2 mistakes by Arizona in the 2021 NFL Draft

2 mistakes by Arizona in the 2021 NFL Draft
2 mistakes by Arizona in the 2021 NFL Draft

There were many mistakes and many mistakes by Arizona, but I’ll focus on two specific ones. In the first, the Cardinals traded with the New York Giants in the second round of the 2021 NFL draft to move up to the number 10 overall pick, which meant they selected defensive end Michael Grove from Arizona State University. In return, they sent Arizona State’s 2019 second-round pick, as well as the Giants’ 2020 second-round pick. The Giants, of course, confirmed the trade, but the Cardinals were not supposed to be involved in this scenario.

Since the early 2000’s, the Arizona Cardinals have been known as one of the most successful and consistent teams in the NFL. They’ve made the playoffs 10 out of the last 11 seasons, and have made the postseason in all but one of those seasons. However, there are a few errors the Cardinals have made over the years that have caused them to miss the playoffs in the more recent years. In the 2021 NFL Draft, Arizona must avoid these mistakes and continue to be one of the top teams in the league.

The draft is almost upon us, and the Cardinals are looking for a franchise quarterback to lead the franchise, and hopefully to win a Super Bowl. Time will tell if Josh Rosen or Kyler Murray is the right guy for the job, but one thing is for sure, the Cardinals cannot afford to miss out on another top pick.. Read more about 5th year option nfl 2021 and let us know what you think.

The Arizona Cardinals were much better in the 2020 season, but they failed to end their four-year postseason drought, finishing 8-8. Although the team narrowly made the playoffs last season, head coach Cliff Kingsbury and his staff continue to rebuild the team in hopes of becoming a contender in the coming years.

In an effort to become stronger as a unit. Arizona needed to use the 2021 NFL Draft to add talent around its big men Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt. Although the Cardinals have picked up a few promising rookies, they have made some mistakes that could hurt them heading into the 2021 season.

Here are two mistakes the Cardinals made in the proceedings that just ended:

1. The inability to increase the depth of the interior offensive line.

The Cardinals started the season off right by trading their third-round pick in 2021 for three-time center Rodney Hudson and a seventh-round pick. However, the team’s interior offensive line still lacks depth despite the addition of an experienced veteran.

Arizona made another reorganization by bringing back veteran Justin Pugh and adding former Buffalo Bills linebacker Brian Winters. However, it remains to be seen if the above names are good enough to protect Kyler Murray next season at center.

In the draft, the Cardinals finally let their chance at a good defender slip by picking Purdue’s Rondale Moore as the 49ers’ WR in the second round. They also didn’t have a third-round pick to acquire a player like Ohio State linebacker Wyatt Davis, who was eventually picked by the Minnesota Vikings with No. 1. 86.

Arizona eventually waited until the seventh round to get an offensive lineman, center Michal Meneth of Penn State, who was selected with No. 1 overall. 247. The Cardinals can only hope that Justin Pugh and Brian Winters are effective in the trenches and provide the protection needed for Kyler Murray to improve his game next season.

2. Lack of talent at the tight end and running back positions.

Obviously, the defensive rotation was the Cardinals’ main target in the 2021 NFL Draft, as five of their seven selections play in that area of the field. While they have undoubtedly strengthened their defensive rotation, they remain deficient in other areas of their offense, particularly the defensive and run groups.

For the 2021 season, the Cardinals still have veteran Maxx Williams as their starting tight end. Although he is a regular player, he doesn’t do much on the field. Last season, the Minnesota native accounted for just 102 yards on eight touches and one touchdown in nine games.

He will be backed up by tight end Darrell Daniels, who has yet to see significant action on the field despite making his fourth start of the season.

To make matters worse, the Cardinals’ running back corps has been thinned out after former RB1 Kenyan Drake chose to trade with the Las Vegas Raiders in the offseason. His departure will be a big loss for Arizona, as he had a breakthrough last season with 955 yards on 239 carries and 10 touchdowns in 15 appearances.

The Cardinals tried to rebound from that loss by adding an interesting talent in James Conner, who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As in previous years, injuries have affected his performance. Last season, he accounted for 721 yards on 169 touches and six touchdowns in 13 appearances. It remains to be seen if he can repeat Drake’s performance and stay healthy in 2021.

Also on the bench is 25-year-old pitcher Chase Edmonds, who has shown promise in his first three seasons in the league. In the 2020 season, he totaled 448 yards on 97 attempts and one touchdown in 16 appearances. He also proved he can catch the ball, with four touchdowns last season. Despite his lack of experience, his development as a fourth-year will certainly have an impact on Arizona’s fast-paced group next season.

The Cardinals’ decision to bolster the WR rotation with rookie Rondale Moore has certainly left a lack of depth in the other offensive groups. After failing to add talented players to their ranks, the Cardinals will likely rely heavily on their veterans to stay on the field next season.

Last year, the Arizona Cardinals were able to trade up 10 spots in the NFL Draft to grab a talented prospect in Josh Allen out of Wyoming. Unfortunately, that trade did not go as planned. The Cardinals had a second pick in the third round, where they used it to pick Evan White, a running back from UCLA.. Read more about arizona cardinals draft picks 2020 and let us know what you think.

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