Arsenal 4-1 Molde: Mikel Arteta calls for Europa League VAR introduction despite win

Arsenal came from behind in two of the three games in European League Group B.

Michael Arteta has called for the introduction of the video of the assistant referee in the group matches of the European League, despite the fact that Arsenal does not have a comfortable winner against Moldova.

Thanks to a solid victory, the athletes reached the middle of Group B with a record of one hundred percent.

But it could have been more, as Eddie Nketia had what seemed like a legal offside goal from Nicolas Pepe when Molde took an 1-0 lead.

Unlike the Champions League, the VAR is not used in the group phases of the European League.

I don’t think it makes sense if we have the technology and we all think it’s the right decision for everyone, Mr. Arteta said.

So I don’t understand, we complained to the referee because we were told that he is clearly in the game and that of course this is a situation that could clearly change the game.

So I think they should look at it and, if possible, change it.

For the second time in three group races the Gunners had to settle for a 25 meter pass from Martin Ellingsen to Bernd Leno after an excellent pass from former Manchester United replacement Magnus Wolf Eikrem.

Arsenal leveled at the end of the first half after Nkefia’s banned goal.

Christopher Haugen passed his goalkeeper and tried to intercept a Nkefias cross by Joe Willock before Sid Colasinak missed a big chance at the bar.

The Gunners took the lead when Molde replaced Sheriff Sinian, who changed Willock’s six-metre pass into his own net.

Replacement Buquayo Saca chose Pepe for a 3-1 victory before Willock scored a well-deserved late goal when Arsenal moved to the top of the group with three games to go.

Arsenal leader of the European League Group B with three points.

Willock and Ncephia illuminated for archers

Arsenal, with two games in reserve, have been able to win the last 32 games with a victory on the way back in Norway on January 26th. November.

Arteta is currently winning three straight games in all competitions since they were cancelled last month by Lester’s counterattack.

Despite the shortage, Arsenal managed to keep their opponents at bay without the help of Pierre-Emerica Decoyan, Alexander Lacazette or Thomas Parteille.

Arteta finally smiled and hit Willock with his fist on the field after a complete whistle. The 21-year-old entered his first season in the Premier League with a performance full of hunger and nostalgia.

The way he approaches every opportunity shows how mature he is, Arteta said when asked about Willock’s contribution.

I’m also impressed with the way he communicates. I think he’s really developing, he’s a player I really like.

He has very special qualities, and he deserves every minute he plays, and he shows it with his performance, goals and attitude.

The shooters withdrew after they were unable to close Ellingsen, whose magnificent shot made Molde dream of one of the greatest results in their history.

It was a wake-up bell that the hosts needed, the artistic side played with more intensity after the setup.

The future of Arsenal seems to be in good hands, Ncetia also impressed with her speed and performance, while substitute Saka played a very cautious pass and chose Pepe for his goal.

Four goals and four assists in nine European matches for Pepe – stat

  • Arsenal avoided the defeat with 60 percent, missed the first game led by Michael Arteta, won four times and played two of those ten games (L4).
  • In all European competitions, Norwegian teams lost 21 of their 23 away games to the British, scoring 14 goals and admitting 104.
  • Arsenal has won 15 of the 21 games in the group stage of the European League (71 percent – D4 L2), at least six more than any other team in the 2017-18 season.
  • Since the beginning of last season, Bukayo Saka has made 14 assists in all leagues, more than any other player in the arsenal in this period.
  • For the first time since their 4-0 victory over Swansea in the Premier League in January 2017, the Hanners scored two goals of their own in one game.
  • Since joining Arsenal, Nicolas Pepe has scored eight goals in nine UEFA Europa League matches (4 goals, 4 assists), making him the first player to play consecutive matches in the league.

What happens then?

Arsenal are in the Premier League on Sunday when Aston Villa travels to London (19:15 GMT).

