5 Non-Traditional Marketing, and How You Can Utilize Them

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Companies are getting more and more creative with their marketing as they seek to weed out their competitors from the market. The more creative the marketing, the more likely the campaign will be successful in bringing in consumers to your business. 

Still, not all marketing campaigns churn positive outcomes as seen with the infamous Pepsico. ad making light of controversial issues in 2017, which was faced with serious backlash. Marketers have the task to think three steps ahead of the market on how consumers would react to campaigns to avoid negative feedback.

Here are 5 non-traditional marketing tactics that you can utilize for your business – regardless of the size:

  • Bottled Water

Bottled purified water surprisingly makes a terrific promotional tool in marketing your business. Label the bottle with your custom logo or branding, and you’re set to get the word out about your business to all audiences. After all, everybody drinks water, and bottled water is a practical, necessary item that the majority of people use daily. 

If you’re worried about the environmental effects of so many plastic bottles, don’t be! There are alternative options like boxed water, or aluminum bottled water that won’t harm the environment. There are reusable water bottles as well, so your consumers can continue to use your branded bottle long after they finish the water inside. 

  • Canva, Wix, and other Apps

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create stunning promotional materials without requiring graphic design skills. Canva contains a vast library of resources you can use to create posters, ads, and other marketing materials to get your business noticed by your audience. 

On the other hand, Wix allows you to create websites for your business, and its easy-to-use interface does not require you to have any web design knowledge. Shopify is another app where you can create your own e-commerce website easily and simply. These sites are affordable, and are perfect for any kind of business!

  • Guided Shop Tours

Nervous about keeping your trade secrets? No worries! Guided shop or factory tours are routed to show only what you want to show to the public. You don’t need to present your trade secrets at all! Even small shops can have guided tours for consumers to see how your products are made, and in the process are inclined to purchase your products. 

  • Snarky Tweets and Comments

Viral tweets are tricky marketing tools, but they can positively impact your business when done properly. These are often done by social media managers who are well-versed in giving snarky replies, tweets, and comments as customer engagement, without offending clients.

Take the example of Wendy’s Twitter account, which had gone viral a couple of years back for their snarky comments against competitors McDonald’s, and Burger King. Consumers loved the sarcastic comments left by Wendy’s and were more likely to keep the brand in mind the next time they craved for burgers. 

  • Educational Seminars

This type of marketing is most useful for businesses that have new, niche, or technological products that not a lot of people know about. With education seminars, you can fully explain to your audience what your products or services are, and how they can benefit from them. You will most likely find out you have a ton of potential customers who just didn’t know your products.

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