10 Best NBA Second Options of the Past Decade, Ranked

10 Best NBA Second Options of the Past Decade, Ranked
10 Best NBA Second Options of the Past Decade, Ranked


The history of the competition has penetrated through them to the points, the list of the 10 best second variants of the NBA is mandatory. However, in order not to throw the same two or three guys at the top, we only focus on the last decade of talent on which we can build.

The recently closed season 2019-20 was characterized by a large number of contracts, signatures and free agent signatures to create dynamic duets. The most famous case of this kind was of course the Los Angeles Lakers, where young guns were traded for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart, as well as the first three rounds with New Orleans pelicans in a pair of Lebron James and Anthony Davis. The other concerns the Brooklyn networks that are taking over Kevin Durant and Kyria Irving from an independent agency.

We’ve seen these dynamic duets, like the Los Angeles Lakers, who just won the NBA Championship. We have also seen unhappy and somewhat disappointing couples. For example, a pair of Kavi Leonard and Paul George, who were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs after a big demand to win the Larry O’Brien Cup at the beginning of the 2019-20 season.

For each pair as above, you must first choose who will be the main goalkeeper, leader and main superstar of the team. In the meantime, the second option should take over the role of Robin and be the second goalkeeper behind the star player.

Here we look at the biggest players who have had to put themselves in the background over the past ten years and are the man behind the man as such. Let’s basically start in a second with the top 10 NBA options of the last ten years.

This list will include all registrations from the 2010-11 season to the recently completed 2019-20 season. We took into account the regular season and playoff statistics, but also individual prizes and team successes. As a general rule, any other variant had to play with the first one for more than half of the season, and they had to play with it this season as well. For example, the cousins of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus formed an unlikely but dominant pair in the 2017-18 season in New Orleans, with AD being the first option; DeMarcus’ cousins were removed from the list because he only played 30 games in the regular season and none in the play-offs due to an injury.

It should also be mentioned that each player/entry counts as only one pair. Chris Paul was the sensational runner-up (and playmaker) after Blake Griffin for the Clippers and James Harden for the Houston Rockets. However, it is possible that only one of his tracks is on this list.

In this context, the top ten NBA rankings of the past ten years are presented here in a ranking.

10) C.J. McCollum

The former most improved player and his teammate, superstar Damien Lillard, would be in constant progression. The duo was in the 2013-14 season and could only survive the play-offs in 2018-19. At that moment, Billiard received four All-Star predictions and four All-NBA predictions. McCollum received the said MIP in 2016. In the play-offs, however, they only reached the second round twice, after being eliminated three times in the first round. They will see how their fate will change in the play-offs from 2019 until the WCF.

As a second clear option for Lillard (i.e. after the departure of LaMarcus Aldridge to San Antonio in 2015 after a year of McCollum’s breakthrough), C.J. McCollum averages nearly 22 points and 4 helps in 46% of the field shots and about 40% of the three. It is best known for its mid-range shooting, although it is discouraged by analysts.

Even more important is that McCollum, like his compatriot, is known for playing mass games. His most memorable games included 37 points, 9 rebounds against the two Denver-Nuggets spots in 2019 in the WCS, in which Lillard won 3 of 17 games and scored only 13 points. McCallum finished fourth, scoring three jumps in the last three minutes to keep Portland in the lead and a pursuit block to Jamal Murray.

Another remarkable game – its 29 points against Memphis Grizzly in the Orlando Bubble game. Because Portland lost most of the game, and in case of a defeat, McCallum scored 12 out of 29 points in the fourth game and scored with two triples and center daggers against Ja Morant, the newcomer of the year. In the end, they won in a brave and unprecedented way with Damian Lillard, Orlando Bubble’s most valuable player, who scored 31 points at his expense.

McCollum and Lillard are both sharpshooters, and are also not known for his defensive skills. Although C.J. and Dame don’t have the most compatible styles, they are among the most famous duets of lately. Lillard certainly gets help from another elite threat in McCollum, and C.J. was a big part of the lady’s iconic and most successful playoff run. The former G-Leaguer can be considered the best teammate Damian Lillard has ever had in a Blazer jersey if he does better in qualifying.

9) Chris Middleton

Giannis Antetokunmpo and Milwaukee Bax have stormed the Eastern Conference since Lebron James left for the West. They combined two historical seasons, with a loss rate of almost 75% in 2018-19 and 2019-20. It’s safe to say that Bax would never have succeeded without the very effective Giannis No.2, the humble Chris Middleton.

