2021 NCAA volleyball tournament

2021 NCAA volleyball tournament
2021 NCAA volleyball tournament

The 2021 NCAA volleyball tournament will take place at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. This is due to renovations and building restrictions at Gregory Gymnasium. The 2020 and 2022 tournaments will be played elsewhere before returning to their home court for 2023, 2024, 2025 and beyond.,

The “ncaa volleyball tournament 2021 tickets” is the 2021 NCAA Volleyball Tournament. The tournament will take place from April 20-27 and will be played in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Louisville’s quest for perfection persisted. Stanford and Penn State, two long-time powerhouses, have been eliminated from the tournament. We’ll know who’s going to the women’s volleyball final four in Columbus, Ohio, on Dec. 16-18 by Saturday.

The early round matches concluded on Saturday, with 14 of the 16 seeds advancing, including the No. 1 overall Cardinals, who were 30-0. This week, the regionals will be hosted by Louisville and the other top-four seeds, Texas, Pitt, and Wisconsin. Kansas, which defeated No. 14 seed Creighton in the second round, and Illinois, who upset reigning champion Kentucky, the No. 7 seed, in the same round, are the upset teams.

No. 2 Texas, No. 10 Nebraska, No. 13 UCLA, and No. 15 Washington are the four surviving national champions. (Only the top 16 volleyball players are seeded.)

As part of an overall attempt to improve the tournament and the student-athlete experience, the NCAA has added a day between the semifinals on Thursday and the finals on Saturday this season. On Thursday, the semifinals will begin at 11 a.m. ET, with all eight matches airing on ESPNU or ESPN+.

The four regional finals will start at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday and will be broadcast on ESPNU.

Our experts analyze down the tournament’s first weekend and look forward to the next one.

1. What about the first two rounds shocked you?

Mechelle Voepel: I can’t say anything surprised me. The tournament is set up to favor the underdogs, yet the two shocks were both by teams that had previously reached the final four: Illinois and Kansas. I don’t think anybody anticipated the reigning champs to lose in the second round, but Kentucky had a challenging game against the Big Ten’s Illini.

Missy Whittemore: I’m shocked there were no shocks in the first two rounds. I believed this may be the year of shocks throughout the season, but the great majority of seedings remained true. It’s possible that regional matchups and home-court advantage will make it tough to deviate from the norm.

Gore, Sam: The most surprising aspect of the game was Kansas’ handling of Oregon and Creighton. Kansas head coach Ray Bechard, on the other hand, is a terrific strategist. It’s as though he approaches each battle like a chess match, looking for methods for his side to identify and exploit any weaknesses in their opponents. He’s a natural at Xs and Os, and his scouting reports are spot-on.

Eric Frede: It has to be considered a surprise if the defending national champions do not advance to the regional semifinals. As a result, the SEC’s flag is currently carried only by Florida.

Alex Loeb: The Kansas Jayhawks have been one of the tournament’s Cinderella tales. They were 12-11 a month ago, having lost eight of their previous nine games and having yet to win a ranked opponent this season. They’re a very different squad now, having beaten teams ranked 19 and 20 in the first two rounds. Ray Bechard, the head coach, deserves credit. During the most stressful time of the year, he has his squad playing loose and carefree volleyball.

Pat Sunderland: I believed Washington State would be a serious threat to Baylor, but not without Jordan Timmer. I was also expecting Miami to beat Florida, which lacked T’ara Ceasar. The game between Stanford and Minnesota seemed to be a toss-up, but the Gophers handily prevailed.

Only two of the 16 five-set matches in the second round went the distance, according to Karch Kiraly. This season, home-court advantage may have a bigger influence than usual. I was also surprised to see Kentucky, the defending champion, lose so quietly to Illinois, the Big Ten’s seventh-place team. It was a shock to get thrashed 25-10 in the third set.

Salima Rockwell: There were so many exciting matches in the first two rounds, but Raina Terry and the Illini’s victory against incumbent national champion Kentucky was particularly impressive. Kentucky entered the tournament as one of the hottest teams in the nation, riding a 27-set win streak and looking to make a long run. Illinois had always had a chance to pull off an upset, but the manner in which they accomplished it was one of the most stunning performances of the tournament so far.

Jenn Hoffman: None of the results in the first two rounds shocked me. Kentucky, the defending champion, displayed its youth on the big stage, and the bright lights may have been too much for them to acclimatize to.

2. Which quarterfinal matchup would you most want to see, and why?

Voepel: Louisville vs. Georgia Tech: The ACC has never had a volleyball team win an NCAA championship, but the sport is growing in popularity. Another measure of that progress would be an all-ACC regional final. Also, longtime conference rivals Texas and Nebraska have played in a slew of significant games throughout the years, including the Longhorns’ 3-1 Sweet 16 triumph last season. When these two get together, the past is always there.

Whittemore: BYU and Pittsburgh. I’m a sucker for a good rematch. Pitt is the sole blemish on BYU’s record, and here is Pitt’s opportunity to improve on its performance from a year ago.

