NFL owners approve playoff, diversity measures

NFL owners have begun considering the possibility that their 2020 regular season may be interrupted by the cancellation of KOVID-19, one of many developments with a two-hour video conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Later in the conference call, Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that the league plans to close the entire regular season with a scheduled interval of 17 weeks. But after the latest COVID 19 test report on the league showed a strong increase in confirmed cases, Gudell acknowledged the importance of identifying an alternative by the end of the season, if not all teams play 16 games.

If that happens, the league will expand its off-season from 14 to 16 teams, equally divided between the AFC and NFC. It was not possible to know immediately how many games had to be cancelled for the 16 team braces to be applied.


Today’s resolution is part of our contingency plan if necessary, Mr Goodell said.

Tuesday’s news coincided with the publication of the report on the COVID-19 tests, which revealed an increase in the number of cases throughout the country. A total of 56 employees, including 15 players and 41 employees, returned from the 1st to the 7th round. November with confirmed positive test results. This is more than double of any other period (26 September, 27 September to 3 October), a period that was responsible for most of the performance of the Tennessee Titans, necessitating many changes in the season schedule of the first division.

Since then, the NFL has been able to keep its games on time, with the decision to isolate all close contacts at risk for five days. But the referees of the league make plans in case of cancellations in the future, also for the 16th playing field of the league.

Following last summer’s decision not to work in a bubble environment, the NFL focused on preventing the spread of unavoidable infections. Their chief medical officer, Dr. Allen Sills, said Tuesday that the work was harder to do in the context of a growing community, but noted that some of the 41 employees are front-office personnel who have no contact with the players or coaches.

For seven consecutive days, more than 100,000 cases of COVID-19 contamination were reported nationwide.

In the meantime, the owners have completed a ten-month discussion to increase the likelihood that minority teams will seek, assess and recruit minority candidates for management and board positions. They approved the allocation of drawings to teams when one of their coaches or minority staff was hired as head coach or director.

In the spring, they briefly revised a plan to reward teams that have hired staff. Finally, they decided to encourage the expansion of the pool of candidates. In the third round, teams receive two projects if one of their organisations is hired or promoted to the position of Head Coach or General Manager.

Since the 2020 season, the NFL has four main coaches of minorities and two general directors of minorities.

It just adds to the general collection of what we are doing, said Troy Vincent, NFL executive vice president of football operations, in an effort to try to increase mobility, especially among black and female coaches and on the coaching and GM front. I’m curious what the low season for the recruitment cycle will bring.

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