In the two seasons since the breakthrough in 2018-19, the second undisputed version of the Bucks and the main threat to the suburbs of the city, Middleton took the average of 19.5 points per game with 40 percent of the three shots fired. During these two seasons he was also elected All-Star. In the play-offs he was able to maintain his performance, averaging just under 18.3 points, or just 40% of the three points.

Middleton had moments when he was the second version of Giannis; performances in which he showed himself as a star. In the first round of the 2018 play-offs, he defeated the Boston Celtics by three points, half a second before the end; he managed to overtake the Boston Celtics; despite the loss, he scored 31 big points. He also led Bax and scored 32 points in a Series 7 loss. Another would be the defeat of EFC of the 2019 winner – the Toronto Raptor, where he led all teams in goals with 11 of 15 shots.

On paper, Middleton would be the best compliment for the impressive skills of a Greek monster; the first is a sniper who can effectively convert the shots of the second dribbler. However, the biggest blow in this duo would be the missing success of Bax in the playoffs. With Antetokunmpo and Middleton at the top, the 2018 Bucks Celtics beat 7 in the first round, 6 against Kawhi Leonard’s Raptors in the 2019 Conference final and the coup de grâce in 5 games of Jimmy Butler’s Miami Heat on ECS.

However, the Bax duo’s two consecutive monster regular seasons, in which they led the NBA with victories in both cases, cannot be ignored. This performance would not have been possible without Middleton’s efficient shooting and reliability to the outside world.

8) Kyle Lowry

The best second design of the NBA

Like his former partner in crime DeMar DeRosan, Kyle Lowry was known for his poor playoff results. As a duet they had three impressive places in the regular season 2015-2017, but were defeated three times in a row by Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers, each more decisive than the previous one. Their final liquidation in the hands of the king, a sweep by ECS, which further strengthened LeBronto’s nickname, led to the sale of DeRozan to San Antonio Spurs for the disgruntled Kawhi Leonard.

Little thought was given to Leonard in Toronto, let alone the Leonard-Lauri duo, and more attention was paid to the decision of the first free agency of the coming year. Not only did the duo maintain Toronto’s good crop, but they also beat Giannis Antetokunmpo’s historic Milwaukee Bucks in 6 games and prevented a triple battle to win the Golden State Warriors by winning the very first NBA franchise for the Raptors.

As Leonard’s last playoff showed us, he needs an elite general on the field to really flourish. Here Lowry shows his effectiveness as the number two claw in their championship. As before Leonard’s arrival in Toronto, he was the team leader on and off the field. He controlled the game and made the right choices for his team so Leonard could focus on goals and defense.

The 6′ defender scored an average of less than 14.2 points per game during the regular season with Leonard, but increased his assists to 8.7 points per game from 6.9 the previous season. In the play-offs he increased his account to more than 17 PPGs, where he proved to be absolutely decisive. His most memorable match will undoubtedly be the 6. match in which he won the NBA final against the Warriors, where he scored the first 11 rap points in the first quarter with 4 out of 4 shots. He ended the game with 26 points and 10 assists, which was his best outing in the series.

Some will say that Leonard has left a better situation in Toronto, where he has benefited from the services of the Veteran Championship winner on the general floor. Some of the links, which eventually succeeded, did wonders for both Leonard’s actions and his legacy; they also helped Lowry dispel the demons of past playoff frustrations.

7) Chris Paul

Chris Paul apparently had the play-off curse for decades: an invisible barrier preventing him from passing the second round. As the only superstar of New Orleans Hornz at that time he lost the second round twice and once in six years he lost the first round. He then made the explosives for the Lob City Clippers, whose top scorer was Blake Griffin, and took part in the playoffs every year. However, they should have gone to the second and first floors. Turn three times each. CP3 is eventually sold on James Harden’s Houston Rockets, where the unlikely duo almost made history together.

In his first season in Houston, Paul Harden helped finish his best regular season since moving to Thunder Oklahoma City. Paul and Harden seem to be reinventing basketball this season with their coach Mike D’Anthony. They used a hyperoffensive, efficiency-oriented game.

