How will the transfer window pan out for up for sale Chelsea FC?

The transfer window is always a crazy time for football teams and football fans with there always being high expectations for teams to sign some of the biggest names in world football. The recent transfer windows have been successful with a lot of big named players making the move to different clubs around the world. Many football fans will be placing their bets on transfers just as gamblers do at independent UK casinos that provide more options for betters to choose from.

The summer windows

During recent transfer windows, we have seen some big named players making the moves to different football clubs as well as some big named managers also moving clubs to being sacked by their previous employers. The most recent winter window was a quiet one to most football clubs around the world with Newcastle United looking to have conducted the most business with them spending over 100m on new signings to help improve their squads.

This summer’s transfer window is expected to be a busy one with most clubs having had a quiet winter transfer window. Clubs like Chelsea had a quiet winter transfer window and look set to have a 200m war chest to use during the summer one, which has excited Chelsea fans across the world as they are being linked with some great new and exciting players that could potentially join them during the summer transfer window.

Fair play

Many clubs have received transfer bans for breaking financial fair play rules. Chelsea had a transfer ban for a whole season because of it and clubs such as Manchester City and Barcelona also spent over the budget but did not receive bans. The transfer windows are a complicated time for clubs that now have a budget due to them being used to being allowed to spend what they want.

Each transfer window clubs seem to spend more than they did during previous ones as the clubs get new owners or sponsorship deals that help to increase the amount that they can spend during the transfer windows. There are financial fair play rules put in place by FIFA and other footballing companies to ensure that clubs with more money than others do not sign too many players as it is unfair on teams that have a smaller and lower budget in the league.

It should be clearer now as to why summer transfer windows are exciting and what is to be expected from them.

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