6 Sensational iOS Apps Students Must Use in 2022

Student life is not easy as some might think. A student not only needs to focus on the demanding studies that colleges put forward but they also need to manage all their personal duties such as shopping for groceries, cooking dinner, and more, since they are likely living alone.

Thus, we thought to make student life a little easier by bringing some amazing iOS apps that can facilitate the studies and the overall routine for students. Though, benefiting from all of them will require you to stay connected to a reliable internet service such as the one offered in AT&T internet deals. So, make sure to check them out before you download these apps. Anyway, here are the iOS apps we have for you today:


First up, we have for you a remarkable app that puts forth insightful flashcards for your study needs. The app boosts cognitive functionality and helps students achieve a hyper-productive study session.

The app efficiently breaks down each subject into small bits of information that are then presented in the form of flashcards that are much easier to memorize. The flashcards are presented in a QA manner challenging your memory and are repeated after certain intervals to imprint the information more effectively.

My Study Life

Students need to juggle numerous tasks to stay ahead in their lives. From class schedules to deadlines to even remembering to eat lunch, there is a lot that a student has to take on alone. Thus, a planner app is a must-have for every student.

My Study Life is, thus designed for this exact purpose as it offers a cross-platform planner for students, teachers, and faculty alike. With the app, all concerned parties will be able to keep track of the assignments, due dates, exam schedules, and countless other academic tasks. Moreover, the app may be synchronized across different devices thus ensuring easy access to the updates.

iHomework 2

Another student planner that students can benefit from is iHomework 2. The app offers all the necessary features that one might look for in a planner app, and adds the advantage of a vibrant interface to promote easy accessibility.

In the app, you will find a calendar for keeping track of all the upcoming deadlines. Then there is an in-built messaging feature that allows you to share regular updates with classmates and the teacher to keep them in the loop.


Probably the most difficult thing for a student is to get up on time. Especially, when the night was spent partying or binge-watching Netflix. That is why students need to have the Alarmy app on their smartphones all the time.

Unlike a traditional alarm clock, Alarmy makes it a hundred percent sure that you get out of bed no matter what. It has unique features such as solving a math equation to turn off the alarm or taking a picture of a certain area in a room to prove that you are actually awake. There are several other ways for turning off the alarm as well that can benefit students, or anyone else, for that matter.


When you have your iPhone by your side while you study, is pretty easy to get distracted from all the text messages, social media notifications, and other pop-ups on the phone. Thus, it is monumental to keep all distractions at bay while you study.

OFFTIME is the perfect app to help you stay focused on your studies. OFFTIME is designed to block any and all messages, calls, and social media notifications during a study session. Furthermore, the app also keeps track of your overall phone screen time, alerting you of the time that was spent scrolling through the phone.


Managing finances can be quite tricky, especially when you are working a small side job and you have large bills to pay. That is why you can benefit from the PocketGuard budgeting app. This remarkable app keeps track of all your expenses and also presents a pictorial representation of your monthly expense and budget for easier understanding. Moreover, it also lets you know about possible subscriptions you can cancel to help you save some additional bucks.

Summing It Up

These are only a few apps that can make student life easier. Try these apps out as we bring you more helpful ones to make studying easier and comfortable.

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