quite similar in terms of curriculum, but differ slightly in some aspects. I hope this guide helps you choose the right exam.

Difference between CAT and MAT

CAT vs MAT – conductive organ CAT Supervisory Authority : Admission to MBA or PGDM courses is based on the results of the CAT exam. Therefore, the exam is not recognized by the IIM (Indian Institute of Management). Every year leading institutes offer IIMs admission through CAT exam. For the larger IIMs, the responsibility for conducting the audit is assigned to the larger IIMs. Survey Method: This is a high-level entrance exam among MBA entrance exams. Although it is considered the most difficult of all entrance exams. This is a computer-based test (CBT), i.e., candidates are prepared for the online test (MCQ). Supervisory Authority for the MAT Examination : Every year, more than 600 business schools offer admission to MBA/PGDM programs through entrance exams such as the MAT. It is organised by the All India Management Association (AIIMA) four times a year (February, May, September and December) across the country. Survey Method: The test is performed in three different modes: PBT (Paper Based Test), CBT (Computer Based Test) and IBT (Internet Based Test).

CAT vs. MAT – Selection criteria

Selection criteria for CAT exam : To sit for the CAT exam, candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university recognized by the Government of India. They must also achieve a score of 50% on the qualifying exam. Candidates belonging to a particular category, tribe or ethnic group must obtain at least 45% in the entrance examination. Candidates who are waiting for the final results are also eligible to participate in the CAT examination. In addition, students must have a professional degree, such as CS/CA/ICWA, with a cumulative average of at least 50%. All these aspects also apply to SC/ST and disabled candidates. Age Limit: There is no age limit to register for the CAT exam. Criteria for admission to the MAT examination : The qualification for the MAT exam is completely similar to that of the CAT exam. This exam is a golden opportunity for a student who did not get good grades in the final year. It’s simple: A cumulative score is not required to sit for the MAT exam. A bachelor’s degree in any discipline is sufficient to take this entrance exam. Persons belonging to categories like SC, ST, PwD must obtain license with minimum cumulative score of 45%. Age Limit: The minimum age to take the MAT exam is 20 years and the maximum age to take the MAT exam is unlimited.

CAT vs MAT – Frequency level

Frequency of CAT examinations : The CAT exam is held once a year in November. The exam consists of two sessions, an afternoon session and an afternoon session. Due to the pandemics, the audit is now conducted in three sessions. Frequency of MAT assessments : The MAT is organized 4 times a year, in different months: February, May, September and December. As mentioned earlier, the evaluation consists of three different modes. The dates of these modes vary and students may choose one or more modes to take the MAT exam.

CAT vs MAT – Assessment template

CAT test scheme Candidates must qualify in all three sections to pass the CAT exam. Here are three sections.

  1. VARC – verbal competence and reading comprehension
  2. DILR – Interpretation of data and logical reasoning
  3. QA – Quantitative Capability

The CAT exam normally consists of 100 questions, for which candidates have a total of 180 minutes. Due to the pandemic, the exam schedule will be changed. There are 76 questions in total, for which candidates have 120 minutes (40 minutes for each section). These questions are asked in the form of MCQs and non-MCQs. This exam will be administered online and we remind you that in 2021 the exam format will change back to a 180 minute format. Example MAT assessment The MAT evaluation template consists of five parts. The five sections are listed below.

  1. Indian and global environment
  2. Understanding speech
  3. Analysis and adequacy of data
  4. Mathematical skills
  5. Intelligence and critical thinking

The MAT exam is administered in CBT (Computer Based Mode) and PBT (Paper Based Mode).

  1. Indian and Global Environment – This section of the MAT exam includes general knowledge and current affairs questions. In addition, it contains 40 points and is not counted in the calculation of the total MAT score.
  2. Language comprehension – this section has subsections for verbal skills and reading comprehension. The main topics covered in this volume are pronouns, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, one-word substitutions, fill-in-the-blank words, paragraph reading, puns and sentence corrections, and much more.
  3. Analysis and Adequacy of Data – This section is divided into the following subsections: Sufficient data and data analysis. The main topics covered in both courses are bar charts, pie charts, data comparisons, line charts, data adequacy and quantitative comparisons, etc.
  4. Intelligence and Critical Thinking – This section covers topics related to reasoning and analysis, such as. B. Pie charts, ranking, ordering, family tree, puzzles, series, coding and decoding, syllogisms and graphs, descendants, inferences, calendars, visual thinking, etc.
  5. Mathematical skills – Mathematical skills are also called quantitative skills. Some MBA exams include a quantitative aptitude test, which is similar to a math test. Important topics related to mathematical skills are trigonometry, modern mathematical problems, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and algebra.

