Cool Things to Do in Austin

Cool Things to Do in Austin

Austin city is one of the most lively locations in Texas, which is famous for rugged mountain ranges to hip and trendy bars. This city is also well known as The Live Music Capital around the whole globe or worldwide.

There are lots of cool things to explore. Use Austin Neighbourhood Map to know the exact location of different places.  From waterside parks to popular Austin bat colonies, people can enjoy Austin. A few of these cool things which people may enjoy are listed below.

Visiting Congress Avenue Bridge

A lot of individuals gather in the evening on the Congress Avenue Bridge, in the time of sunset, to enjoy Austin’s urban bat colony flying out from their home on the bottom of the bridge over the lake Lady Bird.

It is the largest area in an urban environment in North America where these bats are found. Maybe that is why local people also call that place – “The colony of Mexican free-tailed bats”. There are nearly 1.5 million bats that take flight each night to feed themselves & people are gathering to watch this beautiful thing.

Lake of Lady Bird

When it comes to infinite lines of trees and startling water edges, the lake of Lady Bird has the most fantastic appeal of Austin. One other exciting thing is that the lake has forbidden motorized boats. The prohibition is a mindful gesture that keeps the location clear and calm for tourists; that’s why people can find peace of mind for hours in that place.

This lake of Lady Bird is a vital point of interest in Austin city for visitors, as they can walk on the pavement or picturesque boardwalk, and they are also able to get a cruise beside the water.

The Continental Club

As we all know, Austin city is very famous for its clubs & bars; the continental club is one of the prime examples. It is internationally praised for launching the future careers of famous musicians and musicians from all kinds of genres.

The people’s gathering or the crowd varies based on the show. But here is a twist, everyone is here for the nightly live music and the bottled beers. Usually, a lot of people gather there as part of a night of bar-hopping on the lovely South Congress Avenue.


In the continental club, the first Thursdays’ are specifically significant. Because when the whole street turns into a huge block party, with late openings as well as special offers and live music, it seems to pour from each doorway.

Museum of the Weird

The Museum for the Weird stuff is one of the unique things to see in this city in Texas. It is getting very popular for its eye-popping colors and mind soothing oddities.

The attack on people’s retinas will begin as soon as they enter there because its vibrant yellow partitions are decorated with vintage posters and also splashy. From there, people can check out many things such as –

  •       Deformed skulls
  •       Taxidermy animals
  •       Psychic trinkets
  •       Weird antiques
  •       And also many other strange and odd things.


Those kinds of places where people will come out of the museum and wonder about what they have just come across. If any individual schedules or plan to visit Austin & if people are thinking about which places to visit during their vacation, they should try this place.

Allens Boots

When tourists enter the Austin institution on south congress avenue, the first part they will notice when they step into this street is the whiff of leather.

Austin is well known for its famous leather brands. People will find this place unique cowboy boots made from the skin of exotic Caiman alligators, and people will also find stylish Western booties. If people are visiting Austin for the first time, then they will visit this place to find their cowboy boots.

Wrapping up

In the city of Austin, there are more than 27 million people who come per year to visit this place. This city becomes more beautiful when it hosts all kinds of concerts as well as festivals.




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