Gore: I’m not thinking beyond the regional semifinals just yet since any of the 16 teams may win it all, but the Sweet 16 game I’m most excited for is Baylor-Minnesota. It’s a clash between two of the best coaches in the country, with some of the most exciting players in the country. Hugh McCutcheon has extensive coaching experience with the United States Olympic squad. Stephanie Samedy is a phenomenal athlete who has apparently converted Minnesota into a tournament favorite each year. The Gophers don’t have the same expectations this season, but they still have enough quality to make a deep run. Ryan McGuire, on the other hand, has elevated Baylor volleyball to the top of the national rankings. He has a senior-heavy squad with Yossiana Pressley, one of the most entertaining players in the game, and Avery Skinner, a national champion.

Loeb: The Elite Eight meeting between Pittsburgh and Purdue might be quite interesting. With seven victories over top-25 teams this season, including four against the top 10, the Boilermakers have been a giant-killer. However, when All-American Kayla Lund returned last weekend, Pittsburgh received a major lift, and the Panthers will also enjoy home-court advantage in front of a loud crowd at Fitzgerald Field House.

Kiraly: Two of them would be extremely exciting: a rematch between Wisconsin and Baylor, which Wisconsin won 3-1 in their first meeting over three months ago, and a Texas-Nebraska duel. We don’t get to witness this ferocious rivalry nearly as often as we used to: Texas won the NCAA tournament this spring, and they split matches in 2016, with Texas prevailing in the final four.

Louisville-Ohio State, according to Rockwell. Louisville is still unbeaten, and their training and preparation throughout the season has been outstanding. Jen Flynn Oldenburg has this team believing in themselves after winning 11 of their past 12 games. What better way to motivate a squad than the very real possibility of competing in the national championship at home? This may be a five-set thriller, and it would be incredible to see one of these two amazing former players and current head coaches lead their club to the last four.

Leketor Member-Meneh and the Pittsburgh Panthers are hoping to get to the NCAA final four by surviving a difficult regional. Pitt Athletics/Alex Mowrey

3. Which of the top four seeds is the most likely to miss out on a trip to Columbus?

Voepel: In order to reach the final four, Texas may have to beat off two more previous national champions: Washington and Nebraska. The Longhorns’ good news is that they are at home, and they are hungry after losing in the NCAA championship last year. The bad news is that both the Huskies and the Huskers might pose a serious threat.

Whittemore: Pitt, Pitt, Pitt, Pitt, Pitt, Pitt, Pitt, Pitt, It will be a duel of heavy hitters whether the Panthers face BYU or Purdue, with many outstanding seniors with plenty of experience. Of course, Pitt will have to first go through a hot Kansas squad led by Jenny Mosser, who is a fairly excellent super senior herself.

Gore: For the first time in my career covering this sport, I believe all four seeds are in jeopardy. Any of the remaining 16 teams has the power to defeat anybody on any given night. It’s been an unusual dynamic to witness fifth- and sixth-year seniors mingle with a freshman class, especially because most of these freshmen are more proficient than any previous freshman class. Teams have a lot of depth.

Frede: Pitt beat Penn State in the first round, so that was the first obstacle. Kansas is up next, followed by the winner of BYU-Purdue, so there are still some major hurdles to overcome.

Loeb: In order for Pitt to get to the final four, it must first go through a Kansas squad that is on fire after two massive shocks last weekend. If the Panthers succeed, they will play either a Purdue club that has defeated a slew of ranked opponents this season or a BYU team that has only lost once this season, to Pittsburgh in September.

Sunderland: Of the top four seeds, Pitt is the most susceptible. With Kayla Lund’s comeback, there’s a lot of doubt, but she was powerful and terrific against Penn State. BYU has a well-balanced team capable of upsetting Pitt.

Kiraly: I’m leaning toward Pitt because Kansas has nothing to lose after two thrilling shock victories. Because Heather Olmstead’s BYU team is always dangerous and well-coached. And since Purdue came back from a 2-0 deficit to win, it tends to thrive as an underdog, as seen by its two victories against Big Ten champion Wisconsin.

Pitt: Rockwell. Purdue has established its value this season with several outstanding victories, including two big wins against No. 4 Wisconsin. In the final three sets, they rallied to overcome Dayton 25-15, 25-6, and 15-5, demonstrating not just their tenacity, but also their ability to change gears after being down. Only one match has been lost by BYU this season, and it was a tight one against Pitt at the start of the season. The Cougars have been here before and were just a few unforced mistakes away from a different result. If they meet again, the manner in which they fought Utah, albeit at home, may lead Pitt to be concerned.

Hoffman: Every top-four seed, in my opinion, is in jeopardy. Being unbeaten in the tournament at this point is terrifying. The Gators have all the weaponry to make it a hard-fought contest, and Louisville has a big order to clear against them.

4. Who has the greatest chance of reaching the final four as a low seed?

Voepel: I believe many of us believed BYU was seeded too low at No. 11. The Cougars enter the regional at Pitt with a 30-1 record after a difficult second-round win against Utah. And if they meet Pitt in the regional final, they could have a chance to avenge their sole defeat of the season.