Paul and Harden managed to play the ball and most goals were scored, while sharpshooters Eric Gordon, Gerald Green and PJ Tucker had the paint in their hands with the great and talented Clint Kapela. The team will rely heavily on playing in seclusion for the duo. The game of the two goalkeepers gave the defenders the difficult task of guessing what was going to happen: Either they crossed the alley and fought, threw themselves on the waiting archers, or lobbied with painted capelus.

All these games should of course be considered in conjunction with the patented three steps back from Harden. The duo won 65 games and one bet in Houston, improving the state’s Golden Warriors in their best form for seven victories. Houston and the Golden State met at the WCF after the first of them quickly worked on the Minnesota Timberwolves and Utah Jazz, with CP3 and The Beard playing brilliantly.

The two teams came together to play one of the most exciting games of the final conference, one they will remember for a long time. Houston was on the verge of the unthinkable: It was 3:2 against the thoroughbred warriors who went to game 6. However, with an average of more than 21 points in the play-offs (and about 20 in the WCF), Paul suffered a hamstring injury that ended the series in match 5. Without a common playing field, the Rockets would have lost the next two games and would have been in the 7th round. The Rockets set a play-off record with a 27 for the most missed players with three points in a row. It will be the best final of Paul’s playoffs, and the closest to the final for Harden since his days at OKC. Paul and Harden stay together for another season and lose the second round of the 2019 play-offs 6-6 to the Warriors.

During his short stay in Houston, Paul Harden finally helped him win his hard-to-reach MVP award. He also helped give Houston the biggest regular season in history by improving the season put together by the teams led by Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler, as well as Tracy McGrady and Yao Min. Of all the players associated with Harden’s Daryl Morey missiles, CP3 is undoubtedly a series of choices. That’s why he ended up on the top list of the NBA version 2.

6) Russell Westbrook

Russell-Westbrook Missiles.

From the beginning of the decade until the 2015-16 season, Russell Westbrook was the second star of his team and the top player of Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant. Nevertheless, he managed to become a general on the field and a player for the young Thunder team, which reached the NBA finals in 2012. They destroyed the enemies with their fast and aggressive game, combined with sparkling shots from outside. With Westbrook’s playing style it is easy to see how they were able to achieve such a success, even when he, Durant and James Harden, then in the sixth grade, were less than 25 years old.

During the time Russell and Durant spent as a duo in Oklahoma, they were a constant threat to the Western Conference. They didn’t reach the play-offs once (in the 2014-2015 season, when Durant was injured) and didn’t reach fourth place for the rest of the season.

In this section Thunder made it to the finals of the conference where they were eliminated twice. However, the 2011-12 season will be the highlight of Westbrook and Durant in Oklahoma. With a record 47-19 (it was lock-out season, which meant fewer games), they ended the tournament as second seed, only behind the San Antonio Spur veterans in the West. They would have pissed off the Spurs team in the finals of the conference. The same Spurs team that reaches two consecutive NBA finals and will win one in 2014. However, the OCC race would have been abandoned after the final against LeBron James’ Miami Heat in Miami, where they were defeated 4-1.

Westbrook would be known as one of the best players in the league because he played second violin with Durant. Westbrook received an average of 23.7 points and 8 support in its 6 years of existence. He was selected 5 times for the All-Star Game, where he was called MVP twice. He also received 5 All-NBA awards; 1 award for the first team and 4 awards for the second team. He also became top scorer in 2014-15, the season in which he would be the first option due to Durant’s injury. His most memorable matches with Durant will be in the 2012 NBA finals: 27 points and 11 assists in their first game against Miami Heath (he and Michael Jordan were the only players who scored more than 25 points and lost more than 10 assists in their final debut), then in the play-offs – 43 points in a tight fourth-division game.

The duo in question had styles that complemented each other. Durant, the elite sniper he is, gave Westbrooke the distance he needed to cut inside; as you can see when he was a member of the Houston Rockets, Westbrooke thrives best when he has the most space inside. They reached the unlikely NBA finals and other successful play-offs and played an exciting and fast pace of basketball. In 2016 however, when Durant wanted to leave the OCC, it would end badly in the infamous My Next Chapter saga. That ended his career as one of the best second variations in the NBA-league, as Westbrook became the only star of every game.

