Shane Beamer agrees to become South Carolina’s head coach, sources say

Shane Beamer agrees to become South Carolina’s head coach, sources say
Shane Beamer agrees to become South Carolina’s head coach, sources say

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The Beamer Ball is coming to South Carolina.

Shane Beamer, Oklahoma’s assistant head coach for the attack and battery, has agreed to be the next home coke head coach, sources told ESPN late Saturday night.

A press conference on the presentation of the beamer is scheduled for Monday, according to sources.

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Beamer, who has been working in Oklahoma for three seasons, was not available to coach Baylor’s 27-14 speed victory in Norman on Saturday night. Soon head coach Lincoln Riley said he hadn’t talked to Beamer on Saturday, but added that if the [report] is true, of course I’m happy about that. These are opportunities you don’t always get.

Among the coaches Beamer wants to have in his team, Connor Shaw is the best quarterback of the roosters. Shaw is currently coaching the South Carolina quarterbacks and was previously director of Player Development.

Earlier this Saturday, Scott Satterfield from Louisville and Billy Napier from Louisiana, who were also considered the top candidates from South Carolina, announced that they would stay in their current schools. Coastal Carolina, Jamie Chadwell, Offensive Coordinator, and Brian Johnson, Florida Offensive Coordinator, were also interviewed for the position.

Beamer, son of Coach Frank Beamer’s Hall of Fame, was named after the team shortly after Coach Will Mushamp was fired on his 15th birthday. November in South Carolina to the favorite. He has had the support of some of South Carolina’s most respected football fanatics and met with Gamecock officials two weeks ago. From 2007 to 2010 Beamer worked as an assistant in South Carolina under the direction of Steve Spurriere.

In 2009 and 2010 Beamer was the Recruitment Coordinator for South Carolina when the players brought together some of the best recruitment classes in the history of the school. The Beamer was the basis for three straight 11-game winnings and three top 10 finals in the final polls.

Marcus Lattimore, the school principal with 38 quick touchdowns, helped the class in 2010 with Shaw.

Coach Beamer is the one who will impress you with his love and enthusiasm for the game, said Lattimore in an interview with ESPN. It makes you want to play for him. He’s smart and handsome. He loves his family. He needs to tell you everything you need to know about my feelings for him and this job.

The 2009 Gamecocks writer class included cornerback Stephon Gilmore, receiver Alshon Jeffery and defensive back D.J. Swearinger – they all still play in the NFL.

Patrick DiMarco, defender of the Atlanta Falcons in 2015, played in South Carolina while Beemer was in the state, and praised the cast.

I’m pretty sure Shane is going to bring a lot of men together to lift the scoreboard and make the Carolina exciting again, DiMarco told ESPN. Shane has ties to both state and university, and while working at USC as a recruitment coordinator, he helped bring recruits such as Markus Lattimore, Alshon Jeffrey, Jadveon Clowney, Stefan Gilmore and many others to South Carolina.

The Los Angeles Chargers Pro Bowl defense ends with Melvin Ingram, a senior American from South Carolina who recently tweeted that the Beamer will bring back culture.

Beamer, 43, has never been a great striker or defender in his career, but he has experience working with both sides of the ball and has also coordinated special teams. He spent the last three years as Riley’s right hand in the attack, training the narrow ends of the speed and the H-shaped back.

Last month, Riley Beamer said it would be a big main bus, adding that Beamer had a lot of experience, that he could work with many different types of programs in different parts of the country.

South Carolina talked to Riley before hiring Mushamp about the cock heads for the 2016 season. Riley, then 32, was Oklahoma’s offensive coordinator and quarterback coach in his first season.

After playing for his father at Virginia Tech, Beemer wanted to make a name for himself in the coaching world before taking over his father’s coaching position as assistant head coach and running coach from 2011 to 2015. Before returning to his alma mater, Beamer trained with Philip Fulmer in Tennessee, Sylvester Krum in Mississippi and Sparrier in South Carolina.

And after his father retired from Virginia Tech after the 2015 season, Beamer worked under Kirby Smart in Georgia for two seasons, making this his fourth stop in the SEC.

Mushamp was released three times at the beginning of his fifth season. In South Carolina he was 28-30 years old and in his first three seasons (22) he won more games than any other coach in the history of the school, but in the last 20 games of Mushamp Gamcoff he was only 6-14 years old.

South Carolina has won more than eight games a season, only seven times in the history of the school, and Spurrier has been responsible for four of those seven seasons.

ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg contributed to this report.

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