Why Taking a Boating Safety Course Is Beneficial?

Boating Safety Course

Just as teenagers across the country take the time to learn the rules of the road before getting behind the wheel of a car, it’s important to learn how to boat properly too. There are certain things that just can’t be winged on the fly. That’s where boating safety courses come into play. While it’s great to jump on the water and test things out on your own, it’s also good to sit down and read the essentials. It’s all about getting down both the logistics of boating and the first hand experience of driving one.

While Newport Beach Boat Insurance will protect you during the worst case scenario, it’s important to try and learn of ways to prevent or handle those situations properly. These are the benefits of taking a boating course.

Why Boating Safety Education is Important

Not taking these vital courses means that you’re missing out on crucial information that could prevent injuries or property damage. If you want everyone out on the water to stay safe while boating with you, then these courses are essential. Boating safety education can teach you how to operate the boat, boat etiquette and the rules of the waterway. You can’t just take any course though; always make sure it’s an approved boating course first. As an added bonus, many insurers will give you a discount on your boat insurance rates if you can provide proof of having completed a boating safety course.

It’s important to keep in mind that as of Jan. 1, 2018, all young boaters in the state of California are required to participate in a boating safety education course. However, each state has its own individual requirements (or may not require a boating education course at all), so if you plan to boat out-of-state, make sure you check the laws first. If the state that you are planning on boating in does not require a boating education course, you should still make sure that you have an understanding of safe boating habits before entering the water.

The Benefits of Boating Safety Education Courses

Being able to boat properly and safely is essential for the health of you, your crew and your boat. It’ll make things go by easier, faster and smoother. If you’re new to boating, taking this course can be vital. It’s the quickest way to be prepared on the water. It can save lives. 85 percent of boating fatalities occur with those that have not taken a boating course in Florida alone. That’s a lot of trouble that could’ve been prevented. In fact, most states require boaters to take the course before jumping in anyways.

On top of being safer, taking the course can save you money. Many insurance companies offer discounts for those who take the boating safety education course through somewhere that’s accredited. If you’re wondering if you can get a discount through your Newport Beach boat insurance, contact a local agent.

Don’t let yourself be a liability to others and take care of your prized possessions by learning about the ins and outs of boating.

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