5) Anthony Davis

The best second design of the NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers had to move heaven and earth to get Anthony Davis out of New Orleans. This commercial saga began in the 2018-19 season, just a few months before the play-offs. The situation has gotten a little worse: The agreement (mentioned in the introduction) did not go through the 18-19 year negotiation period after the Lakers had taken note of the proposed agreement. But the Lakers bought Davis as part of the aforementioned trade and the James-Davis duo have already delivered for the City of Angels.

With the DA, LeBron did what many people said he could never do: he won the Western Conference. The tandem gives the Lakers first place in the play-offs since 2013 and first place for families since 2012. They also gave the Lakers their first Western Conference Championship and their first NBA Championship since 2010.

It’s a very important victory for the Lakers in the final lap. This allowed them to celebrate their 17th anniversary, which is the record for most titles won by the Boston Celtics Club. Davis, as a second option, averaged a remarkable 26.1 points and 9.3 rebounds per game. In one season alone with LeBron Davis also showed great performances with great stats.

His statistically heaviest game was his regular season win on the Minnesota Timberwolves with a monstrous performance – 50 points and 20 plates. This is the first series of 50-20 figurines produced since Shakeel O’Neill in 2000. Davis is just one of the five players who made this achievement, the other three are Wilt Chamberlain, Algyn Baylor and George Meekan. His most important and iconic moment in the Lakers shirt reached the conference final against the Denver Nuggets. In addition to scoring 33 points in 9 rebounds, he also scored the winner of the triple game, followed by the Lakers.

The way the Lakers were built, Davis was just an indispensable part of the team. Without Anthony Davis, the Lakers would have been Lebron James and three and a half boys. Rajon Rondo came to life in the playoffs, but in the regular season he was relatively quiet. Davis turned out to be a nightmare for small goals; teams that tend to be small, such as the Miami Heat and Houston Rocket, have been suppressed by Davis’ versatility and speed, which measures 6’10. He was unstoppable for most of the qualifiers, except for a few races where he was unable to show his usual production.

In terms of production, talent and skill, AD may very well end up as the best teammate LeBron James has ever had, if not already considered as such. He also has the tools to be the best attacking force in the history of the game. However, he is in fifth place in the second variant of this decade, after having spent only one season in the second variant; what sets him apart from the rest, apart from his talent and dominance, is of course the 2020 NBA Championship. His performance in the regular season and Orlando Bubble’s playoffs should not be underestimated; it’s also worth mentioning that he was healthier last season at the Lakers and James.

4) Kiri Irving

The best second design of the NBA

When he returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers to fulfill his promise, Lebron James relied on an elite partner in crime: then 2x All-Star, All-Star MVP and the Rookie of the Year 2012 Kyrie Irving. The duo will continue to write history together.

James and Irving played together in Cleveland for three years, from the 2014-2015 season to the 2016-17 season. With the help of Irving and Kevin Love as the third option, James continued his reign at the Eastern Conference. The Cavaliers have never won less than 51 regular season games in this three-year period, have never been in second place on the list of Eastern entries and have reached the finals every time.

Lebron and Kirie separated the excellent teams on their way to the Golden State in the finals. These include the 2014-2015 Atlanta Hawks, who have enlisted the services of stars Paul Millsap, Al Horford, Jeff Teague and Kyle Corwer; the 2015-16 Toronto Raptors, who have won 56 of the top franchise games on their way to the second row; and the 2016-17 Boston Celtics, led by coach Brad Stevens and MVP contender Isaiah Thomas. In that innings, Irving scored an average of nearly 24 runs and 5 helps the field 46% and is 42.1% effective in shooting for three innings.

Irving has always been a major threat to the forward and backward players of his early years in the league without James, but it was at LeBron that he played his most visible, memorable and important games. Among them was an overtime victory on the San Antonio Spurs, against which Irving spent a night of his career. In this regular season game 2014-15, Irving scored 57 career points on 20 of the 32 shots and 9 of the 9 points on 3 and 10 of the 10 penalty shots. Irving really managed to demonstrate his famous clutch gene and get the last 9 points of Cleveland in the rules, including 3 buzzers who sent the game in overtime.

However, his best moments were in the final 2015-16 against the Golden Warriors of the State. The first one scored 41 points in Round 5. at home, where he and James were the first duo to set a record with more than 40 points each in the final. The second is of course game 7, in which he took 26 points and three points lead, the isolation of the arc after the cult block of James against Andre Igudala. It was a moment that made Irving and James truly legendary; a moment when Irving was the second best player in the biggest comeback to the NBA finals in history.