CAT vs MAT – Duration of the examination

Duration of the CAT test : The duration of the CAT exam is 180 minutes over 3 hours. In addition, the time limit for each section is 60 minutes. Before leaving the first section, candidates must solve all questions within the limit set for each section. A total of 120 minutes will be available for the exam in 2020. Please find the following information below.

  • Number of questions – Verbal and logical understanding (26 questions)
  • Number of questions – Interpretation and reasoning of data (24 questions)
  • Number of questions – Quantitative skills (26 questions)
  • Total duration – 120 minutes
  • Time limit for sections – 40 minutes
  • Score +3 for each correct answer, -1 for each wrong answer, no negative score for non-MCQ.

Duration of the MAT exam : Candidates who have to take the MAT entrance exam have to solve the entire paper in 150 minutes, there is no section limit. The following format will help you understand the MAT exam pattern.

  • Number of questions – 200 questions
  • Total duration – 150 minutes
  • Types of Questions – MCQs
  • Section time limit – No time limit
  • Point count – a reward will be given for each question and 0.25 points will be deducted for each incorrect attempt.
  • Non-MCQs – There are no non-MCQS questions in the MAT exam format.

CAT vs MAT – Difficulty

CAT entrance exam: CAT is a national level entrance exam that is considered one of the most challenging entrance exams for management. The demand for IIM institutes has increased in recent years. Candidates must score above 99 percentile in the CAT exam. The exam consists of several steps, such as a group discussion and a personal interview. MAT entrance exam: Compared to CAT, the level of MAT exam is not difficult. Candidates can easily score 80% in this exam. Candidates must achieve a score of more than 95% to receive a place in an AICTE-approved Tier 2 institution.

CAT vs MAT – Application costs

CAT registration fee : For general category and NC-OBC category, the CAT exam fee is Rs. 1900. The registration fee for tribals in the said category and for disabled or handicapped persons is Rs. 950. MAT registration fee : The registration fee for MAT exam is 1650 per paper whether it is IBT, PBT or CBT exam. If you wish to participate in both the PBT and the CBT, you need to pay Rs. 2750. Summary: These two national entrance exams are recognized in Indian management institutes. Candidates are advised to review previous exams to determine the weighting and difficulty level of the exam.The mathematical aptitude test (MAT) is one of the aptitude tests that are conducted for the postgraduate degree of Master of Arts in various universities in India. The test is also known as the Graduate Aptitude Test in Mathematics (GATM). It is an examination conducted for admissions to Master of Arts (MA) program in Mathematics. The test is held twice a year. The test is also known as the Graduate Aptitude Test in Mathematics (GATM). It is an examination conducted for admissions to Master of Arts (MA) program in Mathematics. The test is held twice a year.. Read more about difference between cat and gmat and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MAT and CMAT?

The MAT is one of the most famous exams in India, and the CAT is the renowned entrance test for IITs and other institutes. Some people do not even know the difference between MAT and CAT. The MAT is mandatory for most of the engineering courses and is a part of the matriculation exam. It is usually conducted as an objective type exam. The CAT is conducted by the CAT (Central Board of Secondary Education) and is conducted as a non-objective type test. The MAT (the exam for MBBS) and the CAT (the exam for all medical courses) are quite popular in India. The MAT exam is the most common entrance exam for MBBS courses in India. It is as tough as the elite Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management. The CAT exam is common for MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS etc. medical course entrance exam. The MAT and CAT are both tough exams. But there is the difference in the nature of exam paper.

Which exam is better MAT or CMAT?

The MAT and the CMAT are two competitive entrance examinations that are conducted to get into the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). The exams are conducted in the same calendar year as two different institutes, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. The MAT is the common entrance exam for the IITs, including IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi, while the CMAT is the common entrance exam for IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bombay. Students hoping to get into IITs need to clear both the MAT and CMAT. The common question that students ask while preparing for the MAT and CAT exams, is that MAT is better than CMAT? Moreover, students also get confused with the same question, that is why here I will give you a thorough comparison on both the CAT and MAT exams so that you can make a better decision to apply for the exam.

Is CAT preparation enough for Mat?

Since the announcement of the teaching programs for the Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), there has been a lot of discussion about it. The questions that arise are: What is the difference between the CAT and the MAT exam? Is it important to prepare for both the CAT and the MAT exam? We will try to answer the above questions by providing a detailed analysis of both the exams. CAT is a common entrance exam for various engineering and medical courses in India. It is a test that is an amalgamation of multiple sections. There are four sections in total, and each section has a different objective and test duration.

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