Top six brands of earphones

Earphones and music are a perfect combination when you are out for a walk, exercise, or want to spend some time alone. Generally, you’d prefer to invest in earphones that are reliable and stay with you longer, so now, if you are in search of new headphones, it can be confusing as to where to begin from?

Even if narrowed down your choice between earphones and earbuds, the next question is which brand to go for? Big brands do offer something for every group. Some brands have something specific for people like athletes or individuals who are musicians. There is no definite answer to which brand is the best one; however, we’ve listed top brands that people generally go for and are known for their reliability and quality.


Bose is a brand that is famous for its noise cancellation feature in its products. They made their place when they first produced an acoustic noise-cancelling headset, particularly for the pilot. Since then, they have been known for offering noise-cancelling systems of speakers and home audio systems.

Bose headphones are known to have vital noise isolation features along with a balanced sound profile. They also offer audio sunglasses, which have speakers attached to the arms, enabling you to listen to audio with no need to block the ears. These headphones last for around 21 hours non-stop and also come with an auto-off timer to save battery life when not in use. They also have a feature that supports the pairing of  multi-device due to which two devices can be paired at a time.


In Apple’s product line, we’ve found Airpods Pro Truly Wireless to be the best ones. These are a better version of Apple Airpods third generations because they come with an in-ear fit and have an ANC system.

Therefore, they can block a considerable amount of noise like a rumble of plane engines or a bus. Their sound profile is neutral and suitable for different audio content. However, they do lack some amount of rumble and thump. Most importantly, their battery life is 5.3 hours, which can be a minor hassle for long days.


Sony is a well-known brand name we’ve been hearing since our childhood. It is known to be one of the popular electronics manufacturers. Their product range is vast, going from cameras to TV sets. Similarly, their range of headphones is enormous and diverse. Be it your choice of sports-oriented earbuds that have stable fits or noise-cancelling over-ears to cancel external sound, you’ll find everything here, as they are able to cater to your needs.

Most of the Song headphones go in line with its headphones connect app, which brings customization features such as button mapping or EQ. Sony headphones also have an option of multi-pairing, which enables you to switch between using the phone and laptop. The best part is that they have a huge battery life of around 37 hours.


Sennheiser is known quite well among the category of audiophiles due to their vast range of headphones that are open-back and available at different price points. They even offer Bluetooth models dedicated to casual listening and TV headphones through which you can watch TV shows wirelessly. They have both in-ears and over-ears but do not have a vast variety of wireless options. The collection of headphones is so extensive that it is difficult to tell which ones are of the best value as all these have minor differences only.


Jabra has been known for making office-oriented and call centre headphones for an extended period. In recent years they have come up with more sports-oriented and casual wireless options. Moreover, most of the products have robust microphone features that help you make calls over the day for Bluetooth headphones.

However, its noise-cancelling features aren’t powerful, and its ANC offers slight improvement compared to noise isolation. These headphones are stable, comfortable, and have a rating of IP57 in terms of resistance against water and dust. The battery life is eight hours when used constantly, and they come in with a good case that has additional charges.


This is a Japanese brand known for making a diverse range of headphones. They are best known for the M-series headphones, basically designated for professional use.

Audio-Technica’s best products are unique for their sound quality and build, mainly for audio professionals and audiophiles. They also offer headphones that have Bluetooth and active noise-cancelling models to give you that everlasting experience.

These are some of the top brands that we believe are preferable in terms of sound quality, build noise cancellation feature, and battery life.

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