Eight things you can get for free on the Internet

A goal to be achieved for 2022 could be to do more things that cost you less. Cost you less in every way. Make it easier, more accessible, and also cheaper. 

Let’s find out together what you can get from the Internet without paying anything.

1. Training

Your parents already told you, and now we insist. You have to study to have a more decent life. 

On the Internet, there are millions of courses. And yes, many are expensive. But there are also free ones. For example, take a look at EDX. There are hundreds of courses of all levels. In some, you have to pay to get the certification, but it is usually a small amount (around $50). 

2. Languages

If there is something on the Internet, it is free language courses. You can learn any language on the planet from your screen. You can learn any language on the earth directly from your screen, sitting in your room, or wherever you want. 

Look at Duolingo, for example, which is available on your smartphone through its user-friendly app.

3. Books

On the Internet, there are thousands of free books. Great literary masterpieces are within your reach without paying anything for them—all works whose copyrights have expired. Seventy years after their death, their jobs become public domain. Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dante, Conan Doyle, Melville, and more.

4. Documentaries

We know that the subject of movies and series on the Internet is controversial. This list wants to show you free resources on the Internet, but above all, that is legal. Documentary producers are usually more inclined to offer their works without payment. They seek more to expand their idea their message than to obtain short-term economic benefits. 

You can find many on YouTube, but the real paradise of documentaries is, precisely, Documentary Heaven. This site offers hundreds of documentaries and also well-produced movies.

5. Gaming

Spending hours in front of the computer playing games is one of the classic activities of the 21st century. But games are often not precisely cheap. Nesbox is an emulator of the most popular 16-bit games. NS, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy games. Platforms of those with thousands of levels. Hours of fun are guaranteed without getting your head hot.

And if you like gambling, one of the best websites is undoubtedly VegasSlotsOnline, where you can play free slots no download both from your computer and from your smartphone.

They offer almost 8,000 free slots, and no registration requires. All you need to do is pick the one you like the look of and start playing. And if one day you decide you want to give real money slots a try on this website, you have a lot of safe and funny options. 

6. Music

Music is one of the most frequent content on the Internet. Beyond the streaming platforms, such as Spotify, where you have to pay to access a decent service, there are other sites where you can listen to music completely free. The most famous is undoubtedly Jamendo. It is a community built around music. 

7. Therapy

With apologies to the experts, many of you know that therapy is often about talking. So you have someone to tell you what’s going on with you and have them listen to you. That’s what you can do at 7 Cups of Tea. This website offers a large number of “listeners“—people who are on the other side to hear or read what is going on with you. So you can externalize your emotions, fears, or hopes. And in this way, you feel better. And if you still can’t get that problem out of your head or see the matter differently, it offers contact with professionals.

8. Alerts

Depending on the speed you go every day, you have the feeling that you are missing many things. What’s more, you indeed suffer from the impression that you forget something, that work is piling up, and that you don’t have time to do everything you want. This website can help you. It’s called IFTTT (“If this, then that”). It’s a collection of applets. An applet is a piece of an application or mobile app that executes a predefined command.

For example, always give you the weather in your area, set alarms for meetings half an hour before, and tell you how long it will take you to get to the office. 

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