All You Must Know About Leased Line

No matter whether you are a small, medium, or large business enterprise, one of the necessary costs that you may incur is your internet connection. It is because in this digital world, having access to the internet for smooth data transmission and high work productivity is crucial to meet your deadlines on time. A recent study suggests that monthly data consumption in India can go up to 9000 MB per unique internet connection. 

As the digital adoption rate increases, there is more need for high speed, low cost, and reliable internet connection. However, reliability, cost, and speed are not the only major factors you must consider while choosing an internet business broadband connection. Have any idea, how can you determine an ideal internet service provider as per your business preference? 

For this, you must know what an internet leased line is and get the basics clear with respect to how it is offered! Simple.

Read on to know the top things you must be well versed about internet leased line. However, before starting, let’s understand what an internet leased line is. 

What is an internet leased line connection?

Internet leased line is a dedicated connection with fixed bandwidth. If your enterprise or business demands more usage of data, then the leased line is sure to endow you with a high upload, download speed and uptime. The term ‘leased’ is used here as the internet line is rented by the ISP (internet service provider) directly to your business.

Here are the top things you must be aware of about leased line internet connection before signing up for your enterprise. 

Dedicated bandwidth

When you select a leased line network, you are signing up for the dedicated bandwidth. This means, you are reserving the bandwidth for just yourself and no one else can use it. Having a dedicated bandwidth enhances internet speed, which further increases business productivity. 

Symmetric download and upload speed

When you say symmetric speed, all it means are that download, and upload takes place at the same speed. Note that whatever you sign up for will just be available to you dedicatedly, for instance, if you sign up for the 20 MBPS connection, this will be dedicated just to you and not shared with other users. It will be reserved solely for your use, making the uploads and downloads consistent, faster, and symmetric. 


Usually, internet leased line work on a longer contractual basis. This enhances the chances of your enterprise getting a comfortable infrastructure as ISP (internet service provider) invests in a pragmatic and solid network. With such a setup, better performance can be expected from the provider with service availability assurance being measured by uptime, which generally is 99.95 per cent committed by the ISP.


In case you are planning to expand your company or staff working in processes and data, a leased internet is the best choice you can opt for. Note that it is just an upgrade of the service plan, which provides a highly reliable network.

Proper SLA (service level agreement)

See if your provider of leased lines endows you with an assurance that if any problems come up, that will be fixed in a specific time-period. At times, this service problem resolution time is mentioned on the service level agreement, which usually promises to solve at the earliest.  Thus, a confident and good leased line provider generally commit to solving the issue, if any as fast as possible after you report a complaint. 

Go for a ring

When an internet service provider provides you with the choice of an internet-leased line connection, this jargon may overwhelm you. All you require asking is if the provider offers the connection on a single path or with the backup path. The leased line service provider may charge a little higher for the backup path. However, it is worth opting for as you get an entire infrastructure to support the connection. Always select the ring and not the spur. Spur means you will receive just one production path. In the case of a ring, if a single path fails, the backup line can be used to continue with the internet connectivity.

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