The actors of the game

Willock-Joseph Willock


  1. Team number11 Player name Ellingsen
  2. Team number1 Player name Linde
  3. Team number30 Player nameBolly
  4. Team number 7 Player nameWolf Acream
  5. Team number16 Player nameHussein
  6. Team number22 Player nameeBrinhildsen
  7. Team number10 Player name James
  8. Team number6 Player nameGregsen
  9. Team number28 Player nameEyes
  10. Team number 20Player gameVingo
  11. Team number17 Name of the playerAnders
  12. Team number2 Name of playerBjornbuck
  13. Team number14 Player nameKnudzon
  14. Team number99 Player nameOmaya Juanfo
  15. Team number 5 Player nameSinyan
  16. Team number9 Player nameMostrem



  • 1Turner
  • 15Maitland-NilesSubstituted byCédric Soaresat 63’minutes
  • 20 Mustafi
  • 23 David Louis – reservation for 58 minutes.
  • 31 Kolasinak
  • 34XhakaReplacement of Tierneyat 80’minutes
  • 8SebalosReplacement by Elnenyat 80’min.
  • 12VillianSubstituted by Sakaat 64′ minutesClosed at 77 miles.
  • 28Villock
  • 19Pepe
  • 30Netia


  • 2Bellerin
  • 3Tierney
  • 6dos Santos Magalhaes
  • 7 Saka’s
  • 9Lacazette
  • 13Runarsson
  • 14Aubamese
  • 16 Holding company
  • 17Cedric Soares
  • Part 18
  • 25Elennium
  • 33Macy


  • 1Linden tree
  • 20 vingo
  • 2Bjørnbak
  • 6GregsenReplacement by sinianate 45’minutes
  • 28Yeah
  • 17Auurns
  • 16 Hussain
  • 11 EllingsenReplaced by 86’minutes Mostremat
  • 7Wolff EikremSubstitution of Brynhildsenat 74’minutes
  • 30BollyReplaced with cudzonate 63’minutes
  • 99OmoijuanfoSubstituted forJamesat 74’minutes


  • 3Risa
  • 5Sinyane
  • 9Mostrem
  • 10 James
  • 12Craninx
  • 14Knud zone
  • 15Хristensen
  • 22Brinhildsen
  • 26Randmark
  • 27Holmgren Pedersen

Real-time text

  1. Game over, Arsenal 4, Molda 1.
  2. The second half is over, Arsenal 4, Molde 1.
  3. Sead Kolasinac (Arsenal) is punished after committing an offence.
  4. Ola Brinhildsen (Molde) gets a free kick in the defensive half.
  5. I missed a shot. The title goes to Eddie Nketiah (Arsenal) who misses the shortest distance on the left.
  6. Aim! Arsenal 4, Molda 1. Joseph Willock (Arsenal) blows the right flag from the centre of the penalty area into the top of the goal. With the support of Nicolas Pepe.
  7. I missed a shot. Joseph Willock (Arsenal) is missing from the right center of the box. Supported by kiran tierney around the corner.
  8. Corner, Arsenal. Henry Vingo’s entrance.
  9. Eddie Nketia (Arsenal) wins the penalty in the defensive half.
  10. A dangerous play by Christopher Haugen (Molda).
  11. Replacement, Molde. Matthias Kent Mostrom replaces Martin Ellingsen.
  12. Corner, Molda. Assigned by David Louis.
  13. The attempt is blocked. The right throw of Leke James (Molde) is blocked from the outside. With the support of Etzazaz Hussein.
  14. Offside, Arsenal. Eddie Ncetia tries a pass, but Bukayo Saka strikes.
  15. Eddie Nketia (Arsenal) wins the penalty in the defensive half.
  16. Martin Ellingsen (Molda) is punished after he has committed an offence.
  17. Kiran Tierney (Arsenal) wins a penalty kick in the defensive half.
  18. Ola Brinhildsen (Molda) is punished after committing an offence.
  19. Offside, Arsenal. Cédric Suarez tries a cross, but Bucayo Saca is offside.
  20. The attempt is blocked. Cedric Soares (Arsenal) on the right side of the box blocks the right leg. With the support of Nicolas Pepe.

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