4 Tips for Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy

Explore several ways you can start using video content to get more paying customers across all of your existing marketing channels.

Do you want to get more consumers interested in your brand? Most business owners do, and for a good reason. When more people know about your company and see value in your products or services, they are more likely to subscribe to your email list and buy something from your online store.

One of the best ways to connect with potential customers is with video content. Did you know that 43% of consumers claim they want to see more videos from online brands? If not, it should be clear to you now that it’s possible to exponentially increase your sales, brand awareness and engagement by finding creative ways to add videos to your campaigns. People in the marketing field often search for information on this topic on Youtube, don’t miss out on your chance to get more views. Buy youtube views now and see the results instantly. 

The best part about this strategy is you can use video content on virtually every marketing platform. Social media, email and even on-site promotions can benefit from more video content. Because there are so many options, some marketing teams feel overwhelmed when deciding on what type of content they should create.

If you’re in this position or curious about how to use video content to promote your brand, stick around. I will explain several ways you can use this strategy to get more paying customers across all of your existing marketing channels. 

Merge video with email marketing

First, let’s talk about email marketing and video content. There’s a good chance that you have a robust lead list filled with people interested in your products or services. But just because you managed to grow your list, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see more engagement on your website. 

You have to get users interested in what you have to say, and video content is a great way to get your point across. The next time you’re thinking about sending out an email drip series, consider including videos through the campaigns that emphasize your points through helpful guides, tutorials or general discussions. 

For example, if you have a gardening supply store, consider showing subscribers how to use your products with in-depth tutorials, where you walk them through the process of planting and growing flowers or vegetables. 

New subscribers will appreciate that your content is user-friendly and gives them all the steps they need to find success. In fact, your videos may inspire them to click through and visit your website, where they can buy the tools you used in your videos. 

We know that email marketing is significant, with 80% of adults in the United States using email to communicate with friends, family and brands. Including video content in your emails is a great way to get people involved in your industry, which leads to more dedicated customers.  

Host live events

Live events are another excellent way to grow your business with video content. Lucky for you, there are plenty of video styles you can choose from, depending on your industry and brand size. 

Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are the perfect places to host your video event. Some of the more popular choices you have at your disposal include: 

  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) 
  • Live webinars + tutorials 
  • Product showcase
  • Brand updates
  • Casual conversations (going live and freestyling what you discuss as people join) 

All of these different events can help you pull in more new customers, as well as people that have followed your brand for years. The key is to keep your discussions relevant to your consumers. You want people to join and feel like they are learning something, having fun or getting to know the face behind your company. 

As you host more live events, you may see more people showing up to have a chat with you. Don’t neglect these new users, and keep conversations going during live events. Share resources, answer questions, and build rapport with your audience all by using live video. 

Add social media feeds to your website 

You can also show off your video content from social media on your website. There are several plugins available, depending on which platform you use, which makes it easy to put your social media feeds on your website’s sidebar. 

Imagine a new user landing on your page for the first time. They are casually scrolling your blog and notice that your social media feed is visible on the right side of the page. The visitor starts scrolling your social media feed from your site, which will increase your dwell time and the chance that the person will continue engaging with your site. 

If you’re sharing video content on your social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, users will be able to watch these videos from the feed on your website. If someone is interested in a product you’re offering but not sure if it’s for them, a video tutorial from your social media page could be just the thing they need to see to go through with their purchase. 

The best part about many of these tools is you can customize how your posts appear on-site. In other words, you can make sure your most valuable videos are always toward the front of your feed, which means more people will see your video content from your website. A tightly knit connection between your social media feed and your website can result in tons of new traffic and sales, especially if you’re using video content to illustrate your point. 

Encourage user-generated content

Finally, you can also add videos to your website, social media and email that feature user-generated content. As the name implies, user-generated content consists of videos and posts from your audience. 

As a business owner, you need to make sure your customers have a way to connect to your company, and user-generated content helps to bridge this gap. You can ask people to submit user-generated content if, for example, you are holding a video giveaway. Asking users to post videos of themselves using your products for a chance to win a prize is an excellent way to increase engagement and get more user-generated content on social media and your online store. 

It’s also worth noting that video reviews are considered user-generated and prove to be extremely useful for converting new customers. Adding video testimonials from real users on your landing page can significantly increase your conversion rate. 

Think about ways to encourage customers to make content for your brand, and proudly display it to the rest of your audience. Not only does user-generated content help build social proof, but it’s also a great way to add more things to do on your website.  

Final thoughts 

When you consider that over half of the world owns a mobile device, and more people are browsing videos on their desktop, we will see interest in video grow. 

The great part about this strategy is the freedom and flexibility offered to marketing teams and business owners alike. Take a look at your target audience, create video content that gives them a reason to trust your company, and come back for future updates. 

Depending on your industry, there are countless videos you can make that will appeal to consumers, which means more sales, signups and brand awareness. The only thing left to do is to get out there and create your first video. 

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