Dalvin Cook’s 4 TDs make history as Vikings upset Packers

In his first game, after the Vikings suffered from adductors three weeks ago in Seattle, Delvin Cook made history with a desperate victory over the Green Bay Packers in Minnesota on Sunday 28-22.

According to a study by the Elias Sports Bureau, Cook was the first player to score a touchdown in his team’s first four possessions after the NFL and AFL merged in 1970. The first four finishes in Minnesota resulted in a 21-yard touchdown, a one-yard touchdown and a 50-yard touchdown. All this was possible thanks to the fourth year of setbacks and some timely blockades by teammates, which Cook was able to reward with three of his four points.

You always appreciate what people do for you, Cook said. I know how hard I work, and I know how hard these guys work. You should compliment them, too, because I’m gonna grind for my brother next door. There’s no reward for them, I score a touchdown, and they can’t score a touchdown. I want them to feel exactly how I feel when I score a touchdown. I’m gonna give you a victory speech because of those guys.

Monster Cook Day in Green Bay is taking him to an elite company. He is the third player in the history of the franchise to include four TDs in the game, an achievement first delivered by Chuck Forman in 1975 and four years later by Ahmad Rashad. Along with Barry Sanders, Walter Peyton and Adrian Peterson, he is the only player in NFL history to have played multiple games in his career, with at least 150 yards against the Packers.

Cook was also the first player to come out of the scrum at 200 yards and scored four TD’s against the Packers on the Lambeau-field.


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Of the 324 yards cleared in Minnesota, Cook made 163 yards on 30 carries and intercepted two passes for 63 yards, including a 50 yard screen interception that led to his fourth and final touchdown.

Dalvin did a great job today, according to quarterback Kirk Cousens. Every time you score four touchdowns, you deserve congratulations. He’s a great player, a dynamic player, we’re always trying to find ways to get his football. I think of the third and long start of the game when I test it and it brings us first to the shot zone, in the high red zone; I think we finally scored a touchdown on that ball possession. Even those little games that keep us on the field are very important. So it’s not just about throwing the ball, but about holding the ball in your hands whether you catch it or throw it

Cook’s day affected the burden the cousins had to bear. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Vikings made only 14 attempts on Sunday, averaging 1.79 yards, the second highest number of attempts of any player in the last 15 seasons with 10 attempts.

The longest cousin pass in the game was eight balls.

The attack of the Vikings seems to have resumed after the defeat of the Atlanta Falcons, where Minnesota, in the absence of Cook, ran a total of 32 meters.

The difference Cook made was clear from the beginning. The Vikings fought on Sunday, converting only 38% of their third fall and scoring 4 out of 7 on the third Sunday, with Cook responsible for two victories.

The Vikings also fought their fourth disaster in Green Bay. After Alexander Matheson failed to convert from the fourth line and thumb line in Seattle, which would have cemented his victory on the road, and stopped Mike Boone on the fourth line against Atlanta on the goal line, Minnesota found success behind Cook, who converted from the 23-yard line of the Green Bay to the fourth line and thumb line, before a two-minute warning on the fourth line and thumb line in the first half extended the shot that led to his second touchdown. This allowed the Vikings to draw 14-14 on Green Bay in half the time.

Cook limited himself to training on Wednesday and Thursday, but given his feelings on Friday, the backstage runner said after the game that he knew he would go to Green Bay at full speed.

Discussions about the return of the rider to the field were spread by the coaching staff, who stressed how important it is that Cook is available to get the striker back on track.

The way Dalvin walks, we usually walk, so of course we have to get him out and get him back to work, offensive coordinator Gary Cubiak said last week.

On Sunday Cook celebrated his first victory in his career on the Lambo field. The Vikings started the season 2-5, with three straight defeats.

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