Three Saints takeaways from ugly Week 12 loss to Bills on Thanksgiving

The Saints lost a tough one on Thanksgiving against the Bills, but apparently it was quite an eventful day for fans. Here are three things to know about what happened in Buffalo after the game.

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The New Orleans Saints and the Buffalo Bills faced up on Thanksgiving night in 2021 in a game that looked to be a must-win for both clubs. Because the Bills were tied for first place in the AFC East with the New England Patriots, they couldn’t afford to make any errors, and the Saints couldn’t afford to lose for the fourth time in a row.

However, something had to give, and in the end, it was the Bills who emerged victorious, 31-6. Week 12 for the Saints finished with a defeat with the squad seeking for answers in more ways than one. From a Saints standpoint, here are three takeaways from Thursday night’s Saints-Bills game: one good, one poor, and one ugly.

Takeaways from Week 12 for the Saints

3. The defense performed well in the first half (good)

The Bills quarterback Josh Allen was targeted by the New Orleans defense throughout the game, but especially in the first half, when they were able to force him into two interceptions and just one score. The defense had done its job at that time, but the offense had failed to score even a field goal. The Bills were up 10-0 at halftime, and the New Orleans defense had to be frustrated– if it was, it showed in the way they played in the second half.

The Saints’ defense had to feel it as it became clear to everyone in the arena and at home that Trevor Siemian was likely to start his final NFL game– at least for the time being. Allen scorched them for three touchdowns after the half, and the huge QB only had one more incompletion (five) than touchdown throws (four). What a way to change the script from one half to the other!

2. Tony Jones is simply a regular person (bad)

It was predicted that when running back Alvin Kamara went down and a supposedly washed-up Mark Ingram jumped into fantasy football relevance, the same would be true when Tony Jones stepped in. This week, both Kamara and Ingram were forced to sit out on Thursday night due to injury.

Jones, on the other hand, did not impress during his time with the first team, averaging just 1.7 yards per carry on sixteen rushes. Jones’ longest run was 11 yards, and he didn’t grab a pass out of the backfield either. Saints fans and fantasy football managers alike will be hopeful that Kamara and/or Ingram will be available for New Orleans’ next game on December 2, a Thursday night matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

1. A new quarterback is required (ugly)

Siemian was dreadful, and Sean Payton’s expression throughout the game was a clear indication that things have changed at quarterback. Taysom Hill, the Saints’ backup quarterback/tight end/utility player, was granted a complicated contract last week that not only depends on whatever position he plays, but also contains opt-out clauses for the Saints after each year. However, since the agreement pays at least $10 million per year, the Saints will be eager to get the most out of him as quarterback.

This is due to the fact that the finest quarterbacks earn much more than 10 million dollars every year. So, if the Saints can utilize the rest of the season to decide whether Hill is the team’s future quarterback, they will not only save a premium draft selection that would otherwise be spent on a future quarterback, but they will also be able to spend that money elsewhere.






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