Whittemore: Minnesota has the greatest chance of reaching the semifinals as a lower seed. The Gophers are in a difficult area, but I believe they will be eager for a chance to avenge their losses to Baylor and Wisconsin this season. They also have Stephanie Samedy on board.

Gore: There’s a great argument to be made for Georgia Tech, Minnesota, or BYU, but none of those teams are certain to win their Sweet 16 match.

Frede: Washington has looked terrific, but can the Huskies win in Austin and return to the national semifinals? That’s a huge task, but they’re back to their old tricks come tournament time.

BYU hasn’t lost in over three months, and if the Cougars can get through Purdue, which is a big if, they’ll be battle-tested and eager for vengeance against a Pittsburgh squad that gave them their lone defeat of the season.

Kiraly: BYU is ranked 11th. With transfer Kenzie Koerber, the Cougars improved significantly. Her acquisition has provided them with many threats on both sides of the field.

BYU boasts a variety of attackers that can cause problems for their opponents, as well as great block and defense and a terrific setter. Whitney Bower is in charge of the show. It won’t be easy, but they have the capacity to outperform the other clubs in their way.

Hoffman: Minnesota has the greatest chance of reaching the semifinals simply because of its difficult regular-season schedule. Night after night, the Big Ten is a difficult league to play in. That league is represented by six of the remaining 16 clubs.

5. Who will advance to the final four?

Louisville, BYU, Texas, and Wisconsin, according to Voepel.

Whittemore: If the first two rounds have taught us anything, it is that we should put our faith in the seeding. Louisville, Wisconsin, Pitt, and Texas are my final four teams.

Gore: There’s a reason the top four seeds are seeded that way. The favorites are Louisville, Texas, Pitt, and Wisconsin, and I’m sticking with them, but I’m excited to see whether they can pull it off.

Frede: I’m sticking with my initial picks of Wisconsin, Louisville, Texas, and Purdue until I’m proven incorrect.

Louisville, Texas, Wisconsin, and Purdue, according to Loeb.

Texas, Wisconsin, Louisville, and BYU are among the Sunderland teams.

Kiraly: I think the recent shift to hosted regionals is a great idea since it adds a lot of excitement and atmosphere to the third- and fourth-round matchups. However, since home-court advantage is important, I’m picking the top four seeds to advance: Louisville, Texas, Pitt, and Wisconsin.

Texas, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Louisville, according to Rockwell.

Louisville, Minnesota, BYU, and Texas, according to Hoffman.

6. Kentucky is out, which means a new national champion will be crowned. Who will it be this time?

Last year, Texas grabbed the opening set of the NCAA final and seemed to be on its way to a third national title for the program. Kentucky, on the other hand, derailed that by winning the following three games. The Longhorns are constantly in contention for the national championship, and this may be their year once again.

Whittemore: In the end, I believe Texas will be given a second chance, and with Logan Eggleston as its stable anchor, the Longhorns will be crowned national champions.

Gore: Louisville has a great mix of veterans and top-tier rookies. The Cardinals are a calm squad, and at this point of the tournament, controlling the pressure is just as crucial as skill. No one has ever been able to compete with them. They’ve been composed and focused, and I don’t expect that to change. To upset them, it will need a squad that plays a fantastic, dominating match. No one has been able to achieve it, despite Texas’ capacity to compete at that level.

Frede: Kentucky will keep the national championship trophy. Louisville has won the championship.

Loeb: Texas returns its whole nucleus from a team that came close to winning it all last season. They have six All-Americans on the team, and the bitter taste of failure in last year’s national championship match has served as fuel throughout the season. This time, just getting there won’t be enough.

Sunderland: It’s all about the stats. The Longhorns last won in 2012, and they will win again in 2021. This year’s Alli Stumler is Logan Eggleston.

Kiraly: Who cares about the forecasts? For any volleyball enthusiast, this is an incredible time of year. Still, Texas and Wisconsin have gone through so much and come so close to winning (three runner-up finishes for Texas and two for Wisconsin in the previous eight finals), that I give them a little advantage. I understand; our American ladies had previously failed to qualify for 11 Olympic Games until breaking through in Tokyo this year. Because Texas has endured more losses, I’m leaning toward the Horns.

Rockwell: Winning the championship is no simple task, but all of the winners have one thing in common: left sides that may terminate in and out of system. Texas has the two most consistent left sides in my opinion. Logan Eggleston and Skylar Fields are hitting.307 and.339 on the season, respectively, and have shown that they can get it done regardless of where the set comes from on the court. Combine it with the drive gained from last season’s loss in the finals, an increase in service pressure, and the rest of their attacking firepower at every position. Texas, I believe, is ready to run it again in 2021.

Hoffman: Louisville has a special place in my heart.

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The “ncaa women’s volleyball rankings 2021” is the list of teams that will be competing in the 2021 NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament.

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Where are the NCAA volleyball tournament sites 2021?

A: The NCAA volleyball tournament is held in six different sites, with the first round of games taking place on Friday and Saturday.

Where is the NCAA Volleyball Tournament 2022?

A: The 2022 NCAA Volleyball tournament will take place in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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