Multiplication Chart and its Significance

Most of us have learned the multiplication tables with the help of multiplication charts, generally from 1’s table to the 10’s table. Our parents laid special emphasis and made sure that these tables became the word of our mouth. Have you ever wondered why they paid so much attention to these multiplication charts? The answer is quite simple. Multiplication charts make our learning easy. It is imperative during the course of our childhood, that we hold a strong grasp on the multiplication tables so that it pays off well afterward in our higher classes. Concepts of mathematics that include multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, square roots, and so on take the help of multiplication tables. The multiplication charts make sure that we learn various tables effortlessly.

What Do You Mean By Multiplication Chart?

Multiplication charts are a form of presentation of multiplication tables in a chart format so that it becomes easy for students to learn various multiplication tables. The most common multiplication tables that we learn with the help of charts range from the table of 2 to the table of 10.

Significance of Multiplication Charts

  • Tabular format of presentation or the chart form of presentation is one of the easiest to understand and learn. Thus, multiplication charts make learning multiplication tables very convenient and easy.
  • Multiplication charts are extremely important in building the base of multiplication.
  • Students who have a stronghold of the multiplication charts tend to understand advanced concepts of fractions, decimals, exponents, logarithms, and so on more easily.
  • Multiplication charts help students in learning multiplication tables by heart which further can be very useful while solving sums of multiplication and division. Without a good hold of multiplication tables, students may take a lot of additional time in solving practical questions.

Tips and Tricks to Learn Multiplication Tables Using Multiplication Charts

The retention of multiplication tables can be a bit problematic for you initially. Do not worry. Follow the tips and tricks given below for the efficient retention of multiplication tables.

  • Learn by Writing: Writing down multiplication tables by making multiplication charts is one of the best ways to retain the tables. Make sure that you write down the table that you want to learn every day until it gets imbibed in your head.
  • Make Big Charts and Paste it in Your Studying Room: Visualization helps in the retention of various things effectively and efficiently. You can prepare multiplication charts starting from the table to two to the table of twenty in a big chart paper and paste it in your studying room. Make a habit of revisiting the chart again and again until you have a very strong hold of all the multiplication tables.
  • Practice by Solving Sums of Multiplication: Once you gain confidence, start solving various sums of multiplication. You can start from one-digit multiplication problems initially and then move forward towards two digits, three digits, and so on. This will ensure that you master the multiplication tables.

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