Here’s Everything You Missed in “The Book of Reunification: Chapter One: Revelations”

The Book of Reunification is the first of a trilogy of books inspired by the history of Europe, but this first volume is all about the ancient history. You’re introduced to the many races, nations, and tribes that once called Europe home, from the ancient Greeks to the nomadic Scythians and Cimmerians, the Celts and the Germanic tribes, and the mysterious Hyperboreans.

The Book of Reunification has been making headlines again. The first chapter, Revelations, is the story of the seven angels gathered before God. The second chapter, Transfigurations, is the story of God turning the Earth into the new Eden. But the third chapter, with a title that some are calling blasphemous, is an interpretation of a story from ancient times.

A year after Black Lightning and the Pierce family defeated the Marks and the A.S.A., things don’t go well. Freeland is not just about fighting crime and violence, and Pearce struggles with the grief and trauma of his experiences. Last week, however, things got even worse for the family. While Tobias Whale (Marvin Crondon Jones III) continued with his plan to take out Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), Lynn Pierce (Kristin Adams) was behind bars and the metahumans of Team Black Lightning were powerless.

It’s a position that puts Tobias at the top, and things will get worse rather than better, and we’ll find out this week how bad. Want to know all the important details and stories from this week’s episode of Black Lightning? We’ll take care of you. All the major plot points of the book Reunion are listed here: Chapter 1: Revelations. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode after this point. Only read on if you really want to know.

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Jen falls sharply to the ground, but the force field that is part of her new uniform prevents her from falling backwards. TC discovers that all metahumans have lost their powers. Black Lightning’s fight with Ishmael continues, and with Black Lightning helpless, the assassin almost wins, but Gumby activates the suit’s stealth mode so he can escape. Grace pushes Anissa out of the way of the car, which arrives just in time.

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Anissa and Grace search Darius’ apartment for the data he has collected and find what they are looking for. Everyone gathers in the Sanctum, searching for answers. Detective Shakur calls Jefferson and informs him of Lynn’s arrest. In the message, Shakur tells Jefferson that he trusts Henderson’s judgment, and he allows Jefferson to spend a few minutes with Lynn. Lynn is horrified because the allegations against her are terrible. Jefferson tells him that they have lost their powers. His lawyer, an old friend who is also very dear to him, comes to the rescue. Jefferson needs to go, and fast.

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J.J.’s going to visit Anissa and Grace. JJ struggles with the fact that she no longer has her powers. In Tobias’ crypt, the machine continues to work, and it turns out that there is a bracelet that prevents the extinction effect. Tobias is ready for the next phase of the plan. Jefferson’s bringing everyone up to speed on Lynn. Anissa says Lynn called her and she called Keith, the lawyer. Anissa also paid Lynn’s $3 million bail. JJ is obsessed with getting her powers back. TK asked Filky to transcribe the reports for Anissa. Khalil takes the register and goes into stun mode as security arrives. He takes the cash register.

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Lynn is released from prison with an electronic bracelet. But there are tensions because Keith is Lynn’s ex-boyfriend. TC comes to Anissa with the data and discovers that the cystic fibrosis treatment was a cover to collect metagenes, and with a little extrapolation they realize that Tobias is behind it.

Tobias takes control of Cobra Cartel. Ishmael now works for Tobias too.

Gumby approaches the Pierces and tells them what he has learned. Lynn realizes that Tobias used Val to get his research, and Gumby realizes that Tobias has the transmitter.

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JJ decides to electrocute himself to activate his powers. She loses consciousness for a while, but it works. She’s getting stronger, but she needs more energy. J.J. decides to go back into the ionosphere to recharge.

In the ionosphere, J.J. conducts an unusual experiment with particles, but he manages to return to Earth. But the energy remains in the air.

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Lauren confronts Gumby at his house for stealing Prometheus. She accuses him of stealing the transmitter, the device. He tells her that he doesn’t know who took it, but that he will definitely find out.

Using the ledger, Khalil discovers that Luker is important to Tobias and is paid by him.

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Tobias receives a package that emits a blue light and teleports him (digitally) to a meeting, where he reports to a group of other people whom he tries to impress and interact with, though he is disappointed with the result.


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