Irving praised James for his talent: He could play with the ball, pose a serious threat to the distance between the balls and also take on other playing tasks with James. Irving’s biggest advantage was the clutch gene, which meant the teams had to focus on the two elite neighbors in the field instead of just focusing on James and getting closer to him. Uncle Drew has been a vital competitor in perhaps Lebron James’ most incredible and impressive race for the NBA Championship.

The 6’2 player is still one place ahead of Anthony Davis, probably a better player than the previous one. The reason for this is that Irving had an extended stay with James and therefore, as a second option, made a major contribution to the King’s legacy. He also helped James keep his promise and win what is perhaps the most famous NBA championship. It’s really a shame that the Memorial duo broke up in such a horrible way.

3) Sound Thompson

Go back to 2014: The Golden State Warriors have just witnessed the heartbreaking destruction of game seven against Chris Paul and his Lob City Clippers. At the time, the warriors Stephen Curry, then a star, Harrison Barnes and Dramond Green, were promising sophomores, and an angry third-year student, Clay Thompson.

Thompson and Curry had already established themselves as the largest shooting combinations in the history of the competition and were already known by the nickname Splash Brothers. However, the Warriors considered trading a 6’7 sniper against the Timberwolves in Minnesota for their 3x All-Star at the time and former baseball champion Kevin Love. The Warriors’ then senior advisor, Jerry West, eventually vetoed the deal and threatened to resign if the Warriors stopped trading. Five straight finals and three championships later, the Warriors finally worked well when the revolutionary Splash Brothers founded the Golden State Dynasty in the years 2010.

Steph Curry and Clay Thompson have rewritten the NBA album together with three points. In 2016, the duo set a record for the most combined points of the season – 678. Currie set a record with 402 triple points and Clay 276 (1st and 2nd place in the league). It is worth mentioning that they have already set this record several times and exceeded their own season after season. They also broke most of the three-point record in this game. Curry held the 13-point record after winning his own 12-point record until Thompson scored 14 points against the Chicago Bulls in the 2018-19 regular season. They have records with three points and three percentage points in both the regular season and the playoffs.

Solo, Thompson has risen for the occasion and delivered a nice and good game, with the exception of the Bulls game mentioned above. In a game against the Sacramento Kings in the regular season 2014-15, he scored 52 points, with only 37 points in the third quarter (another record). In the 2016-17 season he reached the height of his career with 60 men against the Indiana Pachers and scored a goal in less than 30 minutes (60 in 30 – another record). However, his most famous success was his performance in the finals of the Western Conference 2015-16, where he played the match of the 6. In the play-offs, he scored 41 points against Thunder of Oklahoma City to win the game. His alter ego, the game 6 Klay, was born out of this masterpiece.

It goes without saying that Thompson was completely free for Steph Curry, as well as for the brand of the game that the Warriors were trying to make. He is an excellent outfield defender, which means he is responsible for keeping the opponent’s best defender. At the same time, he is absolutely effective in the offensive. This is reflected in the abovementioned 37. Quarter, where he ideally shot 13:13 from the field and 9:9 from the third. Even on his way to the pinnacle of his career with 60 points, he made only 11 dribbles and 13 dribbles with the 14 real Bulls. He’s a three-and-a-half time player, but it’s a lot more.

In addition to several broken records and historic games, Thompson was the second version of the team to help Curry win the Golden State, his first championship since 1975. He was also the second best player of the Warrior Season and set a record of 73-9 in 2016. Klay was really a second special version of the transformative Stephen Curry. We now await the return of the Splash brothers as the main attack centers of the Warriors for the 2020-21 season.

2) Dwyane calf

Lebron James, Lakers, Diane Wade, Heat.

Many will compare Dwyane Wade, like Robin, to the greatest friends of all time; his association with Lebron James, like Jordan and Pippen, and Bird and McHale, in terms of dynamic duets that together win the most.

From the beginning of the decade until the 13-14 season, Wade and James, together with the third superstar Chris Bosch, built a stronghold over the Eastern Conference. They will destroy many promising teams on their way to their four live appearances in the NBA finals. These include the Indiana Pacers, led by young Paul George pending an injury and surrounded by All-Star and DPOY candidate Roy Hibbert, as well as MVP Derrick Rose and his Chicago Bulls, who showed their best roster (and win rate) after Michael Jordan. Wade and James continue to win two of the four NBA finals.

Although Wade took a step back and fired fewer shots, he was able to maintain an average of 22.2 points per game in the regular season from 2011 to 2014. This increased the percentage by 2 points, from just over 50% to almost 54%. In the playoffs, he was Heath’s second leading scorer with a solid 20.3 points per game. He also scored a few points: 45 points in Houston in the regular 2010/11 season and a 41-point series that compresses the 6 games against the Pacers in the 2o12 NBA play-offs. Dwyane Wade may still have been a bomber who dominated his position between 2006 and 2010.

Surprisingly, the games DWade and LeBron should not have been compatible. Wade was a Cutting 2 Protector that surpassed the lacquer and middle area with its solid interior and convincing false pumps. Like James, he did it, ball in hand, as the leading scorer of his team. He was clearly not a three-point sniper who at that time in his career could create distance, play with the ball and come out of the cloth to catch and shoot a sweater. In the four years he worked with James, he shot only 29% of the field to three points in both the regular season and the playoffs. One would think that the lack of shots stopped the pair, and some might argue that it overtaken Heather last season, but his praise remains.

What sets Wade apart is that he had already proved he was a winner before James made his decision. He proved that he could become the star of the Miami Heat team that won the championship in 2006. Wade delivered the final performance of the MVP against Dirk Nowicki of the Dallas Mavericks, ironically the team that will beat the Miami Super Team in its first season. This extends Wades’ run four years after his victory in the first ring, where he averaged more than 27 points and 7 assists. All this reinforces Wade’s argument that he is one of the best guard shooters of all time, Miami’s biggest hit of all time, and even one of the best second choices in the history of the NBA.

1) Stephen Curry

It’s safe to say that most, if not all, NBA teams consider it a luxury to have a Wardell Stephen Curry as their first option. For three years, from the 16-17 season to the 18-19 season, the State Golden Warriors were lucky to have curry as their second option, with Kevin Durant as their main option. There’s nothing mysterious about why they were so dominant.

Fans still remember the harsh retaliation that Durant and the Warriors received when the former signed for the latter in the low season of 2016. This happened as part of Durant’s Thunder in Oklahoma City, which came out of the final after giving up their 3-1 series lead over the Kerry Warriors. Curry’s decision to recruit a 6’10 sniper for the Bay area was seen as an attempt to monopolise and destroy the league’s parity, while Free Agent Durant’s decision was described as weak and cowardly; some fans say he has rid himself of his former teammate Russell Westbrook. What they cannot discuss is the performance of the duo in three finals and two championships in a row.

With Durant’s recruitment, Curry has probably given up the role of warrior. He took on this new role and still managed to become the best point guard in the league with an average of 26.3 points per game and only about 6 assists in three seasons with Durant. During this period he also managed to become a triple team star (captain of Team West twice) and every year he received the All-NBA Team Award.

In this segment he had also achieved ridiculous results, races in which he looked like MVP 2015-16. One of them was against the Wizards in the 19-20 regular season, where he scored 51 points in the crazy dribbling imbalance of the three dribbles he was known for. Another 49 points against Kiri Irving in an exciting game against the Boston Celtics in the 2017-18 season. He has always played consistently in the play-offs and in this period he brought the score to 27.3 with 5.9 passes.

His biggest play-off game with Durant will probably be the second game of the 2018 NBA final against Cleveland’s Lebron James Cavalier, where he broke the NBA record of 9 triples – 33 points on his way to the match. They’ve crowned the Cavs several times as back-to-back champions.

Since Stephen Curry is probably the most dangerous outside threat to the League, Durant can be free in the middle of destroying and painting. Durant made his way with all the defenders he met and took advantage of the break offered by Curry and Clay Thompson. For Steph Curry, such a selfless teammate, his style and personality were praised by Durant, and they had silverware for him.

Some fans have claimed that despite the fact that Kevin Durant was known as the top scorer and player, Steph Kerry was the leading figure in the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty. In the end he proved that he could win the Larry O’Brien Trophy without Durant on his team. The double MVP, perhaps the second best point guard in the history of the NBA and perhaps the best basketball shooter of all time, emerges as the best second draft of 2010.

Jailen Brown, Celtics, LeBron James.

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