3 ideal landing spots for Evan Turner in NBA free agency


At the age of 31, Evan Turner is still an excellent baseball player and playmaker in the current NBA. Since joining the Philadelphia 76 after being called up for the squad and before improving his stock with the Boston Celtics, Turner has shown that even though he is no longer number one on the wing, he is still able to secure options outside the bench.

His last contract is definitely a thing of the past, because the Portland Trail Blazers will clearly be spending too much money on Turner because of the production in Boston. It is unlikely that he will even remotely see an offer on his crazy four-year $70 million contract, from which he will withdraw. He finished the 2019-20 season with an average of 3.3 points and two assists in 19 games against the Atlanta Hawks after Blazers Trail selected a 10-year veteran to replace him as part of a pay cut.

Based on the recent production of Hawks and Trail Blazers, it is expected that most proposals for the Turner fields will be in the minimum veteran range. However, many teams will be ready to jump on Turner, knowing that his capabilities, both in attack and in defense, will go far beyond what they will eventually pay for.

Although it is likely to receive offers from different teams, here are some teams that could be ideal for free agency gymnasts.

3. Golden State Warriors

Warriors will be the first buyers of veteran bids at low prices once the free agency has started. The area of the bay does not benefit from spending on luxury tourism because of the maximum three contracts they have in Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins. It will also be a test this season in terms of Wiggins’ approach to Curry and Thompson on the field, which means that they can use some of the experience of the veterans if things go wrong.

Although Evan Turner does not pose a genuine threat with an average of 29% of the 3 points of his career, he has a deadly middle class game that is complemented by his skills as a player. After 73 games in the 2018-19 season, he made 46% of his shots and gave 3.9 assists per game. Meanwhile, the Warriors, led by head coach Steve Kerr, rehearsed the tactics they had learned in their many championship races, using underestimated veterans in an open shot.

This decision would also put Turner in direct competition with the Warriors, his first chance to really fight for the title and make a big leap in the playoffs.

2. Boston Celts

Gordon Hayward will record again or not, but the Celts still have a piano problem that needs to be solved, believe it or not. With Jason Tatum, Jalen Brown and Hayward all on the starting block, there’s little talent left on the bench in the front section. But what could be better than returning to the team that helped you climb a star on a big payday and make money?

The best playmaker on the Celtics bench is undoubtedly Markus Smart, who will appreciate having the regulars in their place. In the game against Celtics Turner, there were an average of 10 points per game, five rebounds and five assists for about 27.8 minutes of the night. Due to the lack of Celtic talent at the time, Turner became a guest and often flirted with triple doubles in the night.

Although the Celts generally hate the idea of having former players return often, their card game may be a little shorter in this low season. They have recently signed a brown contract for a rookie extension that will be played this season, while the Hayward option will also be in play. In short, Evan Turner will be a viable option for drawing.

1. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets are always happy to empty the market of veteran-free agents who try to win everything they can in the opposition. Because Paul Millsap is probably on his way up, the nuggets could once again look for supplies for the precious veterans at a fairly low price.

Jamal Murray’s contract with recruit Max will start in the 2020-21 season, which means the money for Nugget’s front office and his ability to sign large, nameless agents will be a bit of a challenge. They are also being asked to retain the services of a valuable free agent, Jerami Grant, who is likely to receive several offers worth between $15 million and $18 million.

If some of their plans (or none of them) go perfectly, expect Turner to be the last refuge for the nuggets as they try to secure their depth at the end of the wing. Turner was able to follow Monte Morris and Will Barton in the garden, which enabled them to score a lot of indoor mid-distance and color scores.

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