College football’s SEC

The SEC is arguably the most dominant conference in college football, but many pundits say that it’s time for some new blood. The Big Ten Conference has reigned supreme since its inception and could finally make a push to dethrone the SEC this season. Which team will win? Find out with our expert predictions below!

College football’s SEC is a conference that has been around since 1932. It is the most prestigious conference in college football and has had many of the best teams in the sport. The SEC was created by an act of congress and it consists of 14 schools. Read more in detail here: college football scores.

College football's SEC

At Georgia games, why did they cease providing ice in the drinks? Because the recipe-knowing student received a diploma.

Why did Florida’s water polo team disband? The horses all drowned.

Have you heard about the Louisville grad who won the Kentucky state lottery for $4 million? He requested for it to be paid in four-dollar increments over a million years.

Have you heard about the Clemson student who died while participating in a pie-eating competition? He was kicked in the head by a cow.

College football’s Rivalry Weekend is the finest. Period. That delightful three days, with so many throwdowns between so many teams that have been at odds for a century or more, have become as much a part of our late November rituals as chomping on turkey or shoving people out of the way to get the last cheap Black Friday air fryer.

It’s one of those few occasions when we can slam our neighbors, thumb our noses at our coworkers, and, in many cases, gaze down and clap back our own flesh and blood. It’s not about politics or policy or the newest social media rumors; it’s about a football game. It’s a really emotional situation. It’s a contentious issue. But, at the end of the day, it’s just athletics. As a result, it’s also a lot of fun. The majority of the time.

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That’s why this weekend didn’t seem right a year ago. The causes for your unease are many, unpleasant, and all-too-familiar. The lack of traditional cross-conference rivalries that exist inside the boundaries of states that are home to both an SEC and an ACC school was the single largest cause of that strangeness for millions of us, especially in the southeastern quadrant of the map.

For 111 years, Clemson vs. South Carolina has been played every autumn, even through two world wars. The COVID-19 outbreak, and the SEC’s subsequent decision to play a 10-game, conference-only schedule in 2020, put the Palmetto Bowl on hold. The same may be said for the other SEC vs. ACC contests.

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, often known as Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, hasn’t been played since 1924. After 64 years, the Sunshine Showdown between Florida and Florida State was canceled. The Governor’s Cup, which had not been played in the fall since its inception in 1994, was resurrected for the last regular-season weekend when the Cardinals joined the ACC in 2014.

Suddenly, the family rooms, kitchens, and even bedrooms that had usually been filled with the house-divided intensity of Rivalry Weekend over the Thanksgiving weekends were silent. It’s much too quiet. No one likes fighting, but everyone appreciates winning, particularly when victory means being able to rule over one’s family and neighbors for the next 364 days.

“Not playing Georgia Tech was simply the next step into pure insanity,” said Frank Pittman, a Georgia graduate and superfan who claims he hasn’t missed a Bulldogs game since 2000. When he travels from Watkinsville to Atlanta for the Tech game this weekend, his streak will reach 275 games. Before the event was scrapped last autumn, he had gone to at least 19 consecutive UGA-GT games.

“Looking back today, the whole 2020 season almost doesn’t seem like it occurred at all, given the low attendance at most venues. Even though Tech hasn’t been fantastic for a long time, not playing that one was the final formal aspect of it all not seeming true. Another major strange event occurred, or rather, did not occur.”

“I’m always surrounded by Florida fans, friends, and neighbors, and the conversation never stops. “It hasn’t happened in my whole life,” said Danny Kanell, a former Florida State quarterback who went 3-1-1 against the Gators as a player and now works as a game analyst for ESPNU Radio and CBS Sports. “If you ask FSU supporters, we probably got a tremendous break not having to face Florida a year ago when Kyle Trask was throwing 40 touchdown passes, but no one wants to miss that game.”

“You might be suffering while they’re cruising, like these teams were a year ago. That is, however, why you want to play. ‘I despise those guys, so give me a chance to destroy their season!’ you reason. That’s why you’re here. That is what a rivalry is all about. That’s why you were so disappointed when it wasn’t present. That was never intended to happen. You know you’re going to play whether it’s good or awful. So you don’t have any?”


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So, how did the Redmons and DeLongs, as well as their other house-divided brothers and sisters, feel a year ago? Was the break from the largest game of the year in 2020 a black hole in the heart of the family calendar, or was it… no way… a much-needed rest?

“I’m looking forward to the game but yet dreading it since there’s so much tension in this home, but I’ve been missing it a lot. It was something we both missed “Mark Redmon said the following. “Our enthusiasm for our teams stems from the fact that we both adore them. That is one of the many reasons we adore each other.”

“It was certainly more quiet here last year,” Krista DeLong remarked, “but there was clearly something missing.” The family’s collective fingers are crossed for an acceptance letter from Clemson, including David’s, as he wants his daughter to attend her dream school… but has also told everyone that even if she does, he will not be wearing any orange gear or tiger paws. “Last year, the family, especially the kids, perhaps needed a vacation from Carolina-Clemson. It was a blessing in disguise. I’m giving you an early Christmas gift. The game, however, is returning this year as a gift. They had a lucky break.”

Whether we felt like we needed it or not, we all did. This year, though, all college football fans can agree that Rivalry Weekend deserved to be returned to its rightful position and significance. The restoration of what this Saturday is intended to be is something we can all be glad for when we break bread on Thursday, even while so many of us sit across from individuals with whom we are both linked by blood but split by diplomas.

To put a lightbulb in, how many Florida State students are required? Only one, but it earns him three class credits.

Have you heard about the tailgater in South Carolina who locked his keys in his car? To get his family out, he needed to get a coat hanger.

Why does Georgia Tech’s team aircraft fly at such a low altitude? As a result, the pilot will be able to read the traffic signs.

How can you make a Kentucky supporter giggle for the whole weekend? On Monday morning, tell him a joke.

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The “sec scores 2021” is a college football conference that has been around for over 100 years. The SEC is the most popular and successful conference in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clemson in the SEC?

A: Clemson University is in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

What does SEC stand for College?

A: SEC stands for Security Exchange Commission. This is an agency of the US government that regulates securities trading in the United States and some other countries.

Is Oklahoma in the SEC?

A: No, Oklahoma is not in the SEC.

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