Fantasy football waiver wire for NFL Week 8

Fantasy football waiver wire for NFL Week 8
Fantasy football waiver wire for NFL Week 8

27. October 2020

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It is often said that in fantasy football is the hardest position to run backwards. This year it was tested, as the top two ladies (Christian McCaffrey and Sakvon Barkley) have played a total of four games this season, and this week it was tested even more. In the past seven days, a handful of injuries to the upper back have surfaced, putting them on a fantastic radar screen.

And that’s what our attention will be focused on today: the largest series of consecutive replacements we’ve had this season in one week. Here’s the 8. ESPN Fantasy Disclaimer week with a note.

Pay attention: All players in this column are available in at least 50% of the leagues on

Eight weeks: Cardinals of Arizona, Jaguar Jacksonville, Houston, Texas, Washington football team.

Carlos Hyde, RB, Seattle Sychaux (5.0%): Chris Carson is currently struggling with a sprain of the metatarsal so he lost his foot early in round 7. week and let Hyde play a bigger role. He delivered with 15 carries of 68 yards and points, plus three total catches. Although Hyde doesn’t have the same level of explosive players, he’s used to heavy loads; he’s from 1000 yards of Houston’s season and needs to be equipped to handle 20 shots in every game Carson misses. Hyde is an important addition.

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Giovanni Bernard, RB, Cincinnati Bengal (48.5%) : When Joe Mixon left the match because of an injury, Bernard fell out with 20,6 points, treated 13, got five traps and added the score. Mixon didn’t train last week, which could mean he hasn’t felt so good since week eight. Bernard is the best of the 20 to the return of Mixon, and he’s a must.

JaMycal Hasty, RB, San Francisco 49ers (3.5%) : With the news that Jeff Wilson Jr. is on his way to the injury reserve, Hasty has a very good chance to establish himself as a short-term starter for the 49th, which is essentially in 7th place for Jericho McKinnon after the heavy workload of the previous weeks. Hasty had a big camp, and no one’s better than Kyle Shanahan. He should play in any league.

Jamal Williams, RB, Green Bay Packers (45.4%) : While Aaron Jones will probably be back in week 8, Williams will be a great option if Jones (calf) can’t make it. As he reminded us in round 7, Williams is one of the best in the NFL without a first place. Place, with 19 transports and four traps corresponding to the result. A quality addition, at least as an important hideout on your couch, with the potential to be an invaluable part of your list.

Sterling Shepard, WR, New York Giants (36.2%) : Shepherd was much appreciated after spending four weeks in a trauma center, but when he returned to the field in week seven, he reminded us how capable he was. This season, he played two full games, set six traps in each of those two games, and in every game he’s played since the 19th century, he’s had great success. He has scored at least six goals since the second round of the season (with the exception of this season’s second round, when he was eliminated prematurely due to an injury). It’s an enrichment for all competitions.

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Joe Barrow, QB, Cincinnati Bengal (49.5%): In a year in which we preached the importance of a second quarterback because of the weekly ability to rearrange or change the game, Barrow should be represented in the standings of more than 50% of the leagues. He has made three attempts this season with at least 20 points and comes out of the best game of his young NFL career. He leads the NFL in try-outs and ends up third in passing as the Bengals are forced to throw the ball from the start. It’s so good and happy to look at it.

Cole Beasley, WR, Buffalo Bills (39.3%) : If I told you that a player with 90 strikes, 1075 seasons, you’d tell me that’s the type of player you want on your list, wouldn’t you? Well, that’s good news: Beesly is coming up to speed this season, after his sixth straight game with at least 10 nice points, with only about 90 traps and 1075 moves. Despite not being a massive touchdown, Beesley catches the ball in the pile, and quarterback Josh Allen has gotten much better this season.

La’Mikal Perin, RB, New York Jets (11.1%) : The Jets are beginning to prefer Perina, despite the idiosyncratic role of Frank Gore, who will never completely disappear. But as the season progresses, the Jets will be eager to continue developing their fourth-round rookie lineup. Perin showed a good performance in week 7 with 11 catches (the same as Gore) for 39 yards and a touchdown, which added some catches on three targets. This is a potentially flexible option as the load increases.

Tevin Coleman, RB, San Francisco 49ers (20.8%): Although we also have JaMycal Hasty in this column, it should be noted that Coleman has a chance to return to the lineup on Sunday after spending time with an injury camp. Coleman has been an ineffective runner this season, but he is the experienced backfielder and, thanks to Kyle Shanahan, a reliable runner. It has been a useful and fantastic asset on many occasions and should be added again.

Wayne Gellman, RB, New York Giants (0.7%) : After Devonta Freeman (ankle) won the race in the 7th minute. After leaving the first round earlier than expected, Gullman was forced to take active measures in favour of the G-men. There is no concrete indication that Freeman will be available in week 8, but if he is, Gellman seems to be the next person in the back field of the Giants. He is a skilled pass-catcher and a runner who is explosive enough to earn attention in a corner.

Brandon Iyuk, WR, San Francisco 49ers (20.7%) : Ayuk’s talent is already clear… …he can run! Together with the way Coach Kyle Shanahan creatively draws players from his force, the future looks bright. Unfortunately, Dibo Samuel suffered another hamstring injury in San Francisco. Although his absence at the beginning of the season didn’t bode well for Ayuk, he should get more involved if Samuel misses races this time because the rookie feels more comfortable and is more familiar with the attack.

Scotty Miller, WR, Tampa Bay bookrunners (8.6%): Although it is a one-week option with Antonio Brown, who is eligible to play in week nine, Miller came out of the best game of his season and Chris Godwyn came out in week eight after breaking his finger. Miller isn’t just a niche player in Tampa Bay, he’s been packing for seven weeks to be captured by Tom Brady. Potential WR4 high class or WR3 low class this week.

Rushard Higgins, WR, Cleveland Browns (0.2%) : Da Odell Beckham Jr. (ACL) is expected to miss the rest of the season, Higgins will take on an expanded role. In week 7, he took the opportunity to meet his six 110-meter goals and sees himself as a busy man on his way to the future. Cleveland has long appreciated the raw talent of Higgins, who is lucky enough to live without Beckham. It is a supplement and a shelter for those seeking general help.

Harrison Bryant, TE, Cleveland Brownes (0.7%) : It’s unclear how much time Austin Hooper will miss after his appendectomy late last week, and he was three games in a row behind with double-digit scores. His absence meant that Bryant, the winner of the Mackey Award 2019, expected even more of the toughest finish in college football, and he responded to a few touchdown grabs on five goals. He is a good athlete and a man who might need a lot of work when Hooper and Beckham go out in week 8.

Richard Rogers, TE, Philadelphia Eagles (4.0%) : The eagles are in a familiar place, but unfortunately have to find a replacement for their stars, including the small sides of Zack Ertz and Dallas Gödert, who are each in a wounded warehouse. Rogers played a lot in week seven and delivered a total of 85 receiving yards on six traps, as he was the only eagle to see the target win in the Giants. This Sunday the Eagles de Rogers may still need it and the best game of the season is within reach: Cowboys.

Brands Callaway, WR, Saint of New Orleans (0.1%) : In week 7, while Emmanuelle Sanders was on the reserve list, the saints were cut on a wide receiver, while Michael Thomas is still not sure if he can play in week 8 because of a hamstring injury. Callai is a free agent from Tennessee, untrained… … …got back on his feet with eight catches at over 200 feet. Neither Thomas nor Sanders think they’ll be long gone, but keep an eye on Callaway if you need a last-minute replacement in the deep end.

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