Tips for Increasing Google Reviews by surveying

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More than 90 per cent of customers rely heavily on reviews and ratings when making purchase decisions. Increase Reviews for your Google Shopping ads will increase buyers’ confidence in the quality of your services. As well as your CTRs, and lower your average CPC and cost per conversion.

Given the huge impact Sales, Reviews can have on your listings; this article will look at different tactics marketers can employ to increase the number of satisfied customers who leave reviews.

Ways to Increase Google Reviews:-

The best way to optimize your chances of having a sales review on your Google Shopping ads is to be proactive and take steps to increase customer reviews’ likelihood.

Offer Great Service:-

Striving to ensure a great experience for your customers is the most important “optimization” tactic you can work on it.

Customer reviews are usually based on the quality of service, so make sure you live up to expectations:

  • Ship your products quickly.
  • Don’t charge high shipping fees.
  • Respond quickly to inquiries.
  • Accurately describe your products.

Correct Merchant Details:-

Keeping the information in your Google Merchant Center up-to-date is important because incorrect data can lead to reviews that aren’t attributed to your business.

Make sure this information also matches the information in the review source. In particular, check the name of your store and your website’s domain name.

Respond Positively To Bad Reviews:-

Bad reviews are never pretty, but you should see them as an opportunity for your business. First, you should address this by responding to the criticism and apologizing for the poor experience. Next, express your desire to investigate the cause of this poor review, and then ask the customer to contact you through a private method, such as email.

Please do not include your company name or search keywords in your response when responding to comments. If you think you’ve successfully resolved the situation and the customer is happy, you could ask them to consider changing their review. For example, they could post an update or a new review.

Respond To Good Reviews:-

While it’s essential to respond to negative reviews, thanking satisfied customers for their positive reviews shows that you care about them. Engage with them by thanking them and using your business name, city, or relevant search keywords in your response. Invite customers to repeat their purchase and the next time they order again, add a personal touch to their order.

Ask For Reviews:-

It is well-known that customers are more inclined to leave a review after a negative experience. Twenty-six customers with a positive experience will remain silent for every customer who complains. Feedback from satisfied customers is invaluable, so why not ask your customers to leave a review for you and give them a link where they can do so? Why stand still and do nothing about it?

The best practice for asking customers to leave feedback is to email the customer once you have confirmation that their order was delivered from the shipping service.

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