25 Topics For Students To Write About

Writing an essay can be a very stressful time for college and university students because of the pressure they feel to create high-quality papers. Tutors feel the pressure too when they are grading them and offering constructive criticism. Many students do find coming up with a topic and eventually writing a challenge however those who are struggling often ask themselves  “Are there services that can write papers for you?”. 

There are so many services out there that are available around the clock to help students but before going into the 25 topics for students to write about, it is important to highlight the guidelines for choosing a great topic

Topic Choosing Guidelines

While in many cases, students are given a topic to work on by their tutors but in scenarios when a topic is not provided, below are a few points a student needs to be aware of.

  • Pick a topic to suit the assignment length 

When it comes to picking a topic, a student has to make sure that their topic is not too broad and has a lot of information out there. If a student makes the mistake of picking a topic that is way too broad, it can be hard to find information and if there is too much information, narrowing down what is needed for the easy can be time-consuming. The topic that is picked needs to suit the word count given by tutors so that quality is prioritized over quantity.

  • Topics that challenge students to analyze and discuss should be prioritized 

Professional writing services always say that most students are always tempted to pick a topic that requires them to summarize instead of analyzing and discussing. The topic that a student chooses gives them the ability to gather enough information to analyze and make valid points based on the research on their essay. Any chosen topic has to lead to an incredible thesis as it lets readers know what to expect in the essay.

  • Students need to pick topics that interest them 

If a student doesn’t care about advertising, there is no need to pick such a topic because it will just be a waste of time and energy. Legit paper writing services always tell students to refer to their lecture notes if they have to and pick a topic they are passionate about. Picking a topic a student is comfortable with means they will have a lot to say on that matter. The reader will become more invested in the topic especially if they know that the writer, which in this case is a student, enjoys it.

  • Students need to pick a topic that has information 

Online writing services say that there is no point in picking a topic that has no information on it. A topic that lacks information is a massive red flag and should be avoided at all costs. An amazing topic will have plenty of secondary data which comes from the internet, books, articles, blogs, and more. If primary data is needed, that should be easily collected too through things like interviews, surveys, questionnaires, observations, and more.

  • Students shouldn’t be afraid to make changes on a topic they picked 

Tutors for many years often say that they rather students write a good quality essay rather than produce pages of a poorly written paper. To come up with a good topic, students can talk about ideas with their family members, classmates, and academic writing services.

  1. Tourism is something that is seen as very important to some of the poorest countries in the world. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of tourism to some underdeveloped countries in the world.
  2. Visualize yourself as a tutor at one of the top colleges and universities in the world charged with teaching a new topic. Discuss how you would get students onside to embrace the new subject.
  3. Are sports athletes overpaid compared to other professions like doctors?
  4. Should college and university tutors have a dress code or wear outfits of their choice?
  5. The invention has nuclear weapons changed how countries view each other. Are these weapons a threat?
  6. Should male and female students be in separate classes?
  7. The death penalty is something that divides opinions. Some people are not fans of it while some are in favor of it. Should the death penalty be brought back in the UK?
  8. Should experiments on animals be stopped?
  9. Should the age of consent be changed?
  10. Imagine yourself a world leader, and you can do anything you want. Explain what changes you bring to the world.
  11. Should student physical textbooks be replaced by digital devices that can store books digitally?
  12. Should high school students be allowed to use mobile phones during lessons?
  13. Should some of the richest countries in the world be required to share some of their fortunes with some of the poorest countries in the world?
  14. Is space travel worth investing in?
  15. How important is the fashion industry?
  16. Have we reached a point where we are too dependent on smart devices like our mobile phones and computer devices?
  17. If you bring someone from the past for a sit-down interview, who would it be and why?
  18. Should the voting age be changed to allow more youths to vote?
  19. Should fatty snacks and junk food be taxed the same way alcohol and cigarettes are.
  20. Should countries all over the world do more to protect some of their endangered species for the future generation?
  21. What are the things that make a movie enjoyable?
  22. How important is it to teach children how to do tasks or chores?
  23. Should university and college students be allowed to give their opinion on their tutors?
  24. What more should be done to protect some of the world’s forests?
  25. There are so many high-level positions being held by men, should government officials do more to put women in positions of power too.

Final Thoughts 

When students are in their first year of college or university, they will be given topics by their tutors to work on as pointed out earlier. As they progress through their studies, they will be required to come up with a topic of their own and on top of highlighting a few topic examples, this article has provided some handy tips on how a student can choose a top. It is also worth noting that students struggling with a tip can contact a professional essay writing service for help.

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