Full Player Comparison: Shaquille O’Neal vs. Wilt Chamberlain (Breakdown)

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Wilt Chamberlain and Shakeel O’Neill will be connected forever because they were both physically dominant superstars who changed the game and the rules forever. Both players played for the legendary Los Angeles Lakers franchise against Whit Chamberlain, who won 1 ring with them, while Chuck won 3 NBA titles in 4 consecutive NBA finals.

When we talk about the greatest centers of all time, the same names appear. Wilt Chamberlain and Shakeel O’Neill are mentioned several times in the interview, mainly because the top 10 of the audience is increasing. Wilt Chamberlain has the most undisputed records in the NBA, while Shakeel O’Neill is the most modern player who was undisputed in every way.

Shaq and Wilt have been compared many times, and it was time to compare the skills of two of the greatest players who have ever played the game. While Schuck was a player who relied on brute force and physical strength, Wilt just jumped higher and was the best player in the league at the time. But which actor has the most influence? It’s time to find out.

Score– Wil Chamberlain 'Neal-vs.-Wild-Wildkamer-Breakdown.jpg

It’s close because Shak, in his best years, was simply unbeatable. In fact, he could have known one of the most dominant races in the history of the NBA. Over the course of his career, Shak has fired an average of 23.7 PPGs at 58.2%. O’Neill was an inner strength because of his size and strength and had a career – an average of 29.7 PCO in 1999-2000. Until his big accident he was a very bad FT shooter and shot 52,7% of the gang. Although Shaq knocked down the locomotive, he never got close enough to pick up Wilt with his glasses (and no one will).

Wilt Chamberlain once lost 100 points in an NBA game – something that will probably never happen again. In addition, Chamberlain had several seasons with an average of at least 33.5 CAC and even 50.4 CAC for the 1961-62 season. Chamberlain, who played even among the smaller players, managed to get buckets at an inhuman pace, and it was hard to get a cross over him when it came to scoring. Chamberlain’s 30.1 PPG quarry uses Shak’s average and gives him a head start.

Athletics – Wil Chamberlain’Neal-vs.-Wilt-Chamberlain-Breakdown.jpg

It is clear that Wilt was the top athlete in terms of speed and verticality, although Shack’s physical strength enabled him to hold his own in modern NBA defense. Ultimately, Wilt has an advantage because his athletics has broken many NBA records, including 100 points in one game or 50 rebounds in another.

O’Neill literally pushed the ball over the edge from time to time, passing all the defenders like rags. Nobody was as big as him, but for a man that size he was surprisingly fast and explosive. O’Neill had the physical ability to change the game completely and his record of broken rims is a clear indication of that. Shack was just the center of power, but he couldn’t jump and couldn’t jump like Wilt, which gives Chamberlain an advantage here.

Protection – Wil Chamberlain’Neal-vs.-Wilt-Chamberlain-Breakdown.jpg

Shak has never been a great defender when he got older, although he has an average of 2.3 GPA and 0.6 GPA over his career. These are important numbers for any normal center, but a player with Shak’s physical dominance could do more. However, he could be a force in the prime of life for this purpose, and his presence changed the shots when the flight to Shaq went through a stone wall.

Wilt was the best defender. He was great as a rim defender, simply because he was so big and tall. Only one person could have imagined how much Wilt Chamberlain of the BPG could have achieved on average in his time if those statistics had been recorded, because the recordings of the small players couldn’t have passed him by. He had a huge rebound and could influence the game more in defense. Chamberlain was a better defender than Shack in midfield.

Clutch – Shake O’Neill’Neal-vs.-Wilt-Chamberlain-Breakdown.jpg Via Getty

Wilt was of course a spectacular player, and he was always on the field throughout the game. However, Wilt shot from the penalty area line with 51.1% of the line and was limited in the attack to 3 metres from the basket. That means he wasn’t always the first choice when it came to couplers, and he was lucky to play with guys like Jerry West who could have easily pulled couplers. Chamberlain may be the most extraordinary athlete in the history of the NBA, but his skills have not allowed him to be so successful in the race.

Shak could score at any time in his best years, but he would fight the penalty line and avoid it at all costs. Fortunately for Shack, Wilt was as poor as a freebooter in this debate, and only 51.1% of his career was spent shooting. Like Wilt in a time of crisis, Shak had little hope of missing them both. O’Neill certainly wasn’t the shooter, but we know he always scored when he counted, and his four NBA rings are proof of that. He has the advantage.

Guide – Shakeel O’Neill Neal-vs.-Wilt-Chamberlain-Breakdown.jpg (via Diario AS)

Shaq and Wilt were very noisy and imposed their powers on the court and caused them to dominate the board and influence the games. But Shack was the best leader, especially because he was the undisputed leader of the three-headed LAKERS dynasty, where a young Kobe Bryant lived. Shaq was a winner and a very competitive player. He won his fourth NBA title as a Miami-Heath veteran and later showed that he knows how to lead teams to success.

Wilt Chamberlain is known for his play on the field and is one of the greatest icons in the history of the NBA. During his career he has won two NBA titles and achieved many individual successes. So it is clear that he has managed to keep the spotlight and the fame given to him as the best player on the team. The difference is that Shak won more rings and MVP’s in the finals and at the end of the season was more successful than Wilt. The treasurer may have been a great leader, but Shack has an advantage here.

Hit – Shake O’Neill 'Neal-vs.-Wilt-Chamberlain-Breakdown.jpg (illustrated on sport)

It’s hard to make a decision. Wilt has a record book with many unparalleled stats to simulate his fall as a dominant player and he has managed to win 2 rings to prove himself. No matter how amazing the individual statistics of Wilt are, the influence of Shack at its peak cannot be denied. Shack had no answer, and he literally didn’t care how to reach the winning rings. He won three MVP’s in a row and didn’t hesitate to get another as second violinist against Dwyane Wade in Miami.

Probably want to influence the game on an individual level better than any other NBA player, but Shakeel O’Neill has managed to become the power behind 4 NBA champion teams that have always attracted the best talent. When Shak was on the block, everything stopped and he had more control of the game at team level.

1 of 1 – Wil Chamberlain’Neal-vs.-Wilt-Chamberlain-Breakdown.jpg Credit: YouTube

Shak was unstoppable in the game, but he was clearly limited in his options as he needed a defender to get the ball back and into position. Of course, when the hut had the ball, there was nothing we could do about it. Wilt of course needed the ball, but he had the luxury of being able to literally grab it at any moment. Wilt Chamberlain should be the best in the middle if he can score 100 points, 50 rebounds and even a 50.4 PPG average in a season.

Shack was unstoppable at his post in the game, but Willt’s crazy ability to score as many points as he wanted with a gentle touch of the edge gave him the lead. As for the defense plan, Wilt has been longer and more active than Shack. In a head-to-head situation, Wilt can score every time and bounce back on the other side, which gives him an advantage here.

Raceway – Shakeel O’Neill’Neal-vs.-Wilt-Chamberlain-Breakdown.jpg

In general, their careers are very close together. Many tend to put Shaq in front of Wilt on the list at all times, while others prefer Chamberlain. Finally, the decisive argument in this dispute is the number of NBA rings, because winning is the goal of the NBA game. Shak managed to spoof 2 more NBA rings and 2 last MVPs. Shaq is primarily responsible for the creation of the legendary Laker dynasty and the best 1-2 Punch duo with Kobe Bryant.

Shak never scored 100 points in a single game, never bounced and didn’t make passes like Chamberlain, but he led 15 all-star teams (versus 13 Wilt Teams) and 14 all-NBA teams (versus 10 Wilt Teams). Add to that the fact that Shaq won two extra rings and two MVPs in the finals, and you have a longer and better career than Wilt. Shaq gets a nod here because he’s won more rings as the best player on his team.

Final result

Shake O’Neill versus Wilt Chamberlain 4-4

This one is too close to be mentioned, and two legends are of equal size. Wilt has statistics and individual records in his favor, while Shaq has the NBA rings and the leadership on and off the court in his favor. Shaka’s four NBA rings and three MVP finals match Wilts’ scandalous stats and records perfectly, including playing for 100 points under his name and a PPG career averaging 30.1. Due to the dominance and influence of each individual player in his team, this comparison is balanced.

Many will not dispute that both players are among the top ten players who have ever lived, and that will probably never change. Shaquille O’Neal and Wilt Chamberlain will always be in the same breath when it comes to the big centers, and it is very unlikely that we will ever see a great man with their kind of dominance in the near future.



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