Steph Curry says young Golden State Warriors shouldn’t feel pressure of seasons past

Now that the Golden State Warriors have failed in each of their first two games of the season, star-grosser Stephen Curry wants his young team to stay at the top as the group tries to find its way.

This year is different, Curry said after losing his team of 138-99 to the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday when he was asked what his message would be for his young teammates. And don’t feel any pressure on the Warriors’ teams in the past. Of course we had the DNA of a championship and we understand that there are expectations around our organization and that’s what we want. But this year it’s different. It’s a new group of guys. We would like Klay [Thompson] to be better in these last two games, but that’s not going to determine our season. Win the next two and it’s 2-2. That’s what you need to focus on now. Stay with him, stay calm. Take responsibility for the mistakes we make as a group and keep trying to improve. I think that, in the end, all we have to do is make sure that our efforts and our competitiveness are there, and that will help us to tackle these initial difficulties.

The growing pains of the Warriors are clear after the losses suffered by the Brooklyn Nets and the Bucks. Together they look insecure on the field, and there have been problems in most aspects of the game. Asked about the offensive approach, Curry said he wasn’t sure where to concentrate.


I don’t know, Curry said. We just need to focus a little more on what we really want to do. I think if things don’t go your way and you don’t hit, you tend to push and push and not think. So our group’s collective IQ should improve in those times when you don’t shoot and try to get easy buckets – working together to create a good look. And it will come in time. We only need to understand and recognize when those moments are when we can let go of the rope a little.

For Curry and the Warriors, it soon became clear that without Thompson, who was out for the second time this season (this time because of an Achilles tendon injury), new winger Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre Jr. It was hard to get the pictures right. They hit 14 of the 58 of the field and 2 of the 21 of the 3-point line to start the season.

It’s always difficult to adapt to a new team, says Warriors coach Steve Kerr. That’s the way it is in this competition. New terminology, new style of play, new teammates. Only two games. We played against two of the best teams in the league. We found no rhythm in the game. Over time, it will falter. Kelly’s gonna be okay. Andrew’s gonna be okay. These guys are confirmed players in this league. I need to put them in a better position so they’re just as comfortable.

Curry remains optimistic about the Warriors’ ability to turn the tide quickly, especially with the expected return of Draymond Green to the team on Sunday against the Chicago Bulls, after the former striker missed the last two games due to a foot injury. But Curry knows it’s hard for all team members to adapt to the new expectations, even veterans who are used to early successes.

We said it would be [in season], Curry said. We’ve been through everything as a team and this core. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon, but we knew it would be a long process, a long road. And this team can look completely different in two weeks, in a month, and all you have to do is hold the ship and keep the conversation going, so we’ll always be there.

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