2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Switch and Best-Selling Games


The holiday is coming soon! Given the turbulence of the year 2020 as a whole, we all need a lot of festive fun at the best time of year. Whatever you’re celebrating this season, we’re here to give you tips on how to take care of that special player in your life. This is your guide to Christmas gifts for Nintendo’s switchboard.

Why the changeover to the euro?

It’s time for a change. There is no shortage of game platforms, but the Nintendo Switch remains a unique offer for each player. The versatility of Nintendo’s latest systems allows serious gamers and young newcomers to play at home. Nintendo has always been at the forefront of games for the whole family, but that’s not the only change offer.

Change differs from all its competitors in one respect. So far, Nintendo’s flagship system is the only fully portable gaming system. Of course you can take your gamelaptop anywhere, but it would be totally uncomfortable.

If you’re looking for a wide spread of serious family games, simple multiplayer setup, portability, TV compatibility and much more, the Switch is your choice for the 2020 holiday. These are the things you should be careful of.

Go to 2

Before you click on the shopping basket you wish to add to one of the Nintendo Switch packages, make sure it matches. The switch has been given a hardware update that should have a better battery. It is not a monumental difference in equipment, but it is much better to buy a newer model. Make sure the V2 iteration is displayed on the Nintendo Shuffle Switch. It must appear directly on the title of the product in the shop window of the digital store. If you are making the purchase personally, please contact the seller who will help you. I’m sure they want nothing more than to get rid of their old provisions, but make no mistake!

The combination will cost you between 380 and 440 USD, depending on the package. Some consoles come with a free game. So if you find one with the game, you definitely want to take it with you and it’s not a bad idea to choose the package option. But, and I can’t stress this enough, see if you get an iteration of the V2 console. Your child or someone close to you will thank you, believe me.

These are cards.

The Nintendo Switch has an internal memory, but you’ll want to expand it. Most systems require a replacement for the included hard drive, but luckily Nintendo has a simple micro-SD connector for you. Today, game retailers also offer micro-SD cards that are packaged with the purchase of the Nintendo Switch. In case your dealer is one of the few who does not have SD card packages, this is all you need to know. It is best not to skip when you receive a microSD card, because that is where most of your files are sent. If you plan to buy online games, all downloaded files will be downloaded to the micro SD card.

We recommend that you purchase a high quality microSD card from SanDisk. The higher class in this case simply means that files arrive and leave faster than with cheap cards. A 256GB micro SD will cost you about $30-40, while a 512GB model will cost $80-100. Most board games have a switch of about 10 GB each, so you can do a lot of things with 256 GB of memory. If you are more inclined never to think about the limits of memory, then you will spend money on a 512GB model. There are larger versions of microSD cards, but they are completely outdated.


There are as many accessories for your future game console as there are for you. If you plan to turn your new entry into an absolute prize machine, you should definitely get an extra pair of Joy Kones. A brand-new pair of Joy-Cons will cost you about $100 on Amazon. You can also purchase a more traditional wireless controller that Nintendo has designed specifically for its latest system. Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are sold for $70-80. If you have lots of family or friends on the couch, but want extra Joy Cubes, choose Pro Controller if you just want a controller with the best feel.

Don’t forget to transfer a few dollars to protect your precious future console. Different versions of the Nintendo Switch screen protector are available in online stores. Prices for screen protectors range from $6 to $10. For extra protection of your vulnerable screen, you get a tempered glass tread. Please note that the switch is usually a portable slot machine, so it is more sensitive to calls and scratches. Nintendo also offers an official carrier bag for $13 to $20. A console in your own case may seem to overload your daily workload, but it’s worth protecting your device. There are several brands of switchgear and protection equipment for sale. See which one you prefer. Every dealer who is good for something should have a bundle with a selection of protective covers and accessories.


Walking through the switchboard library is a nightmare for the uninitiated. Luckily for you, the console’s five bestsellers offer a nice mix of genres. It’s also better to focus on the games in the first part – the Nintendo games, rather than looking at the gates. Other games can be played on other platforms, so focus on what you can only play on your future game console. Here is a brief overview of the best games on the console.

Interactions with the bestseller

  1. Mario Card 8 Deluxe
  2. Crucifixes : New horizons
  3. Super Smash Brothers. Of course you did.
  4. The legend of Zelda: The breath of the wilderness
  5. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the latest version of Nintendo’s arcade game. Shoot turtle shells and make your way among your friends in this chaotic go-kart. The second place on the list offers a much more relaxed playing rhythm. Crucifixes : New Horizons sees players living in a thriving community with cute anthropomorphic characters. The game includes a set of colorful characters and endless customization options for your character and your home.

If you want to solve the former family problems, it’s time to go to the Super Smash Brothers. Of course you did. The latest arcade fighter crossover shows a large number of fighters from the wild mix of franchises. Have you ever wanted to see Picachu punch Mario? This is your chance. The last two positions on the short list are two different approaches to the genre of adventure role-playing games. The legend of Zelda: The Breath of Wildlife is a great adventure in a collapsing world. This is probably one of the most spectacular RPG sandboxes of lately, and it is supported by fantastic game mechanics. In my opinion, the last entry on the list does not need to be entered. It’s just that the Pokémon series has strayed from its humble Gameboy roots.

Nintendo Switch games generally cost around $60, but some games can be purchased from the Nintendo Game Store. As mentioned earlier, some consoles come with games, so check out this selection if you want to save a few dollars on some games. Prices for physical copies of the game are still around $60, but they are more likely to be discounted, especially on holiday sales. You can also include prepaid Nintendo Game Store Cards in your Nintendo Switch gift pack so that your friends and family can buy their own games.

Special mention: 8BitDo wireless adapter

Here’s something else that makes Nintendo Switch even more special. The 8BitDo Wireless Adapter is a $20 USB stick that allows you to play with most latest generation wireless controllers at the touch of a button. The Nintendo Switch comes with controllers, but sometimes they don’t hit the target. They’re perfect for parties and casual bank games, but if you’re looking for something more stable, you’ll need to buy a Nintendo Pro controller. Lucky for you, dear reader, if you have old wireless controllers lying around your house, you can just take one of these 8BitDo wireless adapters. I used it myself with the PlayStation 4 controller and it works well. Unfortunately there is no audio passage, but motion tracking works well. The adapter must be compatible with Xbox controllers, old Nintendo controllers and some other new 8BitDo products.

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts. I hope this humble guide has helped you choose a new Nintendo switch for your loved ones. It will never go wrong when it comes to the best-selling game console of this generation. Please note that all prices in this guide are subject to change due to holiday sales, so be on the lookout for bargains! Good shopping and good game!

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