Fighting My Way Through the MCU

Marvel has a new film out, and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen one of their movies. I’m going to walk you through the movie, and tell you what happened in each scene.

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Jameela Jamil (Orphan Black) and Tatiana Maslany (She-Hulk) have joined the cast of She-Hulk, and she’s not wasting any time getting in shape to dish out some real butt-kicking. “I can’t believe I get to say this but… Fighting my way through the MCU, coming to you in 2022!” she captioned her training video, which was set to the tune of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” It showed punches and her roundhouse skills, with the title card reading, “I can’t believe I get to say this but… Fighting my way through the MCU, coming to you in 2022!”

Jameela Jamil went on to say in an Instagram post, “AHHH!!! WHAT IS GOING ON??? This is by far the silliest video I’ve ever created. I’m ecstatic!”

Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox, is said to be returning in a She-Hulk Disney+ series.

Titania, “a Marvel supervillain with tremendous power and a frequent adversary of She-Hulk,” will be played by Jamil. Tatiana Maslany, well known for her role in Orphan Black, plays Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin and a smart lawyer with some of her cousin’s abilities due to an emergency blood transfusion.

Unlike the Hulk’s unpredictable changes, Jennifer Walters’ transition into She-Hulk leaves her with her intellect and emotional control intact. When her anger gets uncontrolled, though, it enhances her power, making it impossible for her to fulfill her responsibilities as a lawyer for superhumans in court.

Amelia will be played by Renée Elise Goldsberry (Girls5eva, Hamilton), while Jennifer’s closest friend will be played by Ginger Gonzaga (I’m Dying Up Here). In addition, Mark Ruffalo will reprise his role as The Hulk, while Tim Roth will reprise his role as The Abomination in The Hulk.

Titania (Mary MacPherran), a supervillain debuted in the 1984 crossover limited series ‘Secret Wars,’ is played by Jameela Jamil. Titania has subsequently been a competitor of She-Hulk, as well as a member of the Masters of Evil and the Frightful Four in various forms. She has evolved into more of an anti-hero in recent years.

Mary MacPherran, by the way, is the name of a real-life Marvel production assistant who was asked by Jim Shooter whether naming a character after her was okay. Shooter published a picture of a group of Marvel employees on his blog in 2011, with a comment identifying the actual MacPherran.

Mary MacPherran photo

Shooter stated of MacPherran in a remark, “Mary Mac, who was a willowy young lady who became uber-robust and Hulk-level strong, was a smidgeon of the foundation for Titania, who was a willowy young woman who became uber-robust and Hulk-level strong. If MM was bothered by the fact that I had a strong bad-girl who was inspired by her and made the nod in her direction, she never said anything about it. Volcana, on the other hand, was a little Mary Jo Duffy in her core. It was something we used to do. I’m sure the creators would be sued now.”

She-Hulk will be a half-hour legal comedy with 10 episodes, rather than the typical hour-long format, according to Kevin Feige. She-Hulk is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

GAH! I’ve reached the pinnacle of hilarity. #Marvel#MCU#SheHulk#AnythingIsPossible

July 16, 2021 — Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamil)

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