Some Unique Items That Can Be Presented As Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated in style and birthday gifts are a must! Organizing a party for the birthday person and bringing home a perfect cake through Cake Delivery in Faridabad or wherever the party is, is a good thing. But not surprising, the birthday person with gifts isn’t suggested. So, here we are mentioning some cool and unique gift ideas that you may not have thought about.

  1. Good Vibes Wooden Hanging: Let the birthday person start his/her everyday start with good vibes only. Gift a small and cute wooden hanging with a text that reads ‘Good Vibes Only.
  2. Personalized Sleeping Eye Mask: Having proper rest every day while your sleep is a must to have good health and to be filled with enough energy for the next day. You can choose to surprise the person by giving them a personalized sleeping eye mask. 
  3. Customized Coffee Travel Mug: Presenting coffee mugs is common, but a mug that lets a person have his/her favourite while travelling is something different. And when you choose to get that travel mug customied with the person’s name, it gets better at surprising. 
  4. A Mobile Stand: People love having expensive mobile phones these days but caring for the phones has become a bigger task. Putting the mobile phones on different surfaces can hurt the look of the mobile phones, and hence choosing to gift a mobile phone stand sounds like a good idea.
  5. Superhero Theme Rug: Home decor is a thing for sure, and rugs are surely the most underrated things when it comes to decorating homes. If you think that the birthday person is in superheroes, then you can easily go with a superhero theme rug.
  6. Plush Minion Slippers: Wearing cool and quirky slippers is a thing that serves satisfaction over style. And minions are the cartoon characters who are extremely mischievous and humuor. You can make the birthday person smile with a pair of plush minion slippers. 
  7. Customized Pencil Art: Being creative enough is the only way you can think of such ideas; a customized pencil art. The receiver will be more than happy by having something as a birthday present that is unique, attractive and creative. 
  8. Bomb Cake: There is no point in celebration if a birthday passes with a cake! You can be the one to make birthday celebrations complete by picking a Birthday Cake as a gift. But instead of a simple cake, go with the bomb cake. It is actually a cake placed inside a bomb like structure that sweetly blasts to reveal the delicacy. 
  9. A Set Of Bathrobes: What movies have done wrong is stereotyping the bathrobes only for the hotels or for the highly richer section. Agree with us and try gifting a set of bathrobes, and you will be remembered forever. The only thing to keep in mind is to pick bathrobes made of skin-friendly and high-quality fabric.
  10. Classic Camera Pen Holder: No matter what a person does, the use of pens is inseparable from life. But people do not value pen holders the way they deserve. Try gifting a pen holder that looks like a camera. Either it will be a useful thing for the receiver or something to add to the home decor. 
  11. Mor Pankh Print Copper Bottle: Copper bottles have been a hot topic for the last two years because of the harm that plastic causes to the environment and to our bodies. So, you can choose to surprise the person with a copper bottle with having Mor Pankh print. The Mor Pankh looks beautiful and provides a vibe of calmness too.
  12. Plantable Dairy: Yup! That’s right! We are suggesting you a dairy that can be planted after use. There are companies making papers that include seeds in minor particles, and the papers are made from recycled materials. With your gifting gesture, the receiver will be having something cool and will add his/her bit to better the earth.

Poker Set: A friendly poker match isn’t a bad thing! Playing board games lets the family spend some quality time together. When you choose to gift a poker set, you are choosing to provide the receiver with some fun time with his/her family.

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