Carlos PenaVega Shares Awkward Video of Wife Alexa Online

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Spanish-language broadcaster Univision announced a new partnership with the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in an effort to promote their work and the values of the Hispanic community. This inspired Carlos PenaVega to share an awkward video of his wife Alexa PenaVega visiting a local mall in Florida. However, it’s really more awkward than one might think. (Caution: The video contains some NSFW language.)

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Alexa and Carlos PenaVega

Hallmark star Carlos PenaVega had some fun online by sharing an embarrassing video of his wife Alexa PenaVega on Instagram. In response, she joked that the video was terrible, and many viewers were amused by this reaction.

Video shows Alexa PenaVega playing a VR game in a bathing suit

Carlos filmed the video while his wife was playing a VR game in her bathing suit. Because she was wearing an earpiece, she didn’t know he was filming her and sharing it on Instagram. You can watch the video below.

Carlos wrote: I love you @vegaalexa (she’s wearing a bathing suit…it’s cold).

Alexa took it all in stride and responded on Instagram: Honestly, I feel so cool playing this game….. But this… It’s terrible.


She received many responses to her comment: People laughed at her and made fun of her acting.

Another person wrote: You have to get it back ♥️

Another person responded that she was a target by writing: You’re the coolest! !! The objectives are indisputable! I am truly living the dream!!!

Another fan replied: This is so cute, I love you guys together!

Tiffany Thornton replied: I love this woman… 2764️.

The Pena-Vegas couple brought 10. that their third child, Rio, was born. Her child had to spend some time in intensive care before she could go home.

Earlier this week, they had a question-and-answer session on Instagram

Just five days earlier, the couple posted a Q&A on Instagram.

One of the questions was whether they would consider teaching their children another language. They replied that they do indeed speak Spanish with their children, and Carlos also tries to speak French with them.

When Alexa was asked about dating advice for 2021, she said: Find someone who cares…. The boy is supposed to be a gentleman. Let it open doors for you…. I think it’s rare these days because women want to be the boss, and that’s fine, but watch how he behaves when you give him a chance to be a gentleman.

Carlos added: I tell the boys, take your time. We’re always rushing things, but take your time… and build that relationship.

Another member of the audience asked them if they wanted more children and they both said yes. Maybe one or two more, Carlos said.

When asked what they liked best about each other, Alexa told Carlos that he was very goal-oriented.

It’s very uplifting, it’s… exciting and… motivates me, she said. I’d say your motivation is lasting.

Carlos says he likes that Alexa is always calm and ready for anything.

They also stated that they had been renovating the house for about six months.

It was great, but I’m tired, Carlos said.

When asked if he is still in touch with the other BTR TV actors, Carlos said: Not personally, because we’re all gone, but we’ll make it up to you.

He said one of the actors was even in town when Alexa was born.

We try to stay in touch as much as possible, he said.

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