What Is IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) Addiction? A Brief Guide

IOPs or Intensive outpatient programs are a type of alternative treatment designed to help people with substance abuse disorders get sober. These programs differ from traditional rehab facilities in that they are designed to give patients the skills they need to maintain sobriety in the long term. The goal of an IOP is not to cure addiction but instead is tailored to each patient’s individual needs and the drug of choice.

In traditional rehab facilities, this is typically a method of treating alcohol or methamphetamine addiction. While IOPs are often the first option, people consider when they want to get help with drug or alcohol addiction, they can be a very effective tool for achieving sobriety. One of the most significant differences between traditional rehab and IOP addiction treatment in NJ is that while in conventional rehab, they often try to make you emotionally detached from your addiction. They believe that you won’t have any cravings if your whole way of thinking is based around not using drugs.

Patients in IOPs, on the other hand, look at their addiction as a part of who they are and something that has to be managed. The following details will cover the three most highly regarded IOP treatment models: abstinence-based, harm reduction, and spiritual programs.

  1. Abstinence-Based –

Abstinence-based programs teach people how to manage their cravings and avoid relapse by following a strict program of eating, exercise, and growth in spirituality. A person’s belief system can be very important at starting an IOP.

  1. Harm Reduction –

These treatment models focus on the individual rather than on the substance they are addicted to. As a result, harm reduction IOPs teach people how to live with their addiction rather than get rid of it completely. While this may seem counter-intuitive, patients in harm reduction IOPs learn skills that help them address the underlying issues that lead to their addiction.

  1. Spiritual Programs –

Spiritual programs are a unique type of IOP for people who struggle with both addiction and a specific spiritual belief. The root of these programs is based on AA, but many other groups and faiths are also eligible for admission.

The IOP addiction treatment in NJ is often described in three phases. Much like traditional rehab, the first phase focuses on detoxing and managing the cravings. The second phase teaches patients how to avoid relapse through coping skills. This portion of the treatment lasts for about a year, after which a third phase is added that focuses on long-term recovery called maintenance